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Ephesians 6:12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against a spiritual wickedness in high places.

As I watch the looters and rioters encouraged by the corrupt, lying, mainstream media, I ask myself why they’d do that.

I see the films of police in Minneapolis and elsewhere standing by while businesses are looted and then put to the torch without a single arrest being made. Could the donkeys who run Minnesota and lesser jurisdictions within the state be so foolish as to empower that? Who ordered the police station abandoned so that it could be looted and burned?

What are the democrats trying to tell people? What is their message to the new owners of flat screen TV’s and Air Jordans?

Why are National Guard troops not deployed to interpose themselves between the mob and the honest, hard working people, whose lives and property that they would destroy?

There are a lot of questions and none of it has much to do with George Floyd.

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  1. “against a spiritual wickedness in high places”

    If only it were deliberate wickedness. I truly believe that at least half of our social ills are the result of a disproportionate part of our ruling classes (nominal and de facto, which are not entirely congruent) suffering from deep-seated insecurity and poorly concealed self loathing, which manifests as both subversion and outright paranoid aggression.

    People who genuinely believe themselves weak and powerless (when the opposite is true), and who have successfully promulgated a culture where victimhood is automatically equated with moral goodness, are capable of the most horrible thoughts and acts. But they are convinced that THEY are in fact the moral ones, because they are striking a blow for equality, for fraternity, and settling old scores In The Name of Justice — pick your delusional bromide. Politics are downstream of culture.

    This is why so much of the right is puzzled by the actions of the left which harm all and benefit none. It’s not about money, or even power. It’s about humiliating the “oppressors”. I read people commenting on various “freefor” or conservative blogs about “They hate you and want you dead.” That’s completely wrong. They want you sniveling for mercy and forgiveness as you confess to a long long list of crimes.

    1. In a world where something on the order of 70%+ of all black children are born without a father in the home, poverty is nearly inevitable. There are exceptions, but not many. Mama is working, Grandma watches junior and the matriarchy blaggards all men for being sperm donors. The neighborhoods deteriorate, it’s difficult for inner city youth to find work outside of crime that actually pay.

      What you wrote is true. Add 40 million unemployed as a result of the plague, and liberals empower antisocial behavior. None of what we see is surprising.

      Add to all of that the anarchists who are organized and promote crime.

  2. It does send a message, a powerful message. Those of us that are law abiding and conservative no longer have to be. They want a version of Hunger Games? We, that have some military training and experience and nice weapons are gonna get tired of this and then we will do what the cops and the coward governors will not do. We are not going to take prisoners, oh, we will take you for interrogation, but your life is forfeit after we get what we want.

    1. That is what happens if government can’t curb the mob. Patriots will harvest meat. Order will ultimately be restored.

      An interesting side note is that liberals are buying firearms to defend themselves. Then they may vote for TRUMP to keep them.

      1. A little OT, I never was a fan of the Batman series of films. I was given a Batman DVD with this Joker and by half way through I was rooting for the Joker! He made more sense and better observation of the human psyche then all the other characters.

        1. Heath Ledger made a great Joker. His death in 2008 was a loss to everyone. Senseless loss.

          1. Well, play stupid games with drugs, win stupid prizes like death.

            Same with Debbie Reynold’s daughter, whom I will not mention in name because she (daughter) caused mother’s death. How long was Space Princess Cokehead clean before she od’d? Oh, that’s right, never.

            Sorry, life so miserable you self-slab yourself playing amateur pharmacist? No sympathy at all.

            Seriously, how many times do people need to fall and fail and pick themselves up before they either stop and die or succeed and change?

            He was a good actor. Sucks that he valued drugs over life.

  3. My solution? As horrible as it is, kill anything and everything that’s on the street rioting and looting. It’s the only way to burn out the infection.

    Follow up with massed arrests of leaders and enablers, like mayors, police, governors and people like Soros, and banish them all to far-flung prisons. Like Wake. Johnston Atoll. Diego Garcia.

    Either the governments act, or the Committees of Vigilance will return. It’s not the first time, won’t be the last time.

    1. Your solution would work, but the arrests of corrupt and traitorous leadership would have to be comprehensive. The rot is very deep.

      Vigilantes are the next evolutionary step, and they will be labeled as “Trump supporters” because they will be. The problem with Vigilance Committees is stopping them once they get started. I can think of a number of high profile people who might fall afoul of them early on. And while my heart says, “no loss”, my head doesn’t like that process.

  4. And the insanity continues tonight, Generally unabated. (New book out: “Where’s COVID?”)

    Urbanites are now operating to their base nature, bereft of any decency and morality, reveling in the mire of evil-doing, because there is zero consequence. (In this lifetime) At some point when they get bored with destroying other people’s livelihoods and property, maybe they will turn on each other and solve the problem for America. Unfortunately the collateral damage will be enormous. The COVID hoax (in treatment of Liberty), and this will render many people out of business, destitute and desperate. The aftermath of this perpetrated societal destruction will make July Fourth a point of no return and the Boston Tea Party look like an actual party in comparison.

