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Remember how when a black Capitol Police Lieutenant shot an unarmed white lady, a veteran, in the chest, and killed her, the media cheered?  But a Border Patrol agent makes a mean face and rides a horse while apprehending an illegal alien and it’s a human rights violation?


Patrolling Afghanistan

RAAF Combat Controller with Australian Army Commandos lost in the Afghan Kush. Of course, they’re not there now.  Let the harvest commence.


Firing an 84mm Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle


Articles of Impeachment

(link) A group of Republican congressmen filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden over his handling of the border, his surrender to the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the eviction moratorium that he said himself might be unconstitutional. Republican Rep. Bob Gibbs of Ohio sponsored the resolution to impeach Biden. He was joined by three co-sponsors: Reps. Brian Babin and Randy Weber of Texas and Andy Biggs of Arizona.

With the Democrats entrenched in the House of Representatives nobody thinks that this will go anywhere, and if it came to a trial. after the 2022 mid-terms, would Biden be found mentally incompetent to stand trial? There are a lot of questions. Post-2022 mid-terms could the nation dump both Jo and Ho in an impeachment vote and seat the new Speaker of the House in their place? Camela isn’t doing much besides cackling, so who knows?


Identify the Aircraft

The Russians who received them as ‘lend-lease’ gifts really loved them. Cynics say that the Russians found the cockpits easy to enter while drunk.



Get in line for your booster (slave)!


And in Florida

Dr. Joseph Ladapo

“We’re done with fear. It’s been something that’s been, unfortunately, a centerpiece of health policy in the United States ever since the beginning of the pandemic, and it’s over here — expiration date is done,” he said.

“It’s been treated almost like a religion, and that’s just senseless. There are lots of good pathways to health; vaccination is not the only one,” said Ladapo. “We support measures for good health, vaccination, losing weight, eating more fruits and vegetables.”

“We need to respect human rights. People do have autonomy over their lives. It’s not OK, it’s not virtuous, and it’s not right to just take away those rights from individuals.”

Shortly after DeSantis announced Ladopo on Tuesday, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) accused the governor of “playing games with peoples’ lives.”

“Instead of going with a trusted advocate for science, DeSantis is once again playing games with peoples’ lives by appointing someone who has trafficked anti-vaccine and anti-mask rhetoric,” DNC spokeswoman Adonna Biel said in a statement. “The American people are ready to return to normalcy and the DeSantis playbook of prolonging the pandemic is dangerous and wreaking havoc on his own state.”

In his previous op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Ladopo argued that while the vaccines have proven effective at lowering hospitalization rates, the medical community would need more robust methods to end the pandemic, lamenting that far too few patients are aware of treatments like monoclonal antibodies.

“The reality is that a more practical approach to managing Covid requires a diverse set of strategies, including using outpatient therapies,” he wrote. “Monoclonal antibodies are still used infrequently, despite evidence showing a substantial risk reduction in hospitalization. The reasons are not well understood but many patients and physicians may be unaware they are available.”

For River Rider




Algerian Moukhala musket

Manufactured most likely in Kabylie, Algeria c.1760′s. ~.60 caliber, ~140cm long smoothbore steel barrel, Arab miquelet lock, silver fittings with coral inlays.

Made for a diplomatic gift from the Bey of Algiers to the future king Georges IV in 1811. The Berber people of Kabylie were known to make these very long muskets, much in the same way the Afghans manufactured their jezails.


You know what it is


A Nice Niece 

31 thoughts on “Late Edition

        1. Did the Ruskies get this or the P-400 with 20mm cannon instead of the 37mm?
          When I read Guadalcanal Diary waaaay back in the early 70s I seem to remember it mentioning the Marines flying the P-400 as well. Will have to look into it. And probably reread a great book.
          Thanks for the pictures and jarring of old memories.

          1. What the hell is a P-400 !? “A P-40 with a Zero on it’s tail”.

            Russia also got the King Cobra.

  1. Drugunov sniper rifle in my favorite rifle caliber 7.62x54r. That round shoots a wee bit flatter than 7.62×51

    I turned a 1939 vintage Mosin-Nagant 91/30 into a modern tactical sniper rifle I re-designated “US Patriot 1775.” I hand load my own ammo in fire formed brass and can shoot dime sized 3-shot groups at 200 yards (my club maximum range). I need to try it at longer range, but not until I get an eye exam and new glasses.

  2. “Herding Illegals”, the new A&E cop show. Might be tough bringing in a herd though because the MSM and daft congressman/woman idiots manage to show their horsemanship ignorance while forgetting they caused the problem these officers get tossed under the bus for trying to manage. Trump’s policy worked in spades, but there’s no deference given.

    Afghan Kush…gotta find the place where “you blend.” (I can hear Ms. Vito in my head.)

    Impeachment huh…good luck with that. Nothing to see there iffn you listen to The Hologram Deniers who believe that Gov’t poison was/is justified. Covid Vax’s are no different, and with red-faced liars torturing reality like Psaki, it’s no wonder the reprobates running America into the ground continue unabated. Boggles the mind how this continues.

