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The XB-70  Valkyrie

It’s one of those aircraft that any of this blog’s readers will identify immediately. In 1964, two Valkyries were built – true mach 3 bombers, and they had the Russians worried. Russia’s defense community started looking up – and then the US went low and slow(er)  with the cruise missiles and then high and fast with the Pershing 2 missile in the 1980’s.

Pershing 2 mission profile



I’ve hinted rather broadly that I expect to have Virtual Mirage de-platformed by the censors in the tech networks. It appears that some WordPress users are being subjected to that now, even before the donkeys take the White House. At present, WordPress is giving some users two weeks to find new hosting. There is the remote possibility of a transfer to Parler or MeWee, but it would not include older content. There has been no notice, but Virtual Mirage is small and apparently not on the first strike list (sort of insulting in a back-handed way).

My sense is that Virtual Mirage would simply go dark and that would be that. There is no advertising here, no income, just a search engine and a basic blog and forum.  It’s a form of book burning that the left finds acceptable and desirable. But until that notice arrives, the blog will continue.

Legal Insurrection prepares for their shut-down.

Elections have consequences and American elites have appeared to have prevailed political censorship along with the Bill of Rights: free speech and freedom of religion along with the right to keep and bare arms will be under direct assault. zThe rest of the Bill of Rights will follow. When that comes, don’t be surprised. Don’t waste ammo and never trust the government. The government of the people, by the people and for the people is gone. It may come back one day. Maybe.

They need to replace the municipal, county and state police with brown shirts (they’ll have another name). They will be controlled by Washington DC. I don’t know if they can do that in Harris’ first term or not. Think of them as the Irish thought of the Black and Tans.


Project Veritas

Watch the latest video – Trump Votes turn into Biden Votes.

The latest video from Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe is shedding new light on Georgia’s hand recount; showing “multiple ballots” that went for Joe Biden were actually marked for Donald Trump.

“A Republican National Committee monitor in Georgia’s election recount, Hale Soucie, told our undercover journalist there are individuals counting ballots who have made continuous errors,” writes O’Keefe.

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  1. I will be upset if yours and all of the other like minded blogs I begin my day with are taken down, but I won’t say I would be surprised by such an act as a way to eliminate any opposition voices. I myself have been anticipating it for quite sometime. I will miss your sardonic wit and wisdom. I will ride this horse until it bucks me off and stomps me into dirt!

    1. Thanks for riding the horse this long Fred.

      Barack Obama used to complain that all the bloggers were conservative. He’d ask, “where are the liberal bloggers?” Frankly, they had the news, which was skewed toward Barky. Journalists now ask the “same tough questions” of Biden – like “what’s your favorite color?” or “President Trump is bad, isn’t he?”

  2. Control the narrative…and the unmitigated gall of Dorsey and Zuckerberg (funny, auto-correct wanted to change that to ‘Rubbernecker” – haha) appearing numbed-out to the committee as if they were tolerating the “discussion”. Bums.

    Despite what the wealthy young smug types would like to believe, nothing is forever…Twitter and Facebook are on their way out. I suspect new conservative platforms will emerge.

    Woodsterman posted a great meme…shows the election with Trump up, then Biden spiking like a Harrier, then flat for two weeks, then an arrow pointing to just before The Kraken takes down the Biden ship that says “You are here”. Almost there, I think. Kudos to O’Keefe and others peeling back the cheatery onion.

    1. The Bill of Right might still stand (four more years). I haven’t given up on America. But there are massive forces at work to deprive us of rights.

      I was just watching the morning news (much of it devoted to wearing a mask, and the glories of wearing a mask – forever) and I came away completely uninformed. Is anything else going on in the world? You wouldn’t think so.

      1. Pull up any news outlet and the first 2-4 “reports” are about Trump this, Trump that…all lies. Four years of “RUSSIA!”, most of a year “COVID!, MASKS!, LOCKDOWN! EXPERTS! ESSENTIAL WORKER! (boy that last one just sounds Marxist). So no, nothing else going on as the MSM gets their morning talking points from “somewhere” then nauseatingly harps on them ad infinitum all day. Like yours – whether this “platform” or something new sans censorship (porn is acceptable content but a conservative fact story isn’t??), the alternative news sources are critical and reliable.

