I am not a Cybersecurity Expert

I can code UNIX from scratch, though, and have played in the government playhouse enough to know how things work. I snagged Cisco assembly code a long time ago and found that interesting. I also remember SATAN (System Administrator’s Tools for Analyzing Networks) and if that ages me, so what. I’m old.

I find the antics of Jo/Ho and friends to be pathetic – amusing if we weren’t playing for such high stakes.


Daycare for Rich Kids?

Bill Maher, who doesn’t get it right very often, has characterized higher education as a grift. He said that they are, “giant luxury daycare centers.”

To a great extent, I think that he’s correct. Hard science – different animal, but most students tend to pursue softer studies, grievance appreciation, and so forth.

Harvard, Yale, the Ivy League and many other institutions of higher learning are said to be the place to go if you want to succeed. You meet the “right sort of people”. Hmmm. Yeah.


Gain of Function Research

Thanks to some confusing verbal gymnastics by Dr. Anthony Fauci, some in the media are giving the impression that there’s no proof U.S. tax money funded “gain of function” research or that, perhaps, the research didn’t qualify as a gain of function. However, the evidence on this point is clear-cut.

A 2015 published study specifically discloses that the research is gain of function research that took bat coronavirus that was harmless to people—and made it infectious in humans. The study further states that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) approved the continuation of the research even amid a general ban on such studies.

Many media reports refer to several millions of dollars in tax money sent from the NIH to the Chinese Bioweapons Lab in Wuhan via the New York-based nonprofit “EcoHealth Alliance.” However, research with the lab, and the lab itself, received significant additional U.S. support including:

  • Grants directly from the NIH.
  • Grants directly from Dr. Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the NIH
  • Additional funds from EcoHealth Alliance were initially undisclosed.
Epoch Times Photo
Excerpt from a correction issued on the controversial 2015 gain of function study. (Screenshot via Nature.com)
  • Assistance from the University of Texas. (See excerpt from the study below.)
Epoch Times Photo
Excerpt from controversial 2015 gain of function study. (Screenshot via Nature.com)
  • Resources from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). (See study disclosure below.)

Epoch Times PhotoExcerpt from controversial 2015 gain of function study. (Screenshot via Nature.com)


Map Time

The most consumed type of alcoholic drink in Europe, by country.


Ethnic map of the United States by zip code.

Germans dominate the Midwest, Mexicans the Southwest, Africans in the South, with a variety of other groups on the map too.



The progs tell us that not wearing a mask is killing them. It’s been months. How much longer will it take?


In Australia, you need to show proof of age to purchase plastic knives.

You can’t make this sort of thing up.

Australians would not be comfortable in the Arizona mountains where steel and titanium blades are carried as a matter of routine.


Blue Herons

They know that they’re cool.


Trust Issues


  1. WTF are we doing sending money to a ChiCom bioweapons lab?? Huh??

    This is a hanging offense. With an old, nasty, stinky rope that you leave around their neck long enough for the stench to sicken them.

    THEN pull the lever…..

    • Or just daisy chain them. with det cord – maybe four wraps around each neck and take the lot of them at once. Treason.

        • We’d do some sort of blogging conference, take over a sports bar in Ypsilanti, pre-book hotel rooms and have cabs and an Ambulance standing by. Show it on big screens throughout the place.

          • Yeah, but the det cord is a one-use item. The rope can be used over and over again. The left is so woke about “sustainability” that I think they’d appreciate a rope. The old, used, nasty part would ensure they knew it was a “recycled” rope.

            And you might even say it’s been “Proof Tested”…

          • Yeah.

            Pretty much any scientific / technological / manufacturing deal in China goes in the treason pot. It’s amazing how everyone keeps falling into the China / Greed trap century after century.


          • If we used a hemp rope…progs really like hemp…and as you suggest, it’s all organic and sustainable.

  2. It may just be working. Though you still see a few, masks have largely disappeared around here and I haven’t seen one at the range in weeks. Walmart has the cloth variety on clearance for 50¢ a pop. If they give them away I may take some and use them for rags.

    • The soft ones would make for good cleaning rags — as you say — if they’re give-aways.

  3. As Djim says, what the hay, over. And we knew some of this, suspected a lot more, last year…and…crickets. These reprehensible cretins need to see the end of a yardarm, then be drawn and quartered for good measure. Friggin scum of the highest degree.

    Masks…see my earlier commentary on this mornings post. I may go postal on someone if they scolded me for “killing them”.

    Social Media is the devils playground when not strictly used as a tool.

    The maps confuse my engineer brain, too busy for me to ascertain what’s what…although I have no problem going onto Home Disappointment and quickly finding what I need. Maybe I need therapy.

