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We are approaching April 19. It’s an important date in history because it brings to our recollection the events of 1775 when the British Monarch sent troops to disarm his subjects at Concord, Massachusetts. The patriots who would not get off the Lexington Green were shot and or bayonetted. The British fired, “The Shot Heard Round the World,” and history took a different path than that the people of the day may have anticipated on April 16th.
We have a republic and the only way that we will keep it is through eternal vigilance. I understand that we face a Chinese Plague, but the Chinese and their plague have not canceled the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We have the right to assemble peacefully, the right to worship according to the dictates of our conscience and the right to be armed and to defend ourselves.
The situation in some US states where governors have offered bounties for denouncements on people who may be walking a dog or sitting on a park bench by themselves taking air are most disturbing. The situation in Virginia with the recent passage of intolerable acts, or laws if you will, which are in direct violation of the Bill of Rights, also create concern.



Tijuana doctors plead for help as hospitals overflow and residents refuse to social distance

Dr. Ana Gloria Monforte said Tijuana hospitals are not equipped to handle a pandemic, and residents have not accepted the reality of it. (more here)

As frequent readers are aware, I’m close to this situation. The official response from the government of Mexico has been to buy body bags. They are accepting free aid from China and they are building a new crematorium in Baja, but other than that they just plan to ride it out – business as usual, and not spend a peso more than is absolutely necessary. Doctors in Mexico have almost no personal protective equipment.

So we shall see what worst case looks like.


  1. 4 people in Michigan are suing the state in Federal Court for illegal taking of their property in the sense that their businesses have in effect been seized.
    I have no standing to sue anybody.
    At the Lansing Rally yesterday, to the horror of many, some people were walking down a sidewalk in groups.
    State cops walked right by them and kept going.

  2. According to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, Mexico has 6297 confirmed cases with 486 deaths. Sounds like they’re under reporting a bit.

    • Mexico isn’t reporting. I’m surprised that they reported that many. Their actions tell a very different story.

    • We have President Trump, and he’s not afraid of the progs. Most of the Republicans are terrified of them. That’s about the only hope that we have.

  3. there are movements afoot in va. to defy the tyrants edicts as we speak. what blows my mind though is the lack of resistance by businesses, even as they complain. they do nothing. well, most of them. I know one young lady that stayed open until the town cut her water off. the town, WHY? the hospital in the nearest city has turned every available space into covid wards citing “peak next week”. THEY HAVE TEN FREAKING CASES! TEN! even if it triples it won’t fill their regular icu. yet they furloughed the nurses that work the areas they converted. its madness. meanwhile the tyrant and his minions repealed voter i.d. making it that much harder to peaceably take back our state. you know what jfk said about that. we fought so hard for gun rights, then gave up every other right for a flu bug. we still have 5 counties with no cases at all.

    • In Arizona almost all of the cases north of Phoenix are on the Rez, and there have been deaths. A lot of people there had life threatening medical conditions and somebody brought the Chinese Plague to them. And they apparently refuse to distance themselves. But outside of that, they need to open the place up and let people get on with life.

      Same thing here with hospitals. Nurses are sent home because the hospitals are empty – and a lot of patients are waiting for elective surgery.

    • Your point is taken. However, the Yellow Peril, is worried about their whole world domination thing unspooling. Nobody is going to cut them slack anymore with their “developing nation” plea. Nobody is going to want to trade with them. The scam that got them a long way in a short period of time has ended.

  4. “…are most disturbing. The situation in Virginia with the recent passage of intolerable acts, or laws if you will, which are in direct violation of the Bill of Rights, also create concern.”

    I applaud your understatement.

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