Today marks 247 years since the founding of the Marine Corps in Philadelphia’s Tun Tavern in 1775. Happy birthday, Devil Dogs! The day is best celebrated in a tavern.

The Navy always sends its men in first to secure the beaches for the Marines. You’re welcome.


Good News

Old Pedo Joe Biden announced that he will be running for a second term in 2024 and big democrat money will be poured into that hole.  Take up all the bandwidth, you old baby raper.

You can’t blame him. Fetterman’s win in Pennsylvania – the victory of a stroke victim who can’t put five words together, energized the old pedophile. He believes that he can actually put six words together if there is a teleprompter and that means that he’s smarter than the average democrat.

All I can do is offer my congratulations on his decision and encourage him, “run Pedo Joe, run!” Virtual Mirage wanted to endorse Sen Elect Fetterman for the democrat nomination in 2024, but his handlers say that he’s peter principled himself as far as he’s likely to go. Absent him, we endorse Joe Biden as the democrat candidate for president in 2024.


Bullet Points

* A Consolation Prize? The Federalist touts GOP victories.

* Democrat Anthony “Tony” DeLuca died Oct. 9 “after a brief battle with lymphoma, a disease he twice previously beat. He was 85,” the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus wrote. “While we’re incredibly saddened by the loss of Representative Tony DeLuca, we are proud to see the voters continue to show their confidence in him and his commitment to Democratic values by re-electing him posthumously.  Because of early voting,  he got enough votes to win before he died.

* Fox News Canadian-American Anchor John Roberts lectured AZ Republican Candidate for Governor, Kari Lake, on her skepticism about a free press in America following her speech on election night. Roberts forgot to add the part about how government today selects which voices will be heard, and big tech decides which voices will be amplified.

* Watch out, she’ll spit in your food.





* Slavery. has been an aspect of the human condition since the record of human history began. The whining victims in the inner city (freed in the US in 1863) need to keep this in mind in 2022. The Code of Hammurabi is the oldest best-preserved legal text from the ancient near east and contains several articles dealing with slaves; “If anyone finds runaway male or female slaves in the open country and brings them to their masters, the master of the slaves shall pay him two shekels of silver.”

* DeSantis purged the voter rolls of dead voters and those who no longer lived in Florida. He got rid of universal mail-in voting. He won in a landslide. He won Miami-Dade County. It’s not about hacked voting machines. It’s not about fake ballots. It’s about simple election policy changes that make sense. Those who spent the last 2 years complaining about fraud rather than implementing the rule changes necessary to prevent it need to take a step back and reassess before we get to the primary season for the 2024 election.

* The Bee – outlines the telephone conversation between FJB and Fetterman.


In Ukraine

The War Mapper has the graphic details of Russian retreat across the Dnieper.

Commander Salamander has additional advice for the Ukraine Army on his blog yesterday.

A winter offensive – yes, it’s the way to starve out the Russians in the Crimea region. Would Russia use nuclear weapons to lift the siege? It’s unlikely.


  1. Maybe it’s high time America suffered a real ass whopping like Pearl Harbor, the depression or wall street crash. The last two years have been an inconvenience at best, people carried on and are making the best of the shitshow that is the Biden agenda. Maybe it’s time for some real suffering, misery and economic devastation. Maybe that will wake the rubes up. 72% of voters polled said they believe the country is headed in the wrong direction and are dissatisfied with Biden. And they still voted for the dems for more of the same. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

        • Well, it looks to me as though the next Great Depression is coming right down the tracks, and there’s little that can be done about it now.

          If anyone were even going to try, which is a hard “no”.

          So, maybe you’ll get to watch and see if there’s any improvement, after. Presuming an after arrives.


          • The great depression will portend the imposition of the Federal Government into every aspect of our lives to ‘save us’.

            As an aside, if it goes like that, the IRS SWAT teams will take terrible attrition.

          • Don’t we need to be in a recession first? According to Patsy Inclined in Chief we aren’t…as if anyone believed what was coming through his earpiece, then past his vacant brain stem, then out his mouth.

          • It’s already here. Stocks are tanking everywhere but nobody is reporting it. Major firms are RIFing and laying off and not hiring new people. Just that right there is a sign of a light depression. Food is 40-50% more expensive than even last year and prices are climbing weekly. Rent is increasing, taxes are increasing, fines and other bureaucratic prices are increasing.

            Recession lasts 2-3 quarters and then shows signs of getting better. We have had none of that. We’ve been in a recession since, oh, Jan 21st 2020 and it’s only gotten worse and worse and worse.

            Recession getting worse and not levelling off is Depression.

  2. If other states actually wanted trustworthy elections they would follow DeSantis’ lead and eliminate the illegal cheatery practices. But they won’t. And why might that be? Tap, tap, tap.