    • Don’t go to a liberal shrink for therapy.

      I was up near the Navajo Reservation earlier today and they’re all still wearing masks. They don’t make demands on others. They took a hard hit – significant culling. They’re spooked. It’s difficult not to be compassionate.

      • I get them, more susceptible. Stopped in Lander, saw natives wearing masks, but inside. No judgement, but they didn’t virtue signal either. Mutual respect.

        I don’t go to shrinks, splitting wood, fixing fence, and other ranchette chores fixes anything heavy in the mind.

        • Had a “Karen” make a crack about me not having a mask on the other day. I looked at her and said “Baaaaaaaa…..” in my best sheeple voice. She turned beet red and stomped away….

  4. Harvard, Yale, the Ivy League and many other institutions of higher learning are said to be the place to go if you want to succeed. You meet the “right sort of people”. Hmmm. Yeah.
    My daughter works for a large government entity . Most of the people she works with are amazed that she graduated from a southern state school. Double major, scholastic full ride, top of her class. She can read, rite, an cyfer, wears shoes ,( most of the time) .She has advanced quickly. Lots of awards. I have met some of her colleagues , they are polite but treat me as an oddity.
    I asked her to what does she attribute her success. She says “I actually work, and do my job, most don’t.”

    • Does she have her OWN teeth? It amazes some of the lettered that it’s the case, even though she grew up in an oppressed society. Explain to the friends that you and the missus are not brother and sister. They will be amazed.

      Imagine one in their midst who comes from fly-over country.

  5. An Ivy degree, especially one from Harvard or Yale, is an entry ticket to the Inner Party. It’s no guarantee of IP membership, but nonetheless a very valuable first step. So far as who is admitted to Ivy League schools (and academically comparable elite institutions), here’s some meticulously researched hate think from Ron Unz.

    Here Unz looks at the proportion of National Merit Scholar (NMS) semifinalists by ethnicity versus Ivy enrollment. NMS is based on PSAT score, and while there are many obvious problems with ranking academic potential using a standardized test, it gives a large statistical sample across a broad swath of the US population, and is relatively objective, being a multiple-choice test (as opposed to an essay, for example).

    Unz’ basic thesis is that if we consider NMS status to be a proxy for high academic achievement-and-potential, then the ethnic proportion of students at elite universities ought to match the ethnic proportions of NMS winners.

    [NMS] students constitute roughly the highest 0.5 percent in academic ability, the top 16,000 high school seniors who should be enrolling at the Ivy League and America’s other most elite academic universities.

    Unz then looks at the actual number of Ivy students, by ethnicity, divided by the expected number based on NMS status. Here’s how it works: if NMS predicted 100 Martian-American ought to be enrolled at Yale, and there were 150 M-As, then M-As are 150% (over)represented. Similarly, if NMS predicted 100 Saturnian-Americans, and only 70 were enrolled, then S-As at 70% are under-represented. If enrollment is as NMS would predict, then each group has a ratio of 100%. Easy-peasy, right?

    [During 2007-2011 at Harvard] the Asian ratio is 63 percent, slightly above the white ratio of 61 percent, with both these figures being considerably below parity due to the substantial presence of under-represented racial minorities such as blacks and Hispanics, foreign students, and students of unreported race.

    However, if we separate out the Jewish students [from the overall “white” group], their ratio turns out to be 435 percent, while the residual ratio for non-Jewish whites drops to just 28 percent, less than half of even the Asian figure. As a consequence, Asians appear under-represented relative to Jews by a factor of seven, while non-Jewish whites are by far the most under-represented group of all. […] The rest of the Ivy League tends to follow a similar pattern, with the overall Jewish ratio being 381 percent, the Asian figure at 62 percent, and the ratio for non-Jewish whites a low 35 percent, all relative to their number of high-ability college-age students.

    The take-home points from Unz’ analyses are: 1) gentile whites are severely UNDERrepresented at Ivy institutions; 2) Asians are mildly UNDERrepresented; 3) Jews are severely OVERrepresented. The occult 4)th point is that Blacks and Hispanics are infinitely over-represented since if NMS status were the legitimate sole entry criterion, then virtually zero members of these two groups would be accepted to an Ivy.

    Make of this what you will. Maybe Unz, despite being Jewish, is a horrible anti-Semite, the prorotypical so-called “self loathing Jew”. Maybe his choice of NMS is a terrible proxy for who “deserves” to be admitted to Ivy Universities. Maybe there are other factors influencing admission-and-deciding-to-attend an Ivy. (Nota bene that price is NOT an issue, since scholarships abound, especially for “under-represented minorities,” but some form of financial support is available to all.) Whatever all this means, Unz concludes:

    Over the last few decades America’s ruling elites have been produced largely as a consequence of the particular selection methods adopted by our top national universities in the late 1960s. Leaving aside the question of whether these methods have been fair or have instead been based on corruption and ethnic favoritism, the elites they have produced have clearly done a very poor job of leading our country, and we must change the methods used to select them.

