Which nation paid the Clintons the most?

What did the money buy them?


The Leader of the Free World?

(zerohedge) “[Brandon] looks tired, he looks weak, he looks confused, he’s incoherent, and it sends a message of weakness all over the world, and they’re seizing up on that,” he added.

A poll last week revealed that two-thirds of Americans want to see Brandon take the same cognitive competence test that Trump took when he was in office.

During a press conference last month, Brandon stumbled into yet another embarrassing gaffe when he suggested a “minor incursion” into Ukraine would go unpunished.

As we highlighted earlier, Donald Trump questioned why Brandon had failed to make a public appearance in the hours after the Russian attack, with the White House announcing he will only appear sometime later this afternoon.

“I don’t think he’s monitoring, I think he is probably sleeping right now,” said Trump.

We’ve discussed this a lot on Virtual Mirage. Joe belongs in a nursing home rather than the Oval Office. The Veep should be running a brothel, but it would likely go broke.


Warning from the Bank of Canada 


The White House Prepares for War


Identify the Tanks


Russian tank, destroyed near Sumy,  Ukraine, 27 Feb 2022


Destroyed outside Kharkiv, Ukraine, 27 Feb 2022


Art Philosophy


It’s going to be a little awkward when the war in Ukraine is over the leftist media will go back to railing against nationalism, borders, and armed citizens…awkward, yes, but they will still do it.



Identify the Aircraft


  1. IDK about the tank, it’s hard to tell the T-72 / T-80 / T-90 etc. apart from that angle.

    The SPAAG looks like a Tunguska.

    I think the plane is a Handley-Page Harrow.


    • No, but she had high hopes of joining the various axes of evil to her own, with Hillary as boss. (One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them)

  2. Donations- Gee, Ukraine seems to be the top spot for treasonous Dem’s, now trying to cover their tracks with the smog of war. Taiwan might be next.

    Never thought Pops Corn-Walking Corpse would make it this far, must have some special chemistry on board For sure was napping at the beach house while his top money laundering country burned with his massive incompetence. Or is it?

    Thinking we’re more heightened under Mr. MAGU. Had a large helo flying around with a 5’x30′ tube/canister strung below. First thought was “What the hey! On a Sunday?!” Next thought was “some sort of mapping radar device”. Not on Flight Tracker. Someone had encountered it at the airport, a geo survey deal. 911 likely got a little busy. I guess their mentality is “no one lives there so won’t care.”

    “Art imitates life” could be the other way around these days.

      • Spoke with the Sheriff dispatch, she said “they informed the appropriate people”, I said “Just not the residents”. Sent the mining company “an inquiry” to let them know some rural folks get a little “concerned” with unknown activity…haven’t heard back. Private property doesn’t matter to some people.

  3. Clinton Foundation.
    Bill and Shillery found a way to make bribery respectable, at least to sewer dwellers and dumb voters.

  4. “White House” graphic is offensive. All those people are white. The women appear to be XX and are conventionally attractive.

    Where is the REPRESENTATION? We need morbidly obese negresses, effeminate men and butch women (blue hair a plus), and maybe a bald, cross dressing dog-f**ker or two. You know, to reflect the people in this administration.

    Here is an example of sacred representation and why it matters. This is a “fellowship of superfans” talking about Amazon’s upcoming clusterduck “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”. My favorite is that Joel Rochester person, though host “Mistah Islah” is cringe-inducing in his own ways. (For those not in the loop, Great News! They are fixing the problems with Tolkien: There are now negro elves, negro dwarf princesses, and negro hobbits. Galadriel, who is now a bad-ass warrior chick, climbs an ice wall using her dagger. Very Game of Thrones. Unfortunately she doesn’t get to make out with Jon Snow at the top, but she has nicer clothes than Ygritte. Just goes to show a gal can’t have everything.)


    • The women should be secretly male and capable of assuming the duties of a four-star admiral. I don’t know what came over me.

      I am aware of the new Rings of Power film – a black movie. Which I won’t watch. It’s sort of like the black commercials on television that I ignore, fast forward through on the DVR. I’m sure that there is a segment of society that the advertisers are interested in reaching, inner-city types. With that sort of targeted demographic, modern advertising does not intend to reach me. Of course, I also ignore the religious outreach of the pillow guy. So it could be said that I ignore them all equally.