        Watched the film adaptation of Lee Smith’s book, “‘The Plot Against the President”…despite knowing a lot of it, I was fuming afterwards because no one has gone to prison, including the MSM water carriers, the perpetrators are walking around knowing nothing will come of their criminal activity.

        1. We live in a day when (in Oregon at least), prostitutes are considered “essential workers” and are now apparently receiving a financial incentive from the taxpayers.

          I have heard of conservative businesses targeted in some Oregon cities by government.

          So it goes.

          1. Lefty priorities…boggles the mind until reading Scripture, some things never change when a certain type is in control.

      1. I do…wasn’t ever much of a social media type (zero accounts on any platform), but history does repeat and the popular soon becomes passe’ as tech moves forward. haven’t been to a Starbucks since forever…better coffee at home for a lot less $.

        1. I think that’s right, Ed. Good example. There will be a migration of people away from FB, Fox, etc. and others will step into that void. It will take some time but it will happen.

          The Ministry of Truth will still be spouting:
          WAR IS PEACE

          The phrase “ignorance is strength” appears in George Orwell’s 1984, a novel which is prophetic. The phrase means that the power elite is able to maintain their power and control by keeping the rest of the population ignorant. It would seem to be working.

  3. I do hope this blog manages to stay under the radar since I get a fair amount of information here as well as entertainment. Going dark wouldn’t surprise me though since knuckling under doesn’t seem to be in your playbook. And they call Trump a fascist.

    1. It will keep going as long as I’m allowed by my betters to do it.

      Book burning is a practice that has a definite appeal to the progressive movement.

  4. I only vaguely remember the Valkyrie (in 1964 I was probably drunk, but that’s another story.) It’s weird looking plane. It is pretty when viewed in perfect profile, but the rest of the time it looks like a dolphin riding a tanker.

    So far Blogger hasn’t given me any trouble. I’ve always disliked the WordPress platform and resisted the mantra of “no one takes you seriously if you’re on Blogger.” No one takes me seriously anyway, and some of the most influential bloggers are still kicking around on Blogger. I have looked into how I can download my entire catalogue of posts to maybe a thumb drive, but haven’t reached a conclusion yet.

    One thing I know – I can’t afford (actually, I can, but don’t want to) to go to an expensive platform. I’m so tiny that I can’t imagine anyone going after me. Shadow banning is about the worst they’ve done. I went from 100K plus page views per month to about 40K in one month. It’s sort of like the election. Not a likely scenario.

    1. I think that the B-70 was a magnificent aircraft. My father worked on it. He told me at the time that it drove the Russians insane and that we never intended mass production. He said, “it will cause the Russians to spend massive money to defend against it.” He was right.

      1964 seems like it was a long time ago. A lot of water under the bridge between then and now.

      1. IIRC, the Russian response to the XB-70 was the MiG-25. In a nutshell, a roughly 20 ton aircraft made of steel, built around two monster engines, carrying roughly 20 tons of fuel.

        In 1964, I was young lad on our ranch in the California gold rush country. Jet noise always got my attention. One sunny day I was watching a contrail headed just about due south over the Sierra Nevada mountains. Suddenly there was a large puff of white and another much thicker contrail accelerated out front and went to much higher altitude. The sound arrived seconds later. I’m sure it was an X-15 launch.

        With apologies to Jeff Cooper, the past was another country. We did things differently there.

      2. Sure was a damn fine airplane to walk around at the AF Museum at Wright Patt. It amazes me that something that big could go that fast. Your dad did a fine job.

    2. It’s weird looking because the solution to restrict wing surface at high speeds and to increase lateral stability was to fold the wingtips down and turn them into wingtip rudders.

      Very cool idea. Much easier than a swing-wing like on the B-1.

      It was a plane way ahead of it’s time. The whole cockpit could be an escape capsule, or the individual seats could enclose the occupant and eject separately. The cockpit was meant to serve as a stage for the mini-capsules, slowing them down and then auto-ejecting the pods.

      Each pod was usable as a life raft and held rations, radios, weapons and other survival gear.

      The shape of the fuselage and engine pod was carried into the US civilian attempts at making a supersonic airliner.

