June 30

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The De-Fanged EPA

(Fox News) In a 6-3 decision authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, the Supreme Court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lacked broad statutory authority to curb greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. It’s a move that has been a long time coming. Allow the people to have a say in what happens in the nation rather than a gang of woke bureaucrats. The next thing that needs to happen is massive lay-offs at EPA.

Nearly 20 mostly Republican-led states and coal companies had sued to block the Biden administration from implementing a new climate change policy and the Justice Department said that a federal plan to regulate carbon emissions from power plants would not happen before the end of the year.

The Supreme Court agreed to preemptively review EPA’s authority to issue such a regulation in the first place.

AOC’s Green New Deal is cracking.

Chief Justice Rogers wrote for the majority “Capping carbon dioxide emissions at a level that will force a nationwide transition away from the use of coal to generate electricity may be a sensible ‘solution to the crisis of the day.’ But it is not plausible that Congress gave EPA the authority to adopt on its own such a regulatory scheme…. A decision of such magnitude and consequence rests with Congress itself, or an agency acting pursuant to a clear delegation from that representative body.”


Russia’s Current Gamble

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine had a number of different and divergent effects and the long term benefits and costs are still to be properly reckoned. NATO will expand as Finland and Sweden join. 2% of GDP spent on defense is now a marker that NATO members are embracing. Russia is viewed as a pariah state (outside of Russia).

The question of Ukraine’s ability to withstand casualties is one that is still held in the balance. Russia can afford to lose 50,000 men as we’ve seen happen and Ukraine has lost as well, but can it afford to continue its defense on the ground moving forward? Shipments of western artillery and other weapons may increase the Russian attrition but most agree that Russia has the capacity to go the distance.

Every time that the Russians have reached out an olive branch or some face-saving measure to end the war, the US (pulling most of the strings at this point) has slapped it away. I’m not pro-Russia, but it would be disingenuous not to point this out. Yes, Russia does want to end this on its terms (of course) so the olive branches are always offered in its own interest.

The thousand-mile front is becoming increasingly static and the two punch-drunk fighters are content to contend over a few miles of land here and there, and Russia is content with the situation.

HIMARS went into action today. M-142 has unique capabilities including precise counter-battery fire will make a difference in combat with the Russians.


Meanwhile at the White Wolf Mine

Preparations for the Independence Day celebration continue as the LL family arrive from far and wide. Having them here means that I have another set of hands for chores that require them. A trip to Winslow, AZ, and the rootbeer stand (in addition to a trip to the hardware and auto parts stores) are also important. We may be 5 days from July 4, but those days are being filled with — chores. So far grandsons have seen elk, foxes, and white tail deer. In one case a cow elk was giving birth. I think that they have photos on their phones, and I’ll have to get them to shoot them over to me.

One mission is to go and look at the bison. This is a bison guide.

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      1. According to the EPA and the Army Corp of Engineers, everything – including your seasonal wet spot out back – is a navigable waterway, allowing them to regulate at will.

        [After a huge Spring rain]: “That’s a wetland and protected…here’s your fine for regrading [that low spot on your acreage].”

        1. It’s all about power and especially in the Western US – water is power.

    1. I just asked my constitutional lawyer friend (he was involved in Dobbs) and he sees this EPA ruling as incremental, not broad like Dobbs or Kennedy. Darn.
      I specifically asked about the mud puddle in my back yard, and he thinks I have grounds.

  1. EPA: Good (not great) victory for states rights and scaling back the administrative state.

    Bison: Having seen a plains bison from way too close (after they take a dust bath they are really well camouflaged when they are lying down) while hiking, both descriptions leave out one important characteristic. They are both flipping huge. Backed away from it slowly and quietly and it didn’t even stand up. The dog didn’t even bark while we were making our exit…smart girl.

    Have fun on the Fourth. A good time to celebrate family and the things that made (and still make) this country great.

    1. I looked into getting a bison tag because you can hunt them in Arizona. I thought that I’d use a 45/70 out of a sense of history. Then I looked into the reality of the hunt. The outfitters who work in the bison hunting industry bring in a tow truck (if possible) to lift your bison to clean it. They bring a crew of 5 to clean it and skin it. It takes a lot of sharp knives and they have a sixth person sharpening constantly to make sure that everyone has a sharp blade. It takes them all day. Then off to the meat packer for butchering and freezing. The hide goes to the tannery. The bullet is the easy part.

      Sure, it’s somewhat true of dear and elk as well, but proper handling of your bison is a LOT of work. I didn’t enter the drawing for a tag. Where would I store the meat?

      1. LL, if you are ever faced with that problem, please remember me. You shoot it. They clean it and pack it in dry ice. FedEx it to me and your problem is solved.

  2. I haven’t heard if we – American’s – have permission to celebrate Independence Day this year?? Was awaiting the “a okay” and “all clear” from The Moron’s.

    Yeah, right, like I need permission from anyone, including Mr. Poopy Pants hisself (EdB had that well covered earlier), to honor our Neck of the Woods and those who started it…who would look at the current group with a level of disdain that their stare would instantly cause vaporization into a base carbon element pile of dust. In the meantime, hotdogs, brats, and burgers at the ready for the grill…and friends. Screw the losers.

    Enjoy the kiddo’s enjoying your place.