    Excellent Scripture reference…v.13-18 complete Paul’s admonition and God’s spiritual protection, which by every account is needed more than ever because far too many have a symbolic faith and will fold like a cheap umbrella at the first sign of pressure. Pastors should have told the local dictators to go pound sand but they went along to go along, and people have been left void of any fortitude in what it means to be Christian. Wimps. That saying: “ They’re not principles until you have to defend them.” But most won’t. Comes to mind. Jesus did not wear skinny jeans, and Spurgeon would be raising the roof in correction of milquetoast Christian leaders.

    My 2 cents worth…THAT, and $3, buys a decent cup of coffee.

    1. You don’t get much of a frappelactochinomocca for $3 bucks. (actually it’s pudding, but people refer to it as coffee)

      The nation will find a tipping point where it will naturally try to balance itself. And with more firearms than people in the nation and several trillion rounds of ammunition, it will become the ‘new normal’.

  5. We know they want President Trump removed and disposed of, and they’ve been pulling out all the stops. I think this summer will be long, hot, and bloody. More “innocent” people will be killed by “corrupt” cops, and the cities will burn, again, and again until either martial law is declared, or open battles erupt requiring more than the local Guard units to quell. Welcome to CW2. Or they’ll be a orchestrated currency crash/stock market crash, or another bioweapon hoax, or a string of increasingly devastating events. The Other Side will do anything and everything in their power to either steal the 2020 election, or prevent it from occurring.

    I don’t think this over by a long shot, and it’s going to get worse until it gets better, if ever. We may very well be witnessing the beginning of the end of the United States of America.

    1. It’s clear that the left has no limits.

      And it’s anyone’s guess how far it will go. But it might backfire on the progs.

    1. That’s certainly self-evident on the American stage today/tonight isn’t it?

  6. Looks like Minneapolis is under control. They tried it on in Dallas last night but got boxed in on a bridge and busted. Not too from the homestead.

    Didn’t have to go RTK.

  7. Actually had a little Social-Media-Orchestrated mob violence over in Providence (the local substitute for a City) last night. I don’t think there’s been a “riot” here since the Union days.

    Local LEO tipped and backed up by Mass State Police who reported a late-night out-of-state convoy headed here from Mass. Providence cops actually stood up, which they are not excessively known for, and of course the RI State Troopers came out, as this is right up their alley and they are our version of the real deal.

    Bottled them right up, limited damage to the downtown mall (which is slowly going bankrupt, anyway), looks like they lost a police truck.

    Maybe various industries and political factions shouldn’t have spent decades praising and protecting national disorder organizations, who’d a thunk it?

  8. There is a way to stop the looting.

    Look at Minnesota.

    Overwhelming Force Worked.

    Three nights of complete disasters Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night. Rioting, looting, and arson. They peaceful demonstrations turned into riots come sundown. There were so many people out on the streets, there were traffic jams around the fires. Yes, traffic jams. Antifa hid in the mobs of demonstrators and looters. Wednesday Night the mayors were going to handle with their police and Sheriffs Deputies. Thursday, they brought in 200 State Highway Patrol and 200 National Guard. Third Precinct was overrun and burnt down. The governor stepped in and declared a curfew and added a few hundred more State Police and NG. Governor Walz said he had control. The curfew on Friday night was ignored by everyone, especially the overworked, under supported police. There were still traffic jams around the big fires Friday night. They tried to breach the Fifth Precinct. Looting was moving into the suburbs. Governor Walz looked like an idiot and a fool. (That is MOTIVATION!)

    Saturday it all changed. Governor Walz called up the entire 13,000 Minnesota National Guard, and every state cop he could find including game wardens and corrections guards. He put 4,000 NG and at least 600 more police into Minneapolis and Saint Paul. He enforced the curfew and tear gassed curfew breakers. They closed bridges and major intersections. They started chasing cars without license plates, and found demolition tools, or bricks and stones, or wood and flammable materials. The white boys bailed out, but some got caught. Saturday night was comparatively very peaceful. Sunday was very peaceful, except one semi that didn’t expect anyone on a freeway bridge, much less 2,000 protesters blocking I-35W. No one was hurt. Curfew breakers were arrested, but there was no looting. More Antifa work cars were found and busted.

    Now there are lots of PEACEFUL Demonstrations during the day. The police, the guard and the patrol watch over the demonstrators, and are even talking and friendly with each other. Everything is peaceful.

    Overwhelming Force worked. It separated the decent peaceful demonstrators and protesters from the rioters, looters, and arsonists. Peaceful protests are fluorishing. Ask Governor Walz.

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