Brandon was installed by our betters for 4 years. Covid lasts a couple of weeks with a few symptoms lingering. Covid and Brandon both make you want to crap and barf, so a dead heat there. One lasts two weeks, the other four years.


The Canadian Empire Strikes Back!

Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra told CBC’s Rosemary Barton that an interprovincial COVID shot mandate is being considered by the government, citing the party’s election campaign promise of “vaccines and vaccine mandates” during the fall.

As political tensions intensify, Trudeau has taken the time to tweet about so-called “black history month,” drawing the ridicule of Canadian superstar professor Jordan Peterson, who called the prime minister a “virtue signaling coward.”


Speed Cameras from the Butt Guy

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Pothole Pete is trying to rebrand himself to Big Brother Buttigieg. Speed cameras aren’t about safety. It’s all about squeezing Americans for cash to pay for their govt B.S. It’s also about supercharging Big Brother so they can know where we are at all times.

“Got that. So, because of equity, you are about to get a lot more speeding tickets from robots. See how that works? Shut up, racist! Pay the fine!”



An Indiana insurance executive dropped a bombshell statistic during an end-of-year virtual news conference, reporting a “stunning” 40% increase in the death rate among 18-to 64-year-old adults compared to pre-pandemic levels. more here.

And how many of those deaths were ONLY due to the plague? How many were suicides and depression-related substance deaths?  The government’s reaction to the plague likely killed or destroyed many more people than the plague itself.

Thanks Fauci. The bastard has blood on his hands from helping create the plague and reacting to it.

Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., a senior research scientist at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, told Fox News vaccinating young people for COVID may cause serious neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.


A Progressive Backfire

(Breitbart) Times are changing

According to The Economist, a study by Northeastern University shows that of the millions of first-time buyers between January 2019 and April 2021, “half were female, a fifth black and a fifth Hispanic.”

Moreover, The Economist noted that “the share of black adults who joined the gun-owning ranks, 5.3%, was more than twice that of white adults.”

The demographics are a marked shift from 2015, when first time gun buyers “skewed white and male.”

Gun ownership changes things, thus The Economist observed that people who own guns “are more politically active around gun issues than non-owners.”

The more lawless the democrats become, the more in danger the man on the street is,  the more people turn to firearms to defend themselves…


A Note on Training

There are a lot of people out there who like comparing apples to oranges in military training, etc.  The Navy’s SEAL Teams all pass through Basic Underwater Demolition School (BUDS), which is a difficult course that is designed to train combat swimmers who can engage in littoral undersea warfare. There is also a land warfare segment but it’s still a basic course, teaching basic skills and evaluating the performance of those enrolled. Is the Special Forces Q Course more difficult? It’s different. Is the British SAS selection through ‘Brecon Beacons’ more difficult? It’s different. They’re not in the water.  One critical difference between land warfare schools and ocean training is food. The Army types want to see you starve and the Navy feeds you a LOT or you’ll die of hypothermia. They are not at all the same.

Which leads to a discussion of traditional naval food from the days of fighting sail…

The quality of naval food and drink depended on the pusser (purser), the jam bosun (victualling officer ashore) and the custard bosun (chief cook). The wardroom steward (the soup jockey) would serve it and a hungry man could eat a horse between two hammocks.

As you can see the Old Salts or Jack Tars were very creative in their descriptions and creating of slang and that included also food and drinks. Here are a few of their creations and what is behind them.

Boulepongues – a drink that killed many a sailor. It consisted of arrack, sugar, lemon juice and muscadine. Flip – a pirate cocktail made from beer, sugar and brandy that was heated and drunk hot. Gnats’piss – anything that had little flavour because it was too diluted. Hanky – Panky – a mixture of brandy or whisky with ginger wine. Nelson’s Blood – rum Kill-Devil – freshly distilled rum. Has blinded many a pirate. Rumfustian – a hot drink that was very popular with privateers. Made from raw eggs, sugar, sherry, beer, and gin. Syllabus– also a pirate drink. Milk or cream mixed with wine, cider or something with alcohol and sugar.

Burgoo– oatmeal mixed with butter, sugar and salt. An alternative was oatmeal with hardtack and molasses. Doughboys– were hard dumplings made of flour and seawater. Crackerjack– minced meat with hardtack or hardtack mot molasses. Boiled eggs. Cannonballs– candied apples baked in the oven, a special dish for Midshipmen on special days. Bathing beauty – blancmange, because it shivers and has beautiful curves. Cheese’ ush– an onion cheesecake Floaters in the snow– sausage with mashed potatoes. Dog’s body–  pea-pudding Spotted Dog– pudding with sultanas Fartleberries – baked beans Pot mess– a stew with vegetables and some meat Schooner on the rocks– a piece of meat with potatoes Mousetrap– cheddar cheese Salamagundy– salted fish with onions, meat, eggs, and anchovies. The deluxe version included meat, turtle, shellfish, spices, garlic, wine, palm hearts, grapes, olives, and boiled eggs.