    1. Oh, I forgot to ask for permission. Maybe I’ll just ask for forgiveness?

      1. No need…that founding document is your Hall Pass. Carry on.

        EdB, they have to find him first, but yeah, Castle Law.

  3. Snowmobiled Yellowstone during winter in the early 90’s. Met a herd of bison coming toward us, strung out in a line down the road we were traveling…guide had us pull over, stop machines and get on the side of the snowmobile away from the the herd and to stand still and quiet. They passed within about 6ft., blowing condensation and paid us little mind. Being up close and personal you get the true sense of the amount of energy coiled inside that animal that can explode in a heart beat.
    Cletus Valvecore

  4. They passed within about 6ft., blowing condensation and paid us little mind.

    My pounding heart would have given me away. I’ve played some stupid games and won the appropriate prizes,but I do Not mess with things that live outside. Those critters have some genuine Tough built in. Seeing reports of people who decide to get close and maybe try to touch bison in Yellowstone and get their Idiot card stamped by Darwin himself just blows my mind. It’s good to be with someone who knows what to do and not do.
    Did anyone ask why he didn’t lead you away and just get clear of them? Or was One trail and they were on it?
    Well, crap I was hoping this site would email people when they got a reply.

    1. Nolan, one narrow trail and we rounded a curve. No way to turn the machines around and retreat safely as trees and soft deep snow under them ( probem with trees is loose new snow under and close to trees won’t support the machine & rider). And yes, heart was pounding like a steam engine and I wasn’t breathing very deeply.
      We were extremely lucky.

  5. The old mountain men words of wisdom always apply. “Don’t go bothering something that ain’t bothering you”.

    1. Yes, but when you’re in the mountains on your horse it will remind you when griz are in the area. They don’t like bears and they really don’t like griz. If you’re on foot – you have to take what comes, being humble and polite only goes so far.

      1. I’ve never had an issue with bothering something that started bothering me, four legged or two legged. I have dealt with Alaska brown bears (a sub species of griz). They don’t like chain saws. I would have preferred a firearm but you use what you have at hand.

        Horse and mules are prey animals with much keener senses. They will fight back and can kill a cougar with their hoofs and teeth.

  6. In the book of “Gee, I didn’t know that” I just added another chapter about the different types of Bison.

    On the EPA thing I’m going to have to wait and see how the EPA (& it’s current administrators) deal with the ruling…

    1. On the EPA thing, my guess, based on prior experience is that they will first ignore the ruling and then, when forced to comply, the EPA will slow leak it as long as possible.

      1. They will do it that way unless Trump becomes president again. Sullen and slow compliance is a pattern of government drones on their best day as a general rule. The zealots are worse.

    2. In present day, you can add the European Wisent. If you go back 20,000 years you can add several more. The modern bison would be called the dwarf bison if they were still around. Bison latifrons exceeded 2 tons.

  7. “The thousand-mile front is becoming increasingly static and the two punch-drunk fighters are content to contend over a few miles of land here and there, and Russia is content with the situation.”
    Have they dug trenches?

    1. In places.

      Not around a nuclear waste site like Chornobyl, though.

      Trenches make sense in some areas that are subjected to heavy bombardment. But as we learned in WW1 (the war to end all wars), they can be cut, encircled, and so forth.

  8. EPA? Let’s take our victories as we find them. Speaking of which, where are the massive abortion riots?

    Someone cut off the cash spigot?

  9. Domestic cattle will die in droves when confronted with a blizzard. They turn their tails to the storm and quite honestly drown in snow as it drifts over their heads. The bison however take a different approach. The herd bull will stick his nose right into the storm. The rest of the herd “V” off of his flanks, putting the younger and more venerable ones inside that protective curtain. The Bisons skin is almost 2” thick. The baddest of the bunch just absorbs what comes at it and shakes it off. After watching an exhibition like that, only a fool or a politician would be stupid enough to poke one with a stick. Bison Bison is Kansas’s state animal. Those of us out in the sticks are a lot like that.

    1. The flow of hair on a bison goes from head to tail. Same with a horse.

      Cows, on the other hand, the flow goes from tail to head.

      This is why, in a blizzard, the cowpoke easily gets separated from the herd. His horse goes into the wind, the cows go with the wind.

      And why if you own a really large ranch, you need to fence off any blind canyons. As the cattle will follow the wind into them, and then get buried in snow and freeze to death.

      Learned this from Hollings-Clancy-Hollings “The Cowboys” when I was a kid and it’s actually true. Weird stuff. Good book. Good authors and illustrators (they did the “Paddle to the Sea” and “Pagoo” and “Seabird” books, best books for kids ever, beats the socialistic crap of Dr. Seuss.)

  10. First Indian: “His mind is gone, look at him crawling on the ground.” Second Indian, “No, look…he’s trying to tell us something. He’s imitating a buffalo!” Tatonka! Tatonka! Have some more sugar in your coffee. We good, Bro?

  11. What they did for EPA was a start. But they also said Biden could do away with Trump’s “Keep them in Mexico” , however it went.
    So BOO on them.

    You all be safe all God bless.

  12. The EPA thing is better than nothing, but it still won’t help with the planned abolition of cars through bureaucratic regulatory nibbling combined with bribery and legislation to force us into prison cell / surveillance pod / prison / robot golf carts.

    Glad to hear your family is coming in for the holiday.


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