They Called Him “Baldy”

Lt. General Richard S. Ewell, C.S.A., fought under General Stonewall Jackson and General Robert E. Lee during the American Civil War/War of Northern Aggression/War of the Rebellion – photo c. 1865


Guns and Pills

So if the government was to use your tax dollars to purchase a firearm for you (with ammo), which would it be?


Classic Galil and Modern Galil



A factoid for you to consider.

The gold death mask of Tutankhamun is arguably the most famous artifact in the world. The 11 kg death mask of pharaoh Tutankhamun was restored in 2015. The work was more than just the careful repair of a 3300 year old death mask.

In August 2014, cleaning staff in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo mishandled the mask, dropping it. In so doing, they accidentally knocked off the beard of Tutankhamun’s death mask. In no time at all, they glued the separated beard back on with an insoluble epoxy resin ( also known as superglue ). This was not a good idea, as it later turned out: “They didn’t reattach the beard in its original position, the beard tilted slightly to the left side.”


Some Maps – express possibly more arcane information than you need. In this case, the evolution of the word “apricot” though Europe. Now, I love apricots, so don’t get me wrong. I’m not putting down the tree or the fruit.



It’s not just the word “apricot” that evolved. One of the most remarkable points of evolution occurred in powered flight. Orville and Wilbur Wright, made the first controlled, sustained flight of a powered heavier-than-air aircraft on December 17th, 1903.

Fifteen years later, powered flight evolved to this during the first world war

(above) Jasta 1 – Josef Kister and his Albatros DVa – Mont St Martin June 1918

Roughly fifty years after that, July 20, 1969, man landed on the Moon.

And where are we today, roughly fifty years later?


  1. When the government buys me a firearm do I get to pick whatever I want, or do I have to choose from a list?
    Where we should be 50 years later is on the moon with a permanent base. As Heinlein once said, “The Earth is just too small and fragile a basket for the human race to keep all its eggs in it.”

    • Your tax dollars, you should be able to get what you want – along with a healthy supply of ammunition.

      “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”…

    • True, WSF, a smart phone has more power than the one that got the astronauts to the moon.

      You can go on Facebook or Twitter…

      And you’re right, there is AI, and GPS and new vaccines…

  2. I actually think that if welfare is going to be a thing, there should be a firearms assistance program for the poor. Poor folks usually wind having to live in shitholes where they suffer a much greater chance of needing to defend themselves, and they can rarely afford decent guns and have to rely upon .22 / .25 / .32 weapons, often of poor quality and dubious maintenance history.

    A chicken in every pot, and a modern, effective handgun in every holster!

    I pretty regularly apply this logic to the idiots who oppose Voter ID. They say “it’s a right to vote, you can’t require ID”, to which I counter with the firearms example. Then I point out that somebody might be able to kill hundreds of people with a gun, but that a vote can kill millions.


  3. I watched the video of the SpaceX stainless steel tube do a hop down in Texas, amazing!

    50 years later the US military industrial complex might have taken most of it’s space program money elsewhere (they must get a better return on the borrowed tax dollars from Afghanistan) but someone has the vision and is getting it done!

    I will admit that it was sad to see my country give up the moon…

    • There have been significant advancements since 1969, but none of the really big ones that we saw in generations before.

      But what the heck, black lives matter now.

    • MrsDRJIM would ask you where you plan to put them. And if you fire them you’ll need a lot more than the gun itself.

  4. Me? Well, can’t go wrong with an M1 Garand. Or an M1 carbine as a truck gun, but we have all those surplus M4s and others just lying around. I mean, if it’s good enough for Uncle Sam…

    As for the wife, since she’s chairbound, how about a nice Mk19 or something else in a nice remote mount, and I’ll do the lifting and toting for the ammo.

    As to aviation, sometimes I feel like it seems to be going backwards some days. Especially with the airline industry.

    • The airline industry is on life support. If somebody pulls out the IV, we’ll all be driving.

      MRSBEANS should be able to handle an M-4 or an M-1 Carbine. She can sling them underarm and provide covering fire as you bob and weave close enough to toss a Mk-67 (or two) at them.

  5. Think big. Like AC gunship big. A UH-60 or GAU-8 are acceptable substitutes. Of course, the associated apparatus thrown in. That’s diversity in action.

    On a personal note, today I found my copy of Choi Oi! Nuoc Mam is not a poison gas used by the enemy.

  6. Evolution–In 1911, two young army officers were sent to Dayton, Ohio to learn to fly from Orville and Wilbur Wright. The training for each involved about four hours flight time. They became U.S Army Aviators No. 1 and No. 2. Thomas Milling was No. 1, and Hap Arnold was No. 2. Side note–Hap Arnold suffered four heart attacks during the course of WWII.

    Guns–There is a framework in place to do this–the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program). It has a long and distinguished history as the DCM (Department of Civilian Marksmanship) but no longer thanks to (hack, spit) Teddy Kennedy. I got my Garand through DCM in 1983 for $126.

    As for me personally, about the only thing I have the wants for is a shootable 1892 Winchester carbine in 44-40. Now if the gov’t would give me a voucher to spend, I think I would use it here–

    • Wilber Wright instructed Roscoe Turner. Roscoe instructed my ex-A&P, Bob Denton. I thought I was smooth but compared to him I was nearly ham fisted. Bob flew the 1st Cat III approach…in his C-185. While airline crew complained about why they weren’t cleared for the approach.

      I knew well one of the first Pan-Am captains who had helped to lay out Clipper routes in South America. Another captain was one of the first for United. To fly with these men was more than enlightening, it was an aura of greatness.

      CMP is still alive and well.

  7. What would I like from the Gov’t? Nada. Strike that…I would like them to take care of maintaining our national sovereignty as defined in the Constitution, kick out the goons and America haters, all the while maintaining a proper security [armed] force…and get the hay outta our lives.

    That’s it. Anytime the Gov’t offers something “free”, it’s not…someone paid for it (either money or sweat/blood).

    50 years…off the cuff, not sure. Boyd’s OODA Loop is still being used. Then there’s Musk – as wacko as he is (aren’t most high intellect fringe types?) – he’s onto something.

    I’m still waiting for my Patriot Supply order…so maybe better S&H for less. hehe

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