    Dr. Ladapo – 100% truth. When will we read about his hit-and-run “accident”?

  3. It’s probably good to at least have a place holder Articles of Impeachment, otherwise the Demon-crats could say nobody was really vehemently against any of the things Biden and company has done. I agree with PaulM that nothing would come of it though.

    I had read that the fed gov poisoned people with alcohol during prohibition before a long time ago. Can’t for the life of me remember where/when though. I want to say during a college history class but can’t be sure.

    The Dragonov in the picture is set up almost identically with my son’s. He has changed out the original scope and has an aftermarket mount. He likes it but I am not a fan of the 7.62×54 cartridge.

    1. The original scope can be improved upon but because it is what it is, I like it. The cartridge has a lot of limitations.

      1. of the half dozen comrades carrying drugunovs that i have talked too, none preferred it. several wanted to trade for my m16a2. they were all young conscripts though, so they may be biased.

  4. A Liberal told me today that Biden is being treated unfairly in regard to Afghan. as there were a whole bunch of Prezes. before him to screw things up. These people in all sincerity firmly believe this. They see no issue with things at the border as everyone deserves a good life. This is someone of the tax paying class.

    1. The other day at the supermarket in a East Massholia town where the mean house price is 1.3 million USD I overheard a young (30’s) woman talking to a guy trying to get people to sign some petition. “Well, I would be very disappointed and upset if someone went to the polls and wasn’t allowed to vote just because they had no ID. That’s just wrong! After all, what would America even mean if …” I didn’t hear the end of it because I willed myself to just walk on and not interject. No good would have come of it.

      A friend and colleague who is a highly regarded (and deservedly so, he’s a genius in many ways) STEM professor, and whose wife is chief legal counsel to a Fortune 50 company tells me that “Socialism is the only political system where everyone will be able to lead a good and decent life. I mean true distribution of wealth, not sham socialism.” Out of respect and because I need to be able to work with this guy, I didn’t ask him how he expected to continue living in his now probably ~$3M house and enjoy his hobbies of sailing and Bordeaux wines under radical wealth redistribution.

      My friend is sincere about what he said. I have little doubt that the woman at the supermarket was sincere. I have no words.

  5. P-39. Needed a Merlin engine and a supercharger. The P-63 with a two stage supercharger Allison and a laminar flow wing was a great improvement per reports from that era.

  6. RE: Poisoned alcohol. Anyone remember paraquat from the 70’s. You always knew who was smoking because of the smell.

    1. and now there are ambulance chasers with tv ads bringing class action lawsuits against paraquat manufacturer for parkinson’s in “farmers”.

  7. An unauthorised discharge from a Charlie gutache makes things very exciting. Gets all sorts of NCO types worked up.
    Entertainment for those who didn’t do it though.

  8. Being self employed I have trained myself to refrain from comment when the blind fools spout their insanity. To do so would only put me at a disadvantage.
    There is no reaching them, AT. ALL. There is no point to even try. They are fanatical in their lunacy.
    The reality is that the board is set and the game will be played out with the sides as they are.

    We are deep in Indian Country and the Calvary ain’t coming.

  9. The P-39 was an interesting aircraft, with the engine behind the pilot and a crankshaft running under the cabin to a transmission up front. A 37mm cannon fired through the nose cone of the prop. And guns in the wings. Tricycle landing gear.

    Very different handling characteristics from the standard fighter of its time. As said above, the P-63 fixed a lot of problems but too little, too late.)

    As to the Soviets? Well, despite the ‘wonders of the Soviet Aircraft Industry,’ the P-39 was superior. A lot of that superiority was due to Stalin sticking his fat fingers where they didn’t belong.

    It was a worthy opponent of early models of the ME-109. Against a FW-190, not so much.

    The guy who used to live behind the fence when I was growing up preferred the P-38 over the P-39 and the P-40. He was an aeronautical engineer and very knowledgeable about such things to I trust him.

    1. With the engine behind the pilot how would that effect the center balance of the aircraft, I would think that it would be behind the wing and I thought it had to be along the center line of the wing?

      1. It allowed the cannon and ammo and loading mechanism to be in front which balanced the plane. In the illustration, you have the front glass and then the rear glass. The engine is under the rear glass, where the exhaust is. Right on or a tad forward by a smidge of the center of gravity. Which made it handle a might differently than a nose-heavy plane. Which, since trainers and other single-engine fighters were all nose heavy, well…

        Pilots of the P-39 either liked or hated the landing characteristics of the plane with the tricycle landing gear. To the point there were either haters or lovers, not a lot in-between.

        1. Apparently you had to be aware of how CoG changed with fuel use. Prone to flat spins if flown like other aircraft. “Winkle” Brown loved it, and also more kills than any other WW2 plane.


    1. They’re quick, Old NFO. Like lightning.

      The Dragunov is not the best sniper rifle in the world, but who can deny the looks? It’s not the worst sniper rifle either. A lot depends on who is pulling the trigger.

    2. Speed ain’t everything.
      When one’s mental library gets large enough, looking something up can take a little time.

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