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Peace Though Superior Firepower

nuke ’em ’till they glow and use their asses for runway lights.



Our friend and fellow blogger, John D, from Norway decided to support the USA and buy Cooper Tires. Then he found out that they are made in China, and made another selection.

Cooper Tires – Made in PR China

John D wrote: “Hopefully US and other companies will start to invest in democracies and modernize the US factor base. Sometimes cheap solutions comes with consequences. If you do not have that option you must become creative and figure out better ways to do it. Just think if the cotton and sugar industry had been more tech oriented than focusing on cheap labor from Africa.”


Will Italy be the Same – After the Chinese Plague?


FOCUS on your goals


Where are we going to dinner tonight?

The eternal struggle of wills.


Fiberoptic Cameras

They’re inexpensive and they work.


When you Award Yourself Medals

North Korean Generals

26 thoughts on “Life, Or Something Like It

    1. They might as well be. Merit badges that they signed off on. They don’t know how stupid they look outside of the Hermit Kingdom.

    2. When you have a captive audience you don’t need to worry about what anyone outside your circus thinks….

      1. They have the memory of the 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising. They’ll make sure that this time the army mows down dissenters. The CCP will need to keep a lid on this because the RED CHINESE have become accustomed to luxuries and imported Western goods.

        I’m sure that we will export to them. They’ll have to pay like anyone else. No “joint ventures” and so forth, which are simply an invitation for them to steal.

  1. I’ve installed a few cameras like that in my day, along with a matching microphone or three…..

    I think the Norks in the photo took “He Clanks When He Walks” the wrong way…..

    That raptor looks a lot like the one I saw terminate the rabbit. Must be hungry again…..

    And that’s a whole lotta Whoop-Ass in your header picture!

  2. Somehow those medals should be targeted. Just think, a few intermediate range missiles, homing in on the material in the medals, could wipe out most of the senior staff.

  3. I am now paranoid… I am gonna take putty with me to stores and motel rooms and dressing with me and if I see a screw, I am gonna putty it. I don’t care if they want to hear me fart, I don’t want to show my exquisite model’s body… yeah, like any body wants to see me in a speedo.

    1. It’s not just screws, it can be a dot on a wall. I’ve done all that. There is some remarkably good clandestine equipment in the world.

  4. That looks a bit like Lake Cuomo. I was padre there, back in the day (’90s). I know, predictable.

    1. LSP. It is a bend in the road just before entering Amalfi. There are two Fiat 500s in the photo and they are a fairly common sight in the area. SITA Bus runs full size busses on that road all day long. The number of three inch passes these guys encounter each day is a lot. I can’t imagine doing that job.

  5. That sucks. I put a set of Coopers on the pickup last year. I’ll be researching a bit closer for the next set.

    1. I’m not on a campaign against Cooper Tires, but they need to bring it home.

  6. Agreed, I love my Coopers.
    But no more of my money to China, at least as much as I am able to make that possible.

    1. We will still be buying residual from China, but it must change. Short supply chains, full employment in the USA. MAGA

  7. I just walk around naked in the hotels – that should blind and/or kill any watchers.


    1. You know, people will take photos and will sell them to Internet porn sites. You’ll be infamous.

      1. Eh, I don’t really care. Eyes and words and thoughts can’t hurt me.

        Maybe it’ll generate a jillion-dollar industry, and I can later sue for IP theft.

        1. Porn is how the Kardashians got their start. You could go full Hollywood and mingle with the great and near great.

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