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Honoring the First Blog Ever

Blogger Lives Matter.


How do you Cook your Brats?

Everyone seems to have a different method, with slightly different ingredients.


Family Album

A few photos of me, my daughter and grandsons fishing near the White Wolf Mine in the Arizona Highlands.

The total count was seven rainbow trout. Not a bad creel of fish.

Grandsons are asking son-in-law and daughter when they can come back. I count that as a successful trip.

It’s a long way from here to riots and looting or the Chinese Plague.


When I was a kid, we cooked with coal.


I know, I know, but if you HAD to pick just one


Too much Bike for me

I’ll stick with the Ducati Diavel, but this one is eye candy


26 thoughts on “It’s a New Week

  1. I simply throw my brats on the grill. Works fine for me.
    Looks like a great time was had in beautiful country.
    Ed has selected the Walther. I’ll take the CZ. I’ve had good expeience with that brand.

  2. I’m with Jim, just toss ’em on the grill. Served with Saverne kraut, sweet-hot mustard, and a side of tater-tots.

    Thanks, but I’ll stick with my faithful SIG 220.

    1. Woeber makes a jalapeno mustard that is quite tasty on brats. If it’s available where you liv I highly recommend it.

    1. Mum’s the word, but they each have their strengths depending on how you plan to eat them and what you plan to eat them with.

  3. How do you Cook your “Brats”?

    Pretty sure they’re cooking themselves…a little more time in the CHAZ (etc.) and they’ll be toast. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

    Real answer: On the grill, but will have to try the cast iron pan/beer steeping.

    You have the “fun” canoe…experiences the grand kids will take with them forever.

    I watch a couple of woman doing proper woodstove cooking…amazing to see the constant fiddling and adjusting to get the fire and temps just right on various sections. Food seemed better.

    1. The best day working is worse than the worst day fishing.

      The apostles of Jesus (the more important ones) were all fishermen.

  4. I’ve had enough of HK these last decade plus of years. The Springfield seems nice, but I’ve heard too many bad things about their longevity. The only Sigs that interest me are striker fire. And the Walther is just a plain no for me.
    I’ll just go with the hipster gun, I guess. At least it’s not Max Hipster, and is just a CZ instead of a Steyr.
    (Not choosing a can; I know enough there to know i don’t know anything about which one will be best)

      1. I have a CZ52 that begs to differ.
        (Admittedly feeding it surplus Romanian 7.62×25 from the 1950s might have had s deleterious affect.)

  5. I would love that stove. But no place to put it now.
    Guns. Maybe one of the bottom two. The others just look wrong somehow.
    Hubby just does brats on the grill.

  6. Brats: having spent two tours with the US Army in Germany, I love German bratwurst, each town has their own special recipe, I miss those a lot. Back here in the land of round doorknobs (the US), oddly enough, the closest taste to most of the German brats is the ubiquitous “Johnsonville Original Bratwurst.”

    Chuck ’em on the grill, cook ’em till they are almost black. The crunch adds to the experience. With spicy brown mustard. No carbs in any of that.

    1. Bratwurst in the old country is a matter of national pride. I used to buy custom brats in Santa Ana, CA that were made by a German couple which were WONDERFUL. The guy’s name was Franz. I’ve heard that their business didn’t survive the plague, and that they are working straight jobs now. Pity.

      1. The best brats I ever had in SoCal were from the German Deli in Alpine Village. Never had a chance to BBQ one, but cooked in a pan until crispy were delicious.

  7. Best brats I ever had were in Wisconsin at the Road America race track in Elkhart Lake.

    Also had some of the best corn-on-the-cob I’ve ever eaten. Cooked right before your eyes, then dipped in a pot of melted butter, and salted and peppered.

    Food of the Gods!

    1. I BBQ corn inside of the husk (with butter inside) and then finish it on the grill. Pretty darned good. But tender spring corn and butter and salt/pepper go together.

  8. Original blog: perhaps statements and replies were more carefully considered when they required time and effort to carve them into stone.
    Brats: grilled, with grilled/sauted onions and peppers and sauerkraut and mustard as condiments.
    Family album: outstanding. More
    Coal stove: did you walk twenty miles, barefoot, through the snow, uphill both ways to fetch that coal? I did, or, at least, that’s how I remember/tell it….
    Chose one suppressed pistol: a cruel quandary, but I’d select one in a powerful, subsonic caliber, likely .45ACP.
    The bike: I don’t ride, but that is pleasing to the eye.
    That was fun!

    1. We had a coal shed behind the house, and it was delivered by a guy in a pick-up as I recall.

    1. Everyone has their favorite way to make the sausage and then to prepare the sausage, and it’s impossible to know precisely which way is best.

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