Still American Soil

USS Teddy Roosevelt

Haze gray and underway.


Katie Pavlich (Fox News)

Popping a few caps near her family home outside Flagstaff, AZ. Katie grew up in Northern Arizona. So she’s a local to the White Wolf Mine area.


Oumuamua (captioned picture) was the first known interstellar object detected passing through the Solar System. Formally designated 1I/2017 U1, it was discovered by Robert Weryk using the Pan-STARRS telescope at Haleakalā Observatory, Hawaii, on 19 October 2017, 40 days after it passed its closest point to the Sun. I blogged about it at the time.

No naturally occurring space body we’ve ever seen has looked like it — or even close. Some speculate that space aliens are involved. Others disagree. Avi Loeb (Harvard PhD) says that it was space aliens – and the Harvard tag suggests that he’s wrong, because he comes from Satan’s Vatican.

The Smithsonian has a different take on it.

Some scientists (and Ancient Alien Theorists) speculate that more of these space artifacts are coming. 2020 would have been a great year for them to show up, but I have faith that 2021 may be even more messed up.


Social Distance (down under)

Does mean that every Aussie will have an emotional support roo that will follow them around the assure proper social distance?


Cartoon Corner

After he discovered the glowing meteorite that plunged into the side of the hill near the White Wolf Mine, he became more wolf than man… (theatrical organ music plays in the background)


And just when you think that this couldn’t get any more absurd, you realize that America is about to be run by a whore and a walking corpse, and we’re sending millions to gender programs in Pakistan during the middle of a pandemic so that Pakistani Trannys can feel better about themselves. Marijuana is legal and haircuts are not (the hippies won).


  1. Space aliens might actually be a relief. Biutbthey would likely sign up for welfare, free medical ,vote for the Dems , and add 1 more language to the California school system.
    Has anyone noticed in the pix on the Pelosi garage door vandalism, that someone appears to have taped off the brick. Top right corner, arc of the circle stops cleanly at the brick and the starts again below. False flag imho.
    But cocaine Mitch was no so lucky.

  2. Assuming Joe and the Ho actually are inaugurated, she can embark on the first ever kneepads tour. How woke is that?

  3. In honor of the week to come, I filled all the truck gas tanks. Tomorrow, I buy the beer supply.
    A brief pass though the big box sporting goods store today revealed a few firearms, and NO handgun ammo. None at all, zero, no 44-40, no 454 Casull, nothing. The supply has not dried up, it was baked at 350 degrees for five hours, packed with desiccant in a sealed tin and buried in a Saharan dune.
    A few odd assorted rifle rounds, .300WSM, Nosler .28, etc, a few odd shotgun shells, and that was all.

  4. Interesting, I detect a hint of Imperial Space Fiction. Then there’s the Whore and the Corpse. Perhaps this story’s occult scyfy?

  5. That’s probably not the actual shape of the Mysterious Visitor. All astronomers had to work with was a speck of light that changed brightness. There are math tools to deduce the shape of such an object. Often, there are multiple possible solutions. Pick the one that sells clicks.

    • I’ve read that it’s possibly a disk, or that it’s gravel that gathered into a bar as it approached the Solar gravity well, but neither of those (ok, maybe the disk) speak to an alien spacecraft. And what fun is a bunch of gravel headed toward Pegasus? This isn’t (necessarily) a science blog.

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