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The Ayatollah said, “You can’t do a damned thing.”

And then his favorite general’s meat was harvested.

World War Three?

My youngest daughter texted concerned about an impending World War Three.
I asked, “who are Iran’s allies?” 
She replied, “I don’t think that they have any.”
I replied, “So it comes down to Cowboys and Iranians.”
Iranian sponsored terror events would result in a relentless bombardment of the Persian Empire. They may try something, but it won’t end well for the Ayatollah or his entourage. No more buggering little boys and screwing off all day. No more torturing people for fun and profit. The cost to Iranian leadership would be high. The US is an existential threat to them, as Soleimani learned first hand.
Should President Trump have notified Congress?

In a Friday post on his Facebook page, Levin explained that President Trump not only has the authority to authorize such military strikes, but also has little reason to do so, considering how Democrats, such as those in the House Intelligence Committee, are actively seeking to effect a coup against him and leaking information that endangers U.S military personnel.

“Trump didn’t confer with Congress? Uh, Congress has been on recess. Moreover, the House Intelligence Committee has spent months orchestrating a coup against our president rather than doing its job protecting America from, among others, the terrorist regime in Iran. 

“But a president is not required to alert Congress to a real-time defensive military action. So Pelosi and her ilk can leak and put the military action at risk? These Democrats are undermining our security. We were attacked by the Iranian regime.”

Global Strikes

All that’s required is a presidential finding – a secret document prepared by the White House Counsel and given to the president to review and sign. There are two varieties of findings: Lethal and Non-Lethal. The strike on Soleimani and friends was a lethal finding. 
The US has been flying lethal strike missions all over the planet for the past twenty years, based on lethal findings. What makes Soleimani special? Nothing. Iranian clerics loved the bloodthirsty bastard because he was their boy. And his time came and his meat was harvested and roasted by an aptly named Hellfire Missile (AGM 114) launched by an equally well named MQ-9 Reaper.

The finding makes it legal. Both Bush and Obama signed hundreds of them. The only reason that the left is howling now is because they hate the president.

20 thoughts on “Justification

  1. The Ayatollah said, "You can't do a damned thing". My hope is that whichever kinetic device is used to take out the Ayatollah has " a damn thing" emblazoned on its side.

  2. I don't think that it will come to that. The next move for Iran is to influence the Iraqi parliament (made up largely of Shiites) to revoke the status of forces agreement with the US so that we leave and the Iranians can take over. A kinetic war is a loser for Iran. Iranian expansion into Iraq (a goal of theirs for sixty years) would make the US sanctions program much more challenging to enforce.

  3. Once again, Trump played his hand in the best way. There are people whose loss I cry over, but Qasem Soleimani wasn't one of them. Good riddance. Iran needed a step down & this was something that will make them realize that America is serious & not the plaything we were during the age of Obama.

  4. When we invaded Iraq because they were an international threat, we did not do so with their permission. And their insistence that we leave will fall on deaf ears. We will leave when we leave, at a time of our choosing, period.

    I would prefer we leave sooner rather than later, but this is not my call since I was not elected president. This decision is the president's alone. Not the Iraqi parliament's.

  5. I agree. The move was appropriate.

    Ultimately I think that the USA needs to remove itself from the Middle East. That doesn't happen largely because of oil. Even though we no longer import it, the DOLLAR must be used (even by Iran) to buy and sell oil. The Chinese have suggested that we use their currency, the RMB, instead. Russia would like transactions conducted in rubles.

    So we're in it forever, irrespective of what happens in Iraq. And nations such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, etc. want us there as a guarantor of security. And they pay.

  6. We invaded Iraq because we could.

    And you're right, we stay because we can.

    And I think that even the Shiite Iraqi shot callers would rather have us there than having the shots called by Shiites in Qom (overriding local sensibilities). The US also tends to keep the warring factions from warring – ISIS is a good example of what happened when we left – thanks to Sleepy Joe, who was supposed to formulate a status of forces agreement and didn't.

