The True Cross

St. Helena

Until recently, I’d never actually heard of the True Cross legends, about how it was fashioned from wood that originally grew from a tree planted by a son of Adam and Eve and was made into a bridge crossed by the Queen of Sheba on her way to meet King Solomon who was scared of it and buried the timber until later it was dug up and made into a cross and used to crucify Jesus Christ and then hidden again so it could be found by medieval tourists (Constantine’s mother and entourage in 326).


Nearly as  Profound as finding the True Cross while on vacation… but also legendary…

The Duchess, definitely cooler than you are.

Dutchess Meghan Markle told her friends that her instinct to leave the UK ‘all makes sense’ now because she was ‘destined’ to help fight systemic racism in US – and she hasn’t ruled out a career in politics. She’s here to help and is willing to reach out to the racist curs in America to heal the divide. Meghan is willing to lead us. Please drop her a note of thanks. I don’t know where she and her cuckolded husband are living in LA, but you can send your letter to Buckingham Palace c/o Queen Elizabeth. I’m sure they’ll get it to her. And if you want to enclose a check (love gift), I know that it will be well spent.


Finding a Better Speed Bump


Free Falling


Taiwan’s Reach



I’m sitting in the den at the White Wolf mine, trying to blog.

Pink Floyd is on a continuous loop (the later stuff with Waters and Gilmour starting with Dark Side of the Moon – chopping some words out on Vigilante Moon), planning on taking the canoe out early to the Blue Ridge Reservoir for a paddle.  That’s my life these days. On the phone with lawyers and guys in China and guys in Mexico and then the phone becomes too much. Writing and blogging and what not at night. Except night is tomorrow in China, and that messing things up and the chi is destroyed for a while.


  1. My how the worm turns. I wonder if Her Majesty silently rooting for we colonists to toss out the Red Coats (again).

      • As an oppressed minority woman of color, the Duchess, who has spent her life being ground down by the man, is uniquely poised to represent people other than you, RHT447, and at the same time to teach you how you need to behave if you’re ever to love Big Brother.

        • Your assessment is spot on. Sadly, I must confess to being a total failure as a progressive. Your photo has given me the urge to shop for a Toyota Tundra. Even worse, I spent this morning prepping some .43 Spanish brass for an old Argentine rolling block. See? I just can’t help myself–there’s that “prepping” word. I am a lost cause.

          • No need to shop for a Tundra. In my humble opinion, the best vehicle to use for interactions with Antifa and BLM is someone else’s vehicle.

          • Well, with the killed construction economy from the previous 3 months, bulldozers and road graders are probably cheap.

            So to, probably, are semi-cabs. Just attach a metal box over the rear area to provide counter-weight and as to not provide grabbing and climbing surfaces.

            And a used bank armored van or truck.

            Surplus military truck, as those are already built to take a pounding, with, yet again, an enclosed box on the back to keep unfriendlies from climbing up.

            A garbage dumster truck fitted out with a scoop like in “Soylent Green.”

            Any large thing with a ram snow plow on it.

            Old School Steam wheeled locomotive, that way you can crush and flash burn with steam, and toss hot coals onto their barriers and stuff.

            So many possibilities, so little time.

  2. Nobody likes her….and she’s clueless to that minor detail.

    Can’t fix stupid, especially the self-righteous ones who don’t listen to their mama and not play in traffic.

    Funny sign….always liked Lyle’s stuff, most written on his front porch (as I heard).

    Decompression time away from the fray is important to maintain sanity and recharge the spiritual batteries…whether on the lake, in the woods, or a decent beverage on the deck listening to nature in the cool of the evening.

    • I’m pretty fed up these days.

      The Meghan-the-duchess act is a spoiled bitch who takes herself far more seriously than anyone else does. She actually fits in well with the British Royals, even though they despise her. She’s a mirror for them.

      • You and me both…the more seasoned I get the less tolerant of the idiots and rabble I am. Can’t do anything in Larimer County without a stupid mask, and the younger crowd seem to be wearing them as some sort of asinine moralistically superior statement. Maybe they’ll take themselves out of the gene pool from breathing their own bacteria all day long.

        “A mirror for them.” – Spot on true.

    • The way the PRC politburo looks at it, if none of them or their progeny is wiped out, who cares?

    • Taiwan, from Day 1, has been preparing for an Asian Ragnarok. Their goal has always been, from people I’ve talked to, to make attacking and conquering them so bloody and deadly that whomever claims victory will be assured a pyrrhic victory at best. Tough bastards, especially since they know, if they lose yet survive, they won’t survive the reeducation camps and prison camps.

      Funny, so many nations in that area of the world that bump up to Communist China have the same feeling. All seem to have the “You may take this land, what’s left of it, over my cold dead body.”

      Just hope we never have to find out how good Everyone against Communist China’s stuff is.

      And, seriously, if Communist China thinks it can win, then they are very delusional. Any attack on Taiwan will result in a backlash from all the ChiCom neighbors, and I don’t think they want Mongols invading yet again.

      But then again, the Middle Kingdom idiots are rather self-delusional.

      And to base off of what LL said, there are some out there that think ChiCom involvement in the Korean War was a rather spectacular way of killing off lots of potential political rivals and cutting the legs off the swelling power of the military. (Death of Mao Anying being a possible one. He had quite a cult following and dear old dad may have been jealous. Or dear old dad wanted Anying’s girl, or boy, or whatever, as dear old Mao was quite the dirty bastige and massive a-hole.)

  3. Mike_C – better still would be to steal a Tundra from a progressive icon (better a rich lawyer) that the victim doesn’t know is stolen and use it. All liability becomes confused in that melee. If apprehended, the lawyer hired you to do it. Have $5K in hundreds in your pocket. You’ll get the best defense possible pro bono.

    • And make sure it has Bernie and Biden bumperstickers, along with a few Vegan ones as well.

      Confuse the shite out of the bastards.

      • Maybe an LGBTQ bumper sticker as well. Who was the LGBTQ character who killed the homosexuals in San Francisco and when booked had dozens of Twinkie wrappers in his pocket and claimed “The Twinkie Defense”?

    • >steal a Tundra from a progressive icon

      Yes, thank you. I was thinking of using a vehicle belonging (what does that even mean? property is violence!) to a progressive. But the cash-in-pocket as proof of having been paid by said progressive had not occurred to me. [I bow to the master]

      Twinkie Defense: Dan White.
      Speaking of which, there is quite the shrine to Harvey Milk (the man, not the ship) in SFO airport. One of the photos is of Milk and his lover Scott Smith (photo by Marc Cohen). I was struck by Smith’s expression, which is very reminiscent of Peter Strzok’s demonic-looking possessed face while testifying. I can’t link the photo I’m talking about, but a Google image search on “harvey milk scott smith marc cohen” has it as the first hit.

  4. Ah, the True Cross.

    Are you sure you want to bill Peter Hermit as a Medieval tourist?

    That aside, it’s a curious legend and I’d be surprised if St. Helena didn’t know where to dig — access to imperial records etc.

    Of course the doomed Outremer took it into action at Manzikert, and we’re inclined to scorn that. But hold on, an army marching under the sign of the Cross? Beats a dollar sign.

    Just a thought, open forum style.

  5. Ideally, the vehicle for cleaning up Mobs on the Street is one of those airport runway snow-blower trucks.

    Or maybe an M88 fitted with a mine-clearing flail.

  6. I think (unlike others) that Dark Side was the apex for them and I enjoyed some of the earlier stuff (Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, etc.) than the latter.
    Could be cuz I was off drugs by then.

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