Why did the FBI spend more time on Bubba Wallace’s garage pull than they did on Hunter Biden’s laptop?


You cant tell the players without a program. I recently made a grievous error calling a tortoise a turtle. (mia culpa) Then in a different situation, not on the blog, I referred to a cayman as an alligator.




Toxic Masculinity

A CH-47 Chinook from the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment sling-loads a Libyan Mi-24 Hind out of the deserts of Chad. June, 1988


VBMR-L “Serval”, the next armored vehicle for the French Army. It will replace the VAB. They obviously don’t plan on taking it off hardball roads with that anemic ground clearance.

When all of the other sentries are dead…

Kommando Spezialkräfte – In July, the German Army discovered that a few (thousand) rounds and a 137 lbs of plastic explosive was missing from their armory. Apparently a few of the guys were hoarding against a time when the country would fall apart and it might be needed ex-officio. The Germans fear toxic masculinity.

Hamburgers will be banned under the Green New Deal. Food such as this tends to empower men and contains cows – and they all must die or we’ll all be dead in 8 years.

ST3/D on a rooftop during the Battle of Ramadi, Iraq. 2006

HMMWV fortified with “hillbilly armor”, improvised armor made from salvaged scrap metal, Iraq. 2004.

Joe’s point man Beto will take this…one only hopes that he will try to do it personally.

French CPA 10 (commando parachutiste n°10)


  1. That’s a creative way to make the Chinook into a gunship, I approve.

    What is it they say; improvise, adapt, overcome?

    • I thought about it, Frank. I really did. But then you’d be walking like an Egyptian all day and people would begin to wonder if you’d been drinking grandpa’s cough syrup or something.

  2. New week, manic for some but apparently not Biden…you know, that other guy supposedly running for president. “Running” has a very different definition for the Dems, but Biden taking the next five days off due to his weekend rigorous campaigning schedule must have done him in (oh wait, he took Saturday off). Must take a long time to yell at people for fifteens minutes then virtually shake the hands of 30-40 “rally” attendees. The Mental Media have been espousing what a wonderful set of new clothes he has despite his nakedness.

    Listened to Guiliani on Levin last night and watched a 30 minute video of Pam Bondi methodically running through the Biden timelines and corruption to the Senate oversight who were happy to believe “Impeach Trump”. Confirms the FBI’s Wray sat on this information for 10 months, including child porn. Heads will roll once POTUS gets reelected.

    Those burgers…thanks for the dinner menu, altho if they were sitting in front of me they’d go just fine with coffee.

      • The Obama White House ran slowly, which is why very little was done. The Trump White House runs very differently with the boss working 18-20 hours a day.

        Biden should be back home, eating his stewed prunes for breakfast.

  3. I was surprised to see ol’ thumper as well. From how his sight was set it appears the one guy was prepared to reach out a ways with his. I found reasonable accuracy was possible out to about 400 meters.

  4. What a manic Monday! Thanks for clearing up the important turtle/tortoise/gator/caiman thing.

    Maybe the French see their new vehicle as something for the streets of Paris? Just a thought.

  5. Those burgers. Yes, please. Carbs are important, but it’s fat and cholesterol that provide stamina and keep your brain working.

    • Don’t the gharial live on the OTHER side of the swamp. The gharial ghettos, as they are well known, are referred to as “public sewers”. Don’t take it from me. Swim in gharial infested water for yourself. I didn’t go into the low IQ or their failure at achieving acceptable test scores, the endemically high unemployment or other common complaints that other reptiles bring up.

  6. Well, the French are probably equipping their armed forces for fighting in cities, especially in the ‘migrant worker wards.’ So the new French truck should be okay.

    As to gators, you got it wrong. Usually they are colored orange and blue and are obnoxious as all hell. Bull gators especially, as they think the world revolves around them (well, since many are as big as a stellar object, they may actually exhibit their own gravity…) and are doubly obnoxious as all hell.

    In comparison, alligators are cute and useful.

    • Gators do tend to have an attitude. It’s on display every day. The Gator Navy seems to have adopted a lot of those characteristics – at least according to Pentagon Admirals.

  7. I had a Marine buddy on a. helicopter carrier in the south china sea back in the day.
    The Navy was taking target practice on a towed target and not delivering a stellar performance.
    His CO had heard that he was a wizard with the M79 and asked if he could hit the towed target with it.
    He scoped out the situation and replied in the afirmative..
    The CO approached the ship’s Captain and told him one of his Marines could take out the target with an M79.
    The Captain told him if his Marin could hit the target they could have the day off and they could go fishing.
    My buddy said there was a gash in the towed target from a previous hit and he put the 40mm grenade through the gash and obliterated the target.
    The Captain said, “Breaknout the fishing poles!”
    my buddy was hero for a day, but you know all it takes is one “Awe shit!” to wipe out all of your ” Atta boys. “

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