Life Imitates Art?

Babylon 5 Cast

For those of you who recall the Sci-Fi Series, Babylon 5 – it was brought up on the blog a couple of weeks ago, the plotline included Londo, the Centauri Emperor, who had a Keeper that was invisible most of the time.

The Keeper was a parasite that controlled what he said and did. And then I thought about Slow Joe Biden, an emperor in his own right. There’s Joe, below, voiding into his depends as he inspects the allied troops.

Biden continually references that he has to watch what he says or his keeper(s) become upset.


Have the UFOs become too powerful?

You be the judge.



  1. At the time B5 was running, I went to a science fiction convention with a minimalist costume. It was the team pager, and I had it duct taped to my neck – referring to it as the shadow creature that was controlling my life.

  2. It has become clear that space aliens are controlling the hollow husks of what were once humans. That the technology is… developing… is also clear.

    • It’s obvious that the Keepers are having technical trouble. Witness Biden, standing at the podium at the G-7 waiting for instructions on what to say – as the clock ticks and tocks and the media looks on.

      Or Camela’s bizarre interview with the dolt Lester Holt, the Keeper apparently hasn’t been to the border or to Europe…

    • Scene — in a library restroom worshing my hands.
      Action — each of my scrubs, pivots, and rinses was identical to the person at the next sink… including testing the theory by starting over with a fresh pump of suds.
      I long believed this is a repetitious rehearsal for an audience we are programmed to ignore.
      Are points awarded for ad-libbing awry from the script?
      Quandary — am I programmed to ad-lib?

  3. It is shocking that whatever power it was pulled off the fraud to put this addle brained cadaver into the Oval Office. And something like 40% of the country is not only okay with it, they are willing to vociferously defend him.

    • Don’t discount the possibility of pod people… It’s like if I started spouting Marxist propaganda and expressed my enduring love for Jo/Ho. You’d know that I’d been ‘replaced’. Who knows how many people were replaced by pod people? I know that I’m mixing my sci-fi films/series, but who is to say that we’re not getting hit from more than one angle.

      ALL OF A SUDDEN, the US Military goes completely tranny/critical race theory. Keepers or simply pod-grown replacements? I can’t say. I’m just tossing the spaghetti against the wall. When I stop. eating spaghetti and start eating meal worms – you need to worry.

  4. America is being played, and we know by whom (mostly). This charade will not end well.

    FBI operatives on Jan 6th (a Dem coup), election fraud at every level (another Dem coup), decent people defending their properties being charged criminally (where’s Kyle Rittenhouse these days?), anarchists in our streets, police bad, criminals good, higher education failing miserably…the list is very long. MrsPaulM’s [very large] employer is going the route of Wokeness (yet another fabricated meaningless term created out of rotten cloth)…all touchy-feely garbage…driving her nuts. This instead of doing real work, so the doers get to carry the load while the others pander to fear and everything pop-psyche.

    Then we had – for a short time – PDJT. A breath of fresh air. The adult professional in the room. Owned by no one. A real doer that put us back on top in short order, bringing to bear the Alpha traits one expects in that office. He showed it can be done when desired. And the Sheep hated him for it, but the Sheepdogs didn’t.

    Yet in less than 3 months into this reprehensible piece of human debris administration America is tanked once again. Amateurs who think their all that and a bag of chips. Bums with nothing to offer but the moronic. And they call it good.

    As I contend, humans like The Hologram, are putzes who have deluded themselves into believing they’re cool and tough when deep down in the quiet of the night they know they are posers, cowards, and weaklings. These types go into politics because merit and achievement are stated in symbolic words not deeds. Joe’s a shell of a man, without character or a scintilla of moral fiber. He is our biggest embarrassment…and that’s from a pretty rich field of idiots and morons and treasonous scum.

    Enjoy “Juneteenth”…gag me with a pitchfork.

    • Forgot to end with my point in the mini-vent is it seems we are in some sort of sci-fi dystopia show, real time, with no way out. Bizarre.

      • The whole Juneteenth thing is a lot like Barack declaring September 11 to be a day when we celebrate community organizers.

          • In Camela’s case, the spring is clearly broken. And look at Pelosi. Could her face be stretched any tighter — there was a Star Trek film where the aliens were continually stretching their faces. I don’t recall which one, but – yeah, Pelosi.

          • Star Trek Insurrection was the movie.

            Faces got stretched a lot in “Brazil”, too.

            Pardon me while I get back to my ducts….

      • Who knows what’s good for the Drakh? The move of the Keepers is clearly to completely degrade the US Military, and by extension, the Space Force. NASA has said that establishing tribalism is now job one. Equity=Tribalism. Who but the Drakh could be behind that one. I hate it when a sci-fi show makes more sense than the evening news.

      • Ya got me Cederq, but I’m learning the TV geekery on the fly. I liked novels a lot more than TV and movies. Gimme Poul Anderson, H Beam Piper, Jerry Pournelle, David Weber (back when people dared to edit him and keep the page counts reasonable), that sort of thing. I couldn’t watch TV and movie space operas with huge spaceships shooting at each other from under 1000m away and similarly idiotic battles. Sheesh. (And yes, that’s a very very geeky objection.)

