Yes, two captions with El Cid.


Because he didn’t leave anyone behind (see below)


Leave No Man Behind

I’m waiting for the regime of Jo/Ho to remove this offending statue – maybe slag it so that it can’t be re-emplaced – since that’s definitely no longer the national standard.  I’m sure that they could send their Antifa thugs in to do the dirty work to ensure that the act looked “popular”.

Such is the state of the nation.


Union Woes for Donkeys

(Link) SMART, the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, is one of North America’s most dynamic and diverse unions with 203,000 members.   The union consists of sheet metal workers, service technicians, bus operators, engineers, conductors, sign workers, welders, production employees and more.  SMART is the largest railroad operating union in North America, with more than 500 Transportation locals.

On Thursday SMART Union General Chairperson Roy Davis sent a letter to advise Union Pacific Company that the SMART Union strongly disagrees with the company’s “unilateral” requirement for COVID vaccinations.


US Navy Museum

Part of the sternpost from USS Kearsarge, with an unexploded shell inside, 1864.

CSS Alabama fired this shell from its 110-pound rifle early in the action against USS Kearsarge, landing a critical blow into Kearsarge’s sternpost. It didn’t explode, allowing Kearsarge to continue the battle, defeating Alabama. After that, she sailed back to Boston where the part of the sternpost and the shell were removed.

If the explosive shell detonated, the battle would have likely gone the other way. Such are the fortunes of war.


Type 19 ‘North China’ Nambu pistol

Based on the Type 14 pistol designed by Kijiro Nambu in 1909 for the Japanese army, manufactured in Manchuria for the China Expeditionary Force c.1944-45 at the Nanking arsenal – serial number 076 out of about 200.

7x20mm Nambu 7-round removable box magazine, short recoil semi-automatic, war finish. It is a slightly chunkier and simplified version of the Type 14, but overall an improvement, especially given the context.

By the end of World War 2, there wasn’t a place in the sea between occupied China and the Japanese homeland that was safe from American submarines and surface patrols, leading to the isolation of the Japanese occupation force from any logistic help from the rest of the army.

This situation led the Japanese forces to use Chinese arsenals to try and supply themselves, creating this pistol among other things. Production never really took off however and these guns are now extremely rare.


Settled Science


And Finally

In Keeping with the October Theme…


    • Tis what the English spell as “Banshee.” Gaelic languages go in for some weird spelling, which is why you don’t pronounce Sinead O’Connor’s first name as “Sine-ade.”

      • Weird?
        Saoirse is obviously SARE-sha
        Niamh = NEE-ev (duh)
        Aoife = EE-fuh (obvs)
        Siobhan = shi-VAHN (double duh)

        I am assured that Gaelic (both Irish and Scots) is spelt the way it is for good reason, but from where I sit in ignorance, it seems as messed up as pinyin (which I swear is a Commie plot to keep Mandarin obscure). Not that Wade-Giles was any prize. And don’t get me started on Arthur Waley’s translation of the names of the characters in The Journey to the West (Monkey King). Grrr.

        • I have always figured that the non-English UK languages were transliterated in that manner so as to destroy them.

          Even though I strongly believe we would be better off if everyone spoke the same language, it seems like a dick move.


      • Just having a little multi-lingual punnage; something on the order of ‘tempus fidgets’.
        On a slightly more serious note, the word ‘hiraeth’ seems to be very fitting for those who grew up in the Once-Upon-A-Time-USA.

  1. From my brother: “PA School Board Association quits national school board association”

    Pushback is building as the reprobates over play their “perfect tyrannical storm” hand.

    Most people want to be led, many are gullible to the point of self destruction. The Fowch is the latest know-it-all who has never been right on anything other than to take advantage of the gullibility of people. Just wait until he tells people to eat rat poison as a Covid prophylactic…how many would do it?

    • One of the tropes of Sci-fi is that all sentient life wishes to be Free. I believe we are witnessing firsthand that that is false. People don’t want to be responsible for their own fate. They want to be told what to do and how to act.

        • JDS & RHT, so true, and nothing new. After a time a segment of the Exodus Israelites (wandering around the desert for a two-week journey had they followed God’s prescription) were decrying their lot in life and thought going back into slavery was better. People are inherently fickle.

  2. 1st Sgt. Brad Kasal in Fallujah. Amazing that he survived Hell House. I have been privileged to see that statue at Camp Pendleton. We used to have our reunion at the Navy Museum. What always struck me was the rack of enlisted boarding cutlasses that were racked by the entry. It IS a museum well worth seeing!!!

    • The Navy Museum inspires the soul with tradition and the memories of service we each carry. So the treachery and incompetence we see today is something like pouring acid. on us.

  3. Wow, that monument to racist, colonial, imperial aggression still stands?!? Maybe that’s because our beloved rulers don’t have the workers to tear it down or the raw materials to put up a brazen George Floyd statue in its place.

    In the meanwhile, the proverbial cheese continues to slide off the societal cracker. But what am I saying, it’s already off and plummeting towards the floor.

    • I don’t know that we’re worthy of a statue of George Floyd in its place. The wastrel, felon, and drug addict who has become an icon for the inner city and has been canonized by the left should have his statue in the inner city among the people his example inspires.

  4. The October picture reminds us wacky and bizarre stuff happens when the moon becomes full. With Biden whispering and yelling at ??? while in Connecticut, the next two weeks ought to showcase the insanity of his supporters whilst he goes off the rails as his brain self destructs despite daily Adderall infusions creating the Satanic eyes and soulless blank countenance.

    Our President? Hardly. The guy is beyond an embarrassment.

      • I swear what we see each day is not planned as we thought and they’re in reactionary mode, making it up as they go along, Merry Andrew’s as cover for what’s really going on behind the scenes. Odd thing is they don’t mind looking like incompetent fools.

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