The holiday that we celebrate today only exists because the citizens were armed.

Dr. Warren died at the Battle of Bunker Hill.




This meme describes how I was raised to think.

I realize that it (and I) are hopelessly out of date, but it speaks to American exceptionalism. To the notion that the US would stand for freedom and work work to liberate the oppressed.  We poured a million times more national treasure and blood into that cause then the next nearest nation.

We sent men to the Moon and brought them back on a mission of exploration.

We cracked the atom.

We’ve worked collaboratively to understand the human genome.

And a lot of people hate us for it. – piss on ’em.


  1. They don’t just hate America- they hate western civilization. All of it.
    What is supremely ironic is they are totally dependent on it’s fruits.

      • None of them knows where the food comes from, Raven.

        And it will be their downfall……

        We could live indefinitely on what is farmed and ranched here. If/when TSHTF we’d have to band together and protect it, but that’s eminently doable here. The Moorlocks down Denver way might try to come and take it, but they wouldn’t get far once off the main roads, as choke points could be set up in well-supported areas.

        Pretty damn easy to set up a whole bunch of fougasses with what we have. Just need a bit of warning to have a warm welcome prepared for our “visitors”.

        I hate thinking like this, but something clicked on in me a few weeks ago…..

        • And not just the food- it’s everything- they use cell phones, electricity, tennis shoes, penicillin, 99% of what they embrace was invented by western white males. It is a blindness that defies reason. Bite the hand that feeds and all.

    • Yes and yes.
      The “eternal rebels”. This is what you get when a culture has been subverted so that its core tenets become resentment and entitlement. The belief that YOU are personally owed because your ancestors were (or are CLAIMED to have been) wronged is insanely destructive. But that’s exactly what’s been relentlessly promoted by our social sciences academics, our news media, and our popular entertainment.

      These twisted “values” are not Western, and definitely un-American. They have been stealthily introduced over decades, and have brought fully into the open only in recent years. In times past they were the values of only a small minority of people, but at the present date nearly half of this nation espouses, or at least gives lip service to, the ideology of victimhood and resentment.
      And here I stop, because to delve further would lead to wrongthink and hatecrime.

      • The grievance structure is all that the Democrat Party can offer. They offer a sneering, cynical view of the world where their superiority feeds and sustains them.

  2. With a fire hose, Larry.

    Let us not forget Capt. John Parker, OIC at Lexington on 19 April, 1775 who died of tuberculosis, then known as consumption, on September 17, 1775, aged 46, with the issue still in doubt.

  3. LL, I think we may be more up to date than the lying, collaborative, traitorous, conniving, venal, malfeasant media would have us think.

    Good memes, by the way. I like “Angels” and the Flag most, but that’s just me.

  4. I did my hitch in the mid 70’s staring down the Eastern Block. When I went back to school after coming home, I could already see the signs that we were being subverted and out flanked.

    Well, here we are. The rot runs deep. The part I find the saddest is just how many are running pell mell shouting “Pick me, pick me!” to be the next one to bend a knee.

    Yes, they hate us, our flag, and all it stands for. My response remains the same. I plead guilty to all charges and specifications. Expect no apology.

  5. Americans:
    Willing to cross a frozen river.
    To kill you.
    In your sleep,
    On Christmas.
    Totally not kidding.
    We’ve done it.

  6. i hoisted the black flag this weekend. no quarter…..these idiots don’t realize that nowhere else in the world would they be able to do this. nowhere else would allow burning the flag, speaking out, protesting. in china they would be long rotting in an unmarked hole. they can’t even tell you what “systemic racism” is, much less give examples. seriously need to cull the gene pool.

    • Somebody poured bleach in the gene pool and it ended up at almost EVERY university. THAT needs to stop. I’m not sure how to do it, though. Why do parents send their late teen children to communist re-education camps? (Satan’s Vaticans) Is it that or the children live in their parent’s basements – forever?

      One of the great leavenings was military service. It brought together rich, poor, regional, racial and religious differentiations together in a way that forced them to get along. Sure, there is always friction but once we didn’t force the issue the “brat factor” became a problem. And it has festered. I am not saying that I think that everyone needs or should serve under the standard, but it got a lot of people (like Fredd and I) out of where we were, to experience life at a different level.

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