        But now in my dotage I can tolerate the idiot space battles, because it’s now about characterization and character interaction. Never watched B5, or Stargate, when they were on TV, but maybe I should.

        As to the Drakh, I don’t understand their actions, because I can’t understand their motivations. From where I sit, it’s either insane hubris, or a genuine need to be hated, which causes them to keep tormenting until the undercreatures rise up. Maybe they subconsciously want that, in order to be able to claim victimhood.

        • I just watched the entire 5 seasons of B5 on DVD. I had not seen the since they originally aired and even then I think I missed a season or 2 and a lot of episodes. So I’m far more up to speed than would ordinarily be.

  5. Z’ha’dum! A great header picture! Anytime I see B5 like that “Z’ha’dum” pops into my head!

    • All the “made in America” stickers are made in China…

      There is a certain insanity that trends, and it’s difficult to believe that it came from Earth. Where but Z’ha’dum?

      • Elbonia was my best guess up until now but your opinion may be better informed than mine – which wouldn’t take much…..

  6. On the money… funny, I got some interesting comments after I posted that he was waiting for ‘instructions’ from his handlers on what to say next. I got accused of watching too much ‘Fox’ and making an ad hominem attack. Hell, everybody in the world was watching that hot mess!!!

    • Who could reasonably attack you for reporting what you saw? The moron said that he was waiting for his keepers to tell him what to say. He has an earpiece – or an invisible alien. I’m not sure which at this point. Anyone who accused you is possibly a pod person. Just keep that in mind. If they got a paper cut, it would bleed green.

      I saw CNO Gilday testifying before Congress on the TV. How could I rationally describe him as a Navy Admiral? I don’t know who is whispering in HIS ear, but it’s difficult to conflate it with human communication.

      • Gilday, could not believe my ears. Promoting/sidestepping that bonehead Ibram’s book for military reading? The Ohio Rep was spot on yet couldn’t get a straight answer outta a man who’s a disgrace to the uniform in promoting the “all inclusive sensitive” Bravo Sierra.

      • It’s a rather excellent TV series, dealing with everything you could think about. And dealing with the fall of Empires, the power of dynasties, the nazification of a political party, when is it okay to fight, when one must fight, love, death, sacrifice, comedy, aliens being alien, humans being aliens, magic (yes, magic, but handled with… SCIENCE!!!), and so much more.

        With possibly the bitchenest soundtrack ever for a tv series. Subtle hint. As the ‘mood’ changes from season to season, so does the theme music. Uplifting times? Uplifting music. Things going way past dark to total hell? Dark as heck music.

        With a cast of villains you love, heroes you hate, and everything in between. Nobody, NOBODY is perfect. Everyone, EVERYONE is messed up in their own ways. And actions in one episode have consequences through the rest of the series and into the followup series and movies.

        If you watch the first couple episodes and are somewhat confused by what’s going on, wait. Everything gets explained.

        The show predicted the future we are in now, in so many ways.

        And… for 90’s computer graphics, they are still amazingly great. First TV show shot in widescreen format because the producer/creator was a friggin genius.

        Makes all the Star Treks seem… tame and childish.

        Seriously, Bab5. It’s a friggin Space Greek Tragedy. Or a combo Shakespearian tragedy/comedy.

    • He needs a shave, haircut, change of wardrobe – he and his 9 clones, all named Zathras. Sort of like George Forman’s sons, all named George Forman.

  7. Yep. How very Nostradamusically the whole show was/is.

    Any show that makes Melissa Gilbert one of the Big-Bads…

    And, really, there’s not a character I don’t like, except for the psy-corps witch once she reveals herself. Even Bester has his good points and is trying to make the universe a better place, in a very Bester-way…

    But Londo? Ah, Londo. A very flawed man who tries to be better than he knows he is. I like Londo.

    • When the ?boyfriend? of the undercover witch went transcendental(or whatever they called it), I would have thought he could have seen through her masquerade and done something about it. Maybe I missed something there, but I considered it to be a plot hole.

      • One of the few, very few, plot holes. But, of course, she was so deep undercover that even Kosh didn’t see through it. So maybe not a plot hole.

  8. B5, truly epic series. I have it in my collection, might be time to watch it again.
    I have been saying that we are currently living in a mashup of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, They Live and 1984 with a bit of The Running Man, Minority Report and The Omega Man mixed in.

    Planet of the Apes and Soylent Green are soon to make an appearance.

  9. Ok, You all convinced me that I need to look into the show for evening decompression viewage. Right now watching Clarkson’s Farm, the other end of the proverbial stick, but excellent nonetheless. About now, S1, Ep4 he’s getting vocally frosted over the level of asinine government (The Keepers) regulation suppressing what he can do on his land, all the while people are starving due to the Covid lockdowns (filmed in 2019/2020).

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