    • The graph mentions one pocket – and there are many. There was Russia money, money from Qatar, etc. not on the graph – and it went into a different Clinton pocket.

  5. Mike_C I made it about 2 minutes in to the video and then could not continue…cringe worthy indeed. No intention at all of watching the movie. May read the Lord of the Rings again though, a lot of times my imagination is better (in my mind) then CGI.

    The Clinton Foundation is just one aspect of the whole Clinton crime empire. Uranium one etc all had a role to play.

    Art Philosophy, beautiful picture, great detail, stunning subject but the sights need to be higher and project over the suppressor or you are just using that as a very close in answer to your self defense problems.

      • I figured his description was good enough to not click. I’m okay not seeing subliminal messaging when duly forewarned. Buy h/t for doing the hard work for your readership.

        • There is nothing subliminal any more. Subliminal was back when Edward Bernays [1] and his ilk were just getting started. They’re beyond that now. Today it’s in your face 24/7, legs splayed wide open, grinding to a booming rap soundtrack. And if you avert your gaze you’re a hater, a bigot, a racist, a homophobe; you know the drill.

          The link was to a panel of mystery meat, non-traditional sexual preferences, and I think a queer chick with one working eye (seriously) gushing about how great it was “to finally thee mythelf in the Lord of the Ringth. It’th tho exthyting! Becauthe reprethentation and diverthity?” So quoth that dude in the floral shirt with the lithp, the dangly earring, and the shoulder-to-hip ratio (<1) of a woman with "breeder's hips". Only it's supposedly a male.

          Tolkien had to be wrecked, for so many reasons. His stories are at heart deeply conservative, with clear heroes and villains and the understanding that there is a cost to everything, even and especially nobility, valor and great deeds. But you aim to do them despite being frightened, and knowing the price you will pay. You do what needs to be done because it is right. That cannot be allowed in this age of "do as thou wilt [2]" and moral relativism.

          [1] Bernays: the "father of public relations" and nephew of Sigmund Freud. Worth reading about.
          [2] so long as you are a white-hating degenerate

          • The degenerates and freaks have to trash everything of value to try and justify their perversion.

            Sodom and Gomorrah.

            I fled from it and built my compound because I grew so disgusted with it. It didn’t go away but neither do I have to wallow through it every day.

            There was a situation where I live and I explained to a neighbor (nice person) how quickly intruders can be turned into carrion.

            Best that the swamp dwellers stay in their filthy sewers, where they bugger each other with glee.

  6. Just came back from outside the wire and saw that Mr. Hall had beat me hands down on the tanks.
    Congratulations, Sir!
    You solved a difficult mystery with panache: my compliments!
    (The “Guess the Tank” challenge was quite difficult this time because it is not so easy to identify a tank when it is on fire and all shot up)

    As to the aircraft, I am putting my money on the “BRISTOL BOMBAY”.
    The British used the BRISTOL BOMBAY as one of their mainstays during their campaign in the North Western Desert where it was mainly employed as a medium bomber and also a transport aircraft. The time period would be 1940 and 1941. After that they were more or less retired from their front-line duties which were then assumed by Wellingtons and assorted lend-lease aircraft until the USA entered the war and finally appeared in this Theatre of Operations.

  7. It’s a Bristol Bombay, designed for India and a truly odd duck. Dual mission as a bomber or troop transport. Re the VEEP, they couldn’t even run Mustang Ranch at a profit when the gov confiscated it… sigh

    • Yes, it’s true. The IRS seized the whorehouse and try as they might, couldn’t run it at a profit… what a bunch of dimwits.

      • Had an employee who had been a deck officer on the Enterprise. One of his favorite put downs was, “You would lose money running a whorehouse on an aircraft carrier”. Since the time period on his mind was the 60’s, it was appropriate. In today’s Navy?

  8. One twitter ace commented, “We all know war is a terrible tragedy, but the Ukraine has been a genocide… for late Soviet era tech.”

  9. “Sodom and Gomorrah.
    I fled from it…” -LL

    Christians see the story of Sodom and Gomorrah as a tale recounting moral degeneracy and are incensed.
    Jews see the story of Sodom and Gomorrah as a cautionary tale regarding the neighborhood in which you choose to live and fleeing an evil area and not looking back.

    Good on you.

    Most Christians do not remember they started out as Jews and Jews have had several thousand years of experience resulting in cautionary tales from which to draw guidance.

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