It’s the People, stupid.

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A friend from outside of the United States asked me recently what America’s problem was. I said, “It’s the people.” President Obama enjoys a roughly 40%-50% approval rating despite the fact that he and the rest of our national leadership is dysfunctional by every single definition you could apply. 
Our foreign policy is a shambles. The US State Department is a running international joke. Leadership by Hillary (the Bitch of Benghazi) Clinton and John Kerry (he of the endless vacation) has been either bad or lacking…and I don’t know which is worse.
Congress hasn’t passed a single budget during the Obama Presidency and before that they weren’t able to pass one on time since 2005. 
We are over $17,000,000,000,000.00 in debt and the US President considers the matter insignificant. Nobody will buy our bonds so we print money by “borrowing from ourselves”.
The Department of Defense is unable to audit itself. It’s been so thoroughly politicized and polarized by infighting that it’s remarkable that we’re able to field any sort of comprehensive military program. The current doctrine is to throw money at every problem with the hope that if you spend enough, you can have some sort of positive outcome.
The Justice Department is moving from “literal justice and the rule of law” to social justice where we look at a person’s skin color before deciding whether or not to apply the law. 
The US Department of Homeland Security doesn’t work. Ask anyone who works there or is affiliated with an agency that interacts with it.

The budgets of most agencies in the United States Government are based on funny numbers pulled out of thin air as a result of annual Congressional mismanagement of their responsibilities, and the expectation that any agency can audit itself today contradicts the very purpose of a budget in the first place.
The Federal Department of Health and Human Services, given a literally unlimited budget and three years time was unable to roll out a website that offered health insurance. And they aspire to manage the nation’s healthcare, and twenty percent of the US economy. You’d have to be severely retarded/developmentally disabled/crazy to think that they won’t crash it. And all the kings horses and all the kings men won’t be able to put it back together again.

And the American people accept it all as the new normal. And Barack Obama enjoys a 40%-50% approval rating.

11 thoughts on “It’s the People, stupid.

  1. The riff raft don't like budgets. They never use one at home. They don't see the value of government applying a budget.

    And Obama is working hard to turn middle class Americans into riff raft. To a certain extent, with the extended Obama Depression and malaise, and with people forced into part time work with no benefits, his plan is working. More and more Americans fall into the category of wards of the state than ever before.

  2. Why do we give out food stamps to 50 million people? Is that a sign of the economic prosperity that Obama promised?

  3. It has been said that obama has the goal of making the US a Socialist country. Ha! Nothing so innocent, in my opinion.

  4. He's slipped to 44% in Rasmussen today. Check out my joint for a treatment on the subject.

  5. 44% is still massive when you considered the crap that he's been pulling. Then again, Lincoln said that you could fool some of the people all of the time, didn't he?

  6. There is a large part of the public that backs obama, no matter what screwy things he does. Because he's black/liberal,etc. He's followed and worshipped what goofy stuff he wants. Only goes to show – the stupid we will always have with us.

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