    For the Dem’s and some R’s (cheaters/liars/scumbags) it’s about ballots not votes (great treatise on this over a CTH); make enough ballots and you never really lose the power. This is why I’m not voting again until ‘in-person with paper ballots’ return (hahahaha, not holding my breath), can’t trust anything these people do or say.

    God is giving America what half demanded…the rest of us get to live with their dumpster fire (Shiloh’s use of ‘s show’ is a more accurate descriptor). Caged rats eventually start eating each other…stock up on popcorn.

    Tuesday’s Pollsters must have switched with the weatherman, no snow as predicted, sunny and clear. I’ll take it.

    • Arizona should have had election results late in the evening of the voting day. Instead, they’re hoping to have the tabulation ‘nearly’ finished by Friday night. I suspect that they’re hoping to find votes over the weekend.

      Arizona 2, where I live flipped the seat from Tom O’Halleran (D) to retired Navy SEAL and small business owner, Eli Crane (R), and O’Halleran (76) conceded. I have. met Tom O’Halleran a couple of times and liked him. At 76, he’s going to retire to his ranch outside Sedona and ride his horses. His wife didn’t want him to run again, so it works for him. He has been a Republican and a Democrat in his life. They redistricted AZ2, which covers 2/3 of the state and he didn’t benefit as much from the communists in Flagstaff or the Indian rez.

  3. looks like the dims flipped both houses. we are screwed. gun control coming hard and fast. canada banned new sales and when gunfire didn’t erupt they put total ban on the table. coming in january to the ol usa, supreme court be damned. some will resist, martial law declared, then the raids. i’ll be dead by summer. fido. i’ll use the winter to harden the hill.

  4. You’re absolutely spot on with, “It’s not about fake ballots. It’s about simple election policy changes that make sense. ”

    Back in the contested Bush-Gore election that was in recount and manual count phase for over a month, they did a mandatory statewide recount. There was a report that listed every county and how much was changed from first count to recount and my county was zero. Not one vote difference. When the state implemented a bunch of changes to clean up the process, the only noticeable change here was changing from “fill in the bubbles” on a card to an 8×10 form to vote. You do that, it’s scanned in and officially counted as you leave. The big blue counties along the SE coast were dragged kicking and screaming into compliance in the last few years. I’m not sure they’re clean even now.

    The obvious conclusion is they don’t want to fix the election process because they benefit from it being defective.

    That seems like a can’t win situation. Like Supreme Court’s Bruen decision; governors like New York’s Hochul give a version of Stalin’s answer to the Pope not liking something he did. Hochul said, “the Supreme Court? How many national guard troops do they have?”

    The last thing we want is to put all elections under Federal control. Partly because it’s something the dems desperately want now.

        • The Founders knew what they were doing to manage a nation, then outlined it for us to follow. These people only operate to control a nation, then work hard to do Constitutional end-arounds…like they do with the Ten Commandments.

          Fudger’s & Shader’s are my new names for them.

        • It’s okay, all my speech is hate speech. I’m too white for otherwise.

          Besides, we’ll just be able to shorten that to “all speech is hate speech”, soon enough.


          • Gettin’ there…Biden projects, often accidentally. Said he’d investigate Musk’s Twitter purchase (because it upset the Dems propaganda machine). Guessing that will be entertaining as I expect Musk to have already anticipated FJB’s asinine unlawful move.

            Are Banana Republic’s still considered a Lefty Democracy?

  5. on another note, desantis can’t run in ’24. if he does it’ll be the end of him. nobody likes to be used as a stepping stone, ask palin. he’s a god in f-l-a, big fish in a small pond. his views won’t translate to the rest of the country as well. i do love him though, wish we had him in va.

      • The Conservative Treehouse is very concerned about a number of the backers and supporters that DeSantis has. It almost makes him look like a stealth candidate who’ll make a change once he moves from state to federal.

      • I’m hoping Trump will announce the he WON”T run. Regardless his energy (he thrives on this stuff), 80 years is getting up there and we need young blood.

        • I don’t think that The Donald can keep from running. 80 or 100 his ego is problematic. I’ve heard that he’s come up with nasty names to use in reference to DeSantis. Donald being Donald, it’s difficult to discount those rumors.

          Trump can be effective as an elder statesman, stumping for any candidate. He’s sitting on a $200 million war chest. Would he give it to another Republican and become a kingmaker, or would he sulk and keep it? I can’t guess, but the fact that I can’t bothers me.

          • Greater good must prevail over ego, somehow it would be beneficial to get that message to him. Maybe Uncle Ted (The Nuge) can convince him, have him over to the Texas Ranch, enjoy some banter and a decent steak. Might work.

          • Trump can throw it out the window with his big, ungovernable, mouth. He has to be part of a team solution. It can’t be all about him. The country won’t tolerate it.


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