      Beautiful, fast, and all the tricks they learned in sustainable supersonic can be seen in future aircraft.

      Shame to not see them fly operationally.

  5. Thanks for all the information. I hope for the best and try to prepare for the worst. If you’re ever in western SD there’s this bbq place… I’m glad that however this shit show turns out for now the final outcome is already determined.

    1. Thank you for the invitation, Darrel. I love good BBQ.

      The pendulum swings in two directions. It always has. The King of England (George III) and his elites thought that the American Colonies would be a British possession forever and look how that worked out.

  6. First it was the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that started deplatforming non-Leftist. Now it is the hosting sites such as doing the same. Soon it will be the paid server sites that follow. Even if you have not violated the stated terms of service you have upset the ‘snowflake’ leftist that run or work for the companies because you do not surrender to their zietgeist.

    The Leftist will next go for the Domain Name Service (DNS) that converts domain names like ‘’ to IP addresses . The DNS registrars will terminate domain names of sources that are disfavored. Then the evil ones will go for blocking “offending” IP addresses. This will all be supported by the “This isn’t a violation of the First Amendment since it is private companies doing it” folks.

    As to election results and fair elections, since I am not following the status of the Election results too closely, I believe the Democrats have control of the House by a very narrow margin. The Democrats will be reintroducing as HB 1 the same HB 1 that they introduced in the previous Congressional Session. That is the one that legalizes election fraud with mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, same-day registration, etc..

    I believe the overall outlook for the restoring of the former U.S.A is very bleak. I think we are worse off than the late 1780’s when the Constitution was written and then approved. I think we are worse off that the 1850’s which led to the Civil War. There have never been so many world powers (governments and private) seeking the failure and subjugation of the U.S.A to their whims as there are now. And be aware that in my opinion, a watering of the Tree of Liberty, will be undone by the U.N. with the massive assistance of the Peoples Liberation Army of the Chinese Communist.

    1. Note; I added the link not as a slam on persons of other religious inclinations but as a study of how a people might seek to resist an occupation.

    2. Holy Moly! I used the term ‘Lily Whites’ in the wrong manner! My use was not describing the despicable practices of a hundred years ago by segregationists in the Southern U.S… I meant Lily White bombers and snipers from the Troubles in Ireland, those operators who had no record and were unknown to Government entities. They were very effective in one-off operations and usually were never found out except by accident.

  7. I was born on a Dublin street where the Royal drums the beat
    And the loving English feet they went all over us
    And every single night when me da’ would came home tight
    He’d invite the neighbors out with this chorus
    Come out ye black and tans, come out and fight me like a man
    Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders
    Tell her how the IRA made you run like hell away
    From the green and lovely lanes of Killashandra

  8. Re the election law suites being dismissed by state judges, what would you bet each and every one will be granted lifetime appointment to a federal judgeship under President Harris?

  9. De-platforming – maybe you can become a munuvian and switch over to Minx, run outside the US.
    It’s not a seamless change, as the changeover software was created for people leaving Blogspot.
    The creator told someone else that you can still get most of your stuff.
    His email address is

  10. I’ve run the Gun Blog Black List for five or six years now, having taken over from the previous webmaster. We’ve lost over 100 blogs since then, either forced shutdown or just going dark, and We’ll probably lose another 100 this year alone. I’ve also been throttled on FB, and my live stream is no longer available as of Monday. Grrr…

      1. I’m sorry Jim. But I’m not surprised. It’s begun and we don’t know where it will end.

  11. General Comment: Ed, sorry I wasn’t around and available to un-moderate comments that went to the software purgatory. They’re live now.

    I’ll comment more later. It’s been a long day.

  12. T.E. Lawrence noted that the most powerful weapon an insurgency can possess is a printing press.
    Could it be that TPTB, including, our communications tech providers, foresee the rise of an insurgency as in, “When in the course of human events…” and are preemptively removing an insurgencies “most powerful weapon.” before the situation gets sporty or even perhaps to perhaps prevent said sporty events from occurring?

    That’s crazy talk.

    1. That’s clearly part of it. If it’s disguised, only thinly.

      Conservative press, down to the pathetically small group of bloggers, are able to rally 75 million people who voted for President Trump. That window has to be closed and nailed shut.

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