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Korean Unification

The New York Times published a signed article on 28 January in which the author noted that South Korean agreement to North Korean participation in the Olympics and the several other manifestations of Korean unity have produced no groundswell of South Korean support for reunification or for President Moon.
South Korean President Moon is a strong supporter of activities that promote Korean unity. However, the Times reported the results of a recent poll that showed over 70% of South Koreans of all ages oppose the joint women’s hockey team. Over 80% of South Koreans in their 20s and 30s oppose the joint team and reunification with North Korea. They fear it will drag down the South.
It’s a weird and goofy haircut
Prosperity in the South has reinforced the sense that life and culture in South Korea have diverged from North Korea and weakened the allure of a single Korean identity. The distance between South Korea and North Korea cannot be measured in miles any longer and continues to increase.
Kim Jong Un might not care about the attitudes of South Korean youths, but the emphasis on reunification, as manifest in last week’s call to all Koreans, indicates Kim and his advisors are unaware of the shift in South Korean attitudes. The North Koreans made a hard-sell pitch to an audience that mostly yawned at them.
He’ll have to go back to the threats of artillery strikes and dropping nuclear weapons on his fellow Koreans…
Syrian Kurds vs Turkey Update (Operation Olive Branch)
Seven days into the campaign, Turkish soldiers and their Free Syrian Army rebel fighter allies have fought to gain footholds on the western, northern and eastern flanks of Afrin.

Weather hampered air support and heavy artillery fire killed one Kurdish civilian according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The Turks (CNN-TURK) claimed to have seized high ground east of Afrin, but that is not confirmed.

On 28 January, Turkish President Erdogan said that Turkey would clean the entire Syrian border of People’s Protection Units (YPG). “Step by step, we will clean our entire border,” Erdogan said in a speech after the army said it had captured Jebel Bursaya. The high ground mentioned above, the hill  that lies between (and south of) Afrin and Azaz. While the Turks claim it as a victory, getting from the hill to Afrin is more difficult than simply saying you’re going to do it.
Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdaq (threatening the USA) said, “Those who support the terrorist organization will become a target in this battle. The United States needs to review its solders and elements giving support to terrorists on the ground in such a way as to avoid a confrontation with Turkey.” 
With the backing of Russia, Iran and Syria, the Turk promise to  clash with US forces if any remain in Manbij.

Most of the information coming out of the war zone over the weekend was broadcast by CNN-Turk, which is a propaganda machine in Turkey for the Islamic Republic in the same way that CNN-USA is a propaganda machine for the Democrat Party. It’s difficult to believe what they assert.

The Turkish advance has been hampered by the American armed Kurdish Resistance. They’ve lost people and equipment. The extent of those losses have yet to be reported in open source channels.

12 thoughts on “Korean Unification and Syrian Kurd Commentary

  1. Kim the Turd, in my opinion, seems to think he will be the leader, Lord and Master of a united Korea. Will there be democratic elections to choose the ruler? I doubt it. All I see is a renewal of the conflict of he 50's.

  2. Kim is delusional. He believes that (perhaps once President Moon is assassinated) the South Koreans will rally to him as the Great Leader that he believes he is. The South Koreans see a fat, spoiled, child with a bad haircut who would make them all poor. There is an image problem that the Kims have had and remains.

    Meanwhile, the US and China are not fooled. Neither is South Korea. Sanctions remain and the Olympics will pass.

  3. Thanks for the Turk update; that's quite a NATO ally we have there. Of course our corrupt, sly, condescending, elite, pugnacious media don't report on Operation Olive Branch and Afrin. They're too busy covering Jay Z.

  4. Yes, the elite media have their priorities, and telling the truth is not one of them. Turkey enjoys a strategic positioning advantage, but by the decision to become an Islamic dictatorship throws a wet blanket over the whole NATO ally thing. If we leave Incirlik Air Base, we need to put charges under the runway and insure that it can't be used. Sure they can rebuild on their own dime, but I'll bet your fighting monkey that there will be thin rebar and too much sand in the concrete if they do.

  5. Bring on the repatriation of Constantinople. I would proudly participate in mass at Hagia Sophia God willing.

  6. It would be a remarkable event and certainly something to tell your grandchildren about. The Golden Horn, back in Christian hands after so many years under control of the Mohammedans.

  7. Agree, Moon is currently chewing on BOTH feet, and I can't help but think some folks over there are now questioning his ability to lead.

  8. Whatever the outcome, the press will blame President Trump. The Turks will find him more than willing to tell them to fuck off and back it up.

  9. They impeached the last administration for corruption. Moon is a gentle creature, like a goat at a petting zoo. They need sterner stuff to lead them.

  10. I have a feeling that they've been told that the US doesn't give a rat's ass and if they are worried about getting their tanks and aircraft blown up, it might be a good idea to return to Turkey (and build a big, beautiful wall).

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