Are Drive-in Theaters making a Come-Back?

In some locations, they are the only way that you can go to see a movie while employing politically correct social distancing (within your own ride). And with summer weather, why not lay quilts out in the back of your pick-up, pop the cork on the Dom Perignon and cuddle while watching the film, with stars overhead? Of course the baby-boom started by the plague will continue.


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President Trump vs Swamp


It’s Time to Open Your Business


Even though the world is preoccupied with the Chinese Plague, the disclosures of what we all knew to be the case are telling. The fish rots from the head down, and the architect of Fast and Furious, Crossfire Hurricane and rampant corruption during the eight miserable years of Obamanation was Barry, himself. Hillary may have approved the transfer of uranium to the Russians (after they donated $2 million to the Clinton Trust) and the IRS may have been weaponized against patriots, but the insulation is wearing thin for the former Chief Executive.

And what about Barry’s Vice President, Creepy Joe Biden?


China vs Australia

The Chinese Plague is a touchy issue with China and they’re hoping that the Chinese Communist Party’s disinformation campaign can shift the blame (anywhere else will do). China views Australia in 2020 as a satrap of their own making. Australia doesn’t want to be viewed as a tributary state of China’s and it remains to be seen whether or not they can weather the economic storm that China will bring.

China has suspended imports from four large meat packing companies, presaging a trade war. Australia’s beef trade has boomed in recent years, based primarily on Chinese demand.


New Zealand, not really a US Ally

New Zealand is trying to remain outside of the political shadow of Beijing by keeping up their recognition of Taiwan as being independent from Communist China, but is that enough? New Zealand was an ally of the USA once, some time ago. But that has slipped over the past two decades as New Zealand has beat a course to the left. China, naturally, saw this as their opportunity to financially co-opt New Zealand and bring the island nation into its sphere. It remains to be seen whether the New Zealand flag (upside down) will fly under the Communist Chinese flag in front of government buildings.


  1. We were just having a discussion about drive in theaters a few weeks ago. With today’s technology there would be no need for hard wired speakers. I loved the drive ins when I was a kid (and even more when I was a teenager – wink wink)

    We have a cut rate movie theater here who started quite awhile ago beaming movies on the side of their building next to their parking lot. What they did for sound I have no idea. Very enterprising of them.

    New Zealand? I’ve run into a group of Kiwis who have a terminal case of TDS. WTHell? They don’t live here. Why should they be slandering Trump? They also struck me as a rather wussified and none too bright.

    On the upside we all can look forward to debates between senile creepy Joe and Trump.

    LL, I wish I had half of the functioning brain cells that Trump has! If I hadn’t just recently passed the “Alzheimer’s test” at my doctors office I would be seriously worried about the state of my brain.

    • President Trump announced today that he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine and liberal heads exploded. The swamp hates him with such a passion, and the Kiwis do too. They’ll make a good Chinese vassal.

      Drive-ins could help replenish the aging population, wiped out by the plague. Go to lots of movies. Practice makes perfect.

      • The problem with going to movies today is today’s movies.

        Thanks for the post.
        Paul L. Quandt

      • I practiced a lot LL. I loved going to drive ins when I was a young pup. I owned a station wagon and would back in, opened the tailgate and we slipped onto the pillows and mattress and watched the movies in comfort… that is my story and I am sticking to it.

      • sorry LL, the drive-in is dead. today’s people are different. they are rude, self centered and uncouth. they don’t know how to act in public, much less a drive-in. we had one up until a few years ago and the town where i work still does but they are zoos. i won’t go to a cinema nor a drive-in b/c i ‘d end up killing the lot of them.

        • I haven’t been to a drive-in theater in more years than I care to count. I’ve heard that some are opening up in Arizona. I can’t imagine going to one. As others have mentioned here, it’s not so much the drive-ins as it is the movie options.

    • We have a drive in here, though we haven’t been there in years. Like others have said, it’s mostly because of what Hollywood’s been cranking out. I have the TCM app and that’s where I generally get my movie fix. Last night I watched Captain Blood again. Nothing like a good pirate movie.

  2. This is interesting, most Kiwis have become functionally insane leftists, except for my pal in Auckland. He tells me many aren’t too keen on the former Young Marxist revolutionary who’s now PM. So maybe there’s hope.

    That aside, I like your photo of Juliette’s rig!

    • It’s definitely a sin-bin, LSP. Don’t come knocking when Juliette’s truck is rocking.

      I don’t know what happened to the New Zealanders. Maybe a century of Chinese rule would cure them?

  3. That’s what I do with my truck – I call it tramping because it’s a cross between trucking and camping. I love it. I have slept beautifully this way. 🤡

    • Tramping is important. Especially when it’s warm enough to camp with the tail gate facing the ocean. The sound of the sea, the smell of the salt – instant sleep. But you wake hungry.

    • Or a Blue Ridge postcard. They have t-shirts at the Happy Jack Lodge but no post cards.

  4. There’s one drive-in here, and we’ve been to it. They tend to show “family friendly” movies, and the snack bar is pretty good.

    Audio provided by tuning your car’s FM radio to 95.5

    Seeing as they’re only 1.25 miles away, I can hear them clearly on the “garage radio”, and I’ll listen to the movie soundtracks once in a while.

      • It’s on the far West side of town, nestled up in the foothills. We went for a double-feature last year, and my second trip to the snack bar/rest rooms was met with a dazzling overhead display.

        As long as the screen was showing darker scenes, that is…..

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