  1. For some reason, that pic reminded me of an old line from a Mad Magazine skit: “THAT’S a nuclear physicist”.

  2. ” a “stunning” 40% increase in the death rate among 18-to 64-year-old adults compared to pre-pandemic levels”
    All part of the plan to lower the scourge of over-population?
    Your government at work. Against you.

    • The mainstream media was always a propaganda arm of USGOV to some extent, but the cover ups over the past two years were so blatant. It’s starting to leak out, people are waking up…even some Canadians.

      Our government, the media, big tech, all arrayed against the people – not a conspiracy theory.

    • The one that made my jaw drop was where he said, “a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be 10% increase over pre-pandemic” and he’s talking about a 40% increase. I can’t give you an answer to “once in how many years?” but while it’s probably not the odds of another dinosaur killer asteroid, once in 65 million years, it’s definitely not consistent with the world before the pandemic and the awful response.

        • I think the real reason they’re pushing the shot so hard is they need everybody to get it so they can choose who lives and who dies.

          Did you see the study of VAERS data that shows some widely distributed batches have huge side effects and some narrowly distributed batches have none? Something odd is happening…
          Also, workers at both the Moderna and Pfizer factories have refused it while complaining they are pushed to release batches that don’t pass quality and safety standards.

          • Yes, I’ve noted this, and there is more that will be in tomorrow’s blog about Pfizer’s complicity with the FDA. I don’t deep dive on the blog but do otherwise in my research.

            Something is rotten and it’s difficult to come up with definitive answers in terms of a big picture. It’s very opaque, very obscure, all intentional.

          • Ed…because there is some wacko rule (paraphrased) that says if the kids all get vax’d then they automatically get a “labeled” product for sale (not EUA anymore). At least that is what I read. Insane.

            With a labeled product though comes liability, which Pfizer et al wants to avoid, so maybe the rule affords no liability. FDA is so screwed up, who can know.

  3. Covid was easier on me than Brandon has been, though I believe I could do better without both.
    Nice pistol. Wish I could afford a Nighthawk.

    • If you were a very hot woman, it wouldn’t be as difficult to get a Nighthawk… just saying. All that male privilege counts for very little.

  4. Salamagundy by custom must be served on a Monday. As the children’s rhyme says:

    “Solomon Grundy,
    Born on a Monday,”

  5. Dinesh has a new movie coming out showing mules stuffing ballot boxes and taking selfies TO GET PAID. Free and fair my tuchus. With 30+ Dem’s bailing before November, and MSM scum “resigning” (funny how Toobin still has a job)…handwriting on the wall or simply CYA moves to avoid prosecution post election?

    Nice “weapon” pic…what’s in your jeans?

    • You’re avoiding the question. Which do you like more, Covid or Brandon?

      CNN, the most trusted name in news may actually become a news station with Zucker gone. You’d need to fire pretty much everyone there. Or maybe AT&T (parent company) likes hemorrhaging money?

  6. I’m watching with great admiration Canadians taking back their country. Tough people out in winter roads and streets while their “leaders” cower indoors. Wishing them total victory.

    There is now a theme floating around that COVID was intended to unite us, much like Pearl Harbor supposedly united the USA, but on a world scale. Amazing, if true, that the world’s (P)regressives believe their causes are so noble and sheeple would enthusiastically respond with gratitude. They miscalculated the number of malcontents, IMO, but were right about sheeple.

  7. joe of covid? both my cases of covid were rather mild. the first lasted a while. i think joe’s days are numbered though. if we count time served, covid. if we count future infection/election, joe. but i think el prezidente’ kamelface will be worse than either. remember, arab spring was finally precipitated by a man that couldn’t feed his family with his days hard work. i think that time is quickly approaching north amerika. perhaps the reason joe/chuck “pivot” to gun control. i have news for them: too late chucky. april 19th is rolling around again. will this be the year of american spring? nah, it’ll be 2023. that’s when i can draw my retirement from my “other” job, lol.

    • $30 trillion in debt. They may decide to give you the opportunity to help repay that debt by seizing your pension. Don’t laugh. Maybe a mandatory 50%, leaving you a crust of bread.

      You know, that would work if we weren’t all armed.

  8. If you have an interest in what the RN had for dinner, read “Feeding Nelson’s Navy”. Solid book, well researched and very readable.

    • I have the book. Yes, solid research, a fun read for people with that interest. The victualling of the fleet was remarkably well done. Yes, they had wormy biscuits and all, but the effort to keep the fleet healthy – for that era – was considerable.

      • One of the most popular exhibits on the Iowa was the one in the galley where they listed what it took to feed the 2,800 crewmembers a proper Thanksgiving Dinner.

        SLW was amazed at the amount of bread and rolls they made daily, and the receipe for “Beef Stew for 2,800” atstunded her.

        The food locker and freezer areas are off-limits to the general public, but I had a crew’s tour of those areas. The freezers were enormous, and just the refridgeration plant was huge.

        Gave me a new appreciation of what the days of Fighting Sail must have been like on an everyday basis.

  9. Federal speed cameras and the new $600 threshold for IRS reporting … they are turning the screws.

    Covid or Brandon? I haven’t been sick yet and they did steal the election fair & square (let’s hear it for the Uniparty and getting back to the status quo!) … ask me next year if I’m still alive and/or still allowed to communicate.

    • I had it twice. Jan 2020 and I contact-traced it to Wuhan. Nov-December 2021 and I got it from a friend who was double vaxed and boosted. Both qualified as a bad flu. It wasn’t pleasant either time, and I rode it out without going to the doctor. Brandon is worse.

  10. Nice looking Nighthawk and lovely background.

    Traffic cameras. I would predict that traffic cameras in many states would be targets. Some residents would stand off 800 or 1000 yds. and use them as a target. You have to admit it would be a great challenge, more difficult than simple stop signs which are getting peppered pretty often.

    We will be seeing the impacts from the Covid vaccines for the rest of this generation. What we have seen so far is just the tip of a very large iceberg. Nobody will be held accountable though for any of the outright lies that have harmed millions and cost trillions. I think I have had it twice, have not been tested or inoculated and really don’t care enough to see if I actually have had it and developed antibodies since the results would not change my daily habits. I do wear a mask in stores where there is a sign requiring them if I want to shop in that particular store since it is private property and the owners can define acceptable behavior in that store but I live close to a state border and that proximity has certainly affected my shopping habits.

    Happy to see the Canadian citizens trying to take back their country and looking forward to the same sort of thing here in the states. It would be a cause worth donating to.

  11. Sooooo, Slo Joe is gonna cure cancer as of yesterday, and now Butt boy is going to stop traffic deaths… Ummm… sure… OBTW, Texas outlawed speed cameras years ago…

    • Another great way to funnel money into Big Pharma. There has to be something to replace Covid when that fades away into obscurity. I see a vaccine on the horizon.

      Texas is turning into a front runner if I ever become a snowbird. So far I still mostly like winter though…except for the freezing fog, the weather gods can keep that.

  12. Afterthought: You specifically asked if “Brandon is more loved than Covid?”, which I initially sidestepped because that’s sorta like asking if the Cackler is more loved than Hillary, or whether a gunshot flesh wound is more loved than a sharp stick in the eye. I reject your premise. (heh)

    Covid – specifically the illness – was more an annoyance, however, the associated prescribed ongoing government tyranny was/is 1000x worse (John’s Hopkins study proves this). With that we got a China Plant, who unsurprisingly has tripled down on oppressive sanctions against American’s while supporting our enemies. Even his Hateful Angry Red-Headed Lying Mouthpiece is demanding censorship, directly from the gov’t podium, projecting what is potentially to come. Can these reprobates get any more unconstitutional? Probably.

    Loved? Not really. But I would take my chances with the (now fairly benign) illness over the morons running America off the cliff to Socialism.

  13. If Brandon is more loved than COVID? Hmmm, tough question. I think a case could be made that each is more unloved than the other. Normally this would be an impossible contradiction but we live in strange times and I think a case could be made that these two spiral around each other reaching toward the sky….or twisting and plummeting to the ground as they screw the population of the world for their own advancement.

  14. LSP and I were having a text conversation tonight about the conspiracy theory that disgraced former FBI Agent Peter Strzyk may have been the genetic offspring of SS Reichsfuhrer Himmler. Still an open question. Both have rodent faces.

    The only conclusion we arrived at is that it’s better to be a piano player in a whorehouse than an FBI agent

    • Hahaha….wish I was listening in on the other extension.

      Evil tends to show up equally (Brandon would call that “evil equity”?), causing the possessors to have a similar “look”. Strzyk exemplifies this…dude is scary weird.

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