  7. I see more outrage from members of congress over the President ordering the death of a foreign enemy than there was of Obama ordering the death of a US citizen.

    There are some congressional members that need to be tared and feathered.

  8. The Washington Post described him as Iran's most revered military leader. At least they didn't comment on his piety, though that was likely an oversight.
    Cowboys and Iranians. If I was even 20 years younger.

  9. Any speculation as to how this action will play with the Iranians who hate the clerics running their country?

  10. It's always been my understanding the Muslims, especially the radicals understand only one thing. Strength.

    I really wonder if they realize now what is the reality of this situation. Guessing they try to ride it out until we get another traitorous moron in the White House.

    You are stone cold correct as to the main reason in not notifying the cretins in Congress (which as you say he was not legally obliged to do. For sure he would have been warned just as has happened with things like this in the past

  11. What will they do? They know most of the population in Iran want a better solution and they are not a part of that solution. They can stop exporting Oil to the remaining customers unless they join the Iranian global embargo to punish the US. But Who believes that? They can ask Macron to secure EU to become partners and hope that will isolat the US. Macron and his friends have an ego that makes that plausibel. They can increase terror in the US and trust that the Democrats will keep the borders wide open so they get access. From outside the US that looks likely. Or they can start using their nukes in an effort to take out the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

    Anything is possible maybe their strategy will be to hive Biden some documents that Trump was elected due to secret help from Iran. That will make the Democrats go ballistic and Force the FBI to investigate Trump and start a new impeachment process.

    Those Persians are smart so ny best prediction is that they will benefit from the Democrats and let they to the dirty Job to take out Trump.

    What a world we are living in. Take care and enjoy 2020.

  12. I'd take it a step farther. Hung by the neck from light poles in front of the capitol so that ravens can peck their eyes out. I stop short of suggesting crucifixion only because it would make them look like martyrs.

  13. Most of them live in the cities. In the countryside, people are educated in schools run by the same mullahs who run the villages. As long as the military supports the Ayatollahs, who pay their salaries, the resistance will be kept in check. They'll simply shoot anyone who steps out of line – in the name of Allah.

  14. Yes, they know that we have an election coming up. They watch CNN and some of them are bright people. They understand what the USA can do. They watched 500 lbs bombs slide through windows and heating ducts to demolish buildings during the Gulf War, 30 years ago.

    If they could only have Hillary…but they may have to content themselves with old, senile, corrupt Joe Biden, or Bernie, a communist. They're fine with communists so long as they stay bought the way that Barack did.

  15. The Persians are smart, but the Democrats have so muddied the swamp with their half-assed efforts, supported by the lying media, that taking out President Trump that way before November will be difficult. There were recent reports that Pelosi is going to hang onto the impeachment until AFTER the November election in the hopes that they can get more Democrats seated in the senate. Then they can remove the president from office. The US has turned into a banana republic, John.

  16. The FISA Court has given the FBI time until January 10th to fix their organization so the never again will do what they did. But Pelosi and the gang might think they still have time to boil something together before the 10th and in one final last effort start a new and another process that will hurt the America worker, taxpayer and Nation. From an outsider view it looks like the Democrats are willing to do the the Job for free.

    I guess the Persia clergies best hope is to benefit from hate the Democrats are capable to mobilize against its own country.

  17. I suspect that the House Democrats have shot their bolt. And that January 10 deadline doesn't mean that the FISA judges won't scrutinize everything coming to them from the (corrupt) FBI.

    The next time that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act comes to Congress for renewal, expect that changes will be made by the legislature.

  18. Sitting them on a short stake would be most entertaining ( at least I would enjoy watching them there ).

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  19. "The next time that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act comes to Congress for renewal, expect that changes will be made by the legislature."

    Only if it is renewed by a legislature that is not full of donkeys/communists/anti-Americans. The time is rapidly approaching for those of us who honor our oath to take firm action against the enemies of our Constitution. Age will not be a factor, even we old farts will need to gird our loins and stand forth. I wish that this were not so, but I greatly fear that it IS so.


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