    The whole thing (complete with tables and charts) is at :

    • I’m surprised that gender self-identification isn’t part of the mix. That does transcend race doesn’t it?

      • Or can you be an Asian-American Orthodox Jew without supporting ancestry if you wanted to buy yourself into the cult? Would Skull and Bones accept you?

        • Unz’s analysis was focused on race, and was probably done before the most recent spurt in weird gender identity issues. I don’t know where weird gender identity fits into the elite college admissions matrix (but it’s almost certainly not good).

          I *have* grown an unkempt beard since December; we’re talking about 4 inches of increasingly grey scruff. Superficially that might be helpful, but I don’t think there is any way of joining the club. It’s interesting that two of the three main Abrahamic religions are universalist, but Judaism is very much the opposite. “Convert, why would anyone convert? You want to live by our laws, that’s great and I encourage you to do so. But to convert? Let me tell you my friend, it’s a lot of work to learn how to be a good Jew.” More to the point, the Inner Party are not the Orthodox ones.

          Besides, I call the face scruff my Tora Bora beard. Mainly when talking to my Pashtun friends. Speaking of which, recently spoke with the one living in rural PA. She’s met a whole bunch of Mormons, and has decided that she really likes them. “They value family and they seem very grounded. The women I’ve met have big families and they are proud to put being a mother first. I never met people like this in California or in Boston. After a year out here I now understand what you mean when you say ‘the Real America’.”

          • Are the Pashtun going to convert to Mormonism?

            No, the inner-Party are not orthodox Jews. Many of them are anti-Jewish, and particularly anti-Israel while being Jews. I’ve never quite understood it. I have had Jews explain the American Liberal Jewish hatred of Israel to me. BUT it never made any sense to me.

            I spent a little time in Israel working, a number of years ago. I still have friends in Shin Bet and Mossad but most of them have retired. It’s a function of age. I said, Ok, explain the Israeli political parties and how they interface with the various sects of Judaism. The paper comes out, ink lines drawn on paper.

            So, how do the Lubavich Jews interface with the Chabad Jews in America? More ink, get me more paper. And how do they define the Torah differently? And explain why the women wear wigs as a matter of course.

            I always seek to understand before trying to seek to be understood, but half a dozen sheets of paper and two pens later, the senior Mossad officer is as confused as I am.

    • I’ll bet the political entity used for Scotland was “UK” and the English part overwhelmed the Scots part. Same goes for Northern Ireland.

      • Right. Lowland Scots don’t want to be characterized as English Lite – but things move that way. The bulk of Scots population stretches between the Firths (Forth and Clyde) and I can speak to the matter because Scotland is very much a second home to me. The matter of spirits is complex. The more erudite, educated, city Scots drink wine because they feel that it’s expected of them. Highlanders drink single malt.

  6. Interesting that the two wine-preferring regions of Scandinavia are also the ones who spent time ruling the others.

    Yeah, much if not most of psychology seems focused on wealth generation through providing no service.


  7. Not a Bill Maher fan generally, but his comment about college “daycare” is spot-on … and, sadly, it’s not a new phenomenon. In the winter of 1976, I was in my senior year of college and contemplating Life after Graduation. Our dorm was built on the side of a steep hill and the entry bridge ran from a parking circle into the 3rd floor. It was snowing one night and a large herd had swiped serving trays from the cafeteria to use them as sleds, careening down at speed into the side of the building, half probably drunk, stoned or both.

    A friend and I stood on the bridge for a bit and watched the happily oblivious herd for a moment … then he turned and said, “Remember this — it’s the biggest kindergarten you will ever be in.” He was right … and three years-and-change later, I had gone through boot camp and OCS, and survived a training accident that killed five classmates and six crew of the ship we were aboard. Those environments each provided a real education about responsibility, accountability and consequences.

    I would counsel my grands to avoid the timesink and brainrot that await them in the world of “higher education,” unless their career goals come with specific accreditation requirements. Their mom gave up the college gig after one semester in a lesbo-centric environment; got a progression of jobs, each of which built upon the last; and is now a scrum master/project manager for a Fortune 150 company. It CAN be done.

  8. No surprise on the Wuhan research. Ever since the US has ‘dropped’ that kind of research, its just moved to ‘accomodating’ labs outside the US… sigh

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