China’s Coast Guard

My friend, Claudio (Italy) alerted me to this article. I find it odd in the extreme that the Chinese Coast Guard would patrol off the coast of Latin America in an anti-drug shipping role since it’s the communist Chinese who ship the precursors to Fentanyl to Latin America. As you read through the article – and I urge you to do that – you will note that they’re worried about the cocaine that makes its way to China. Maybe they’ll escort the ships carrying fentanyl precursors to Latin America – which end up crossing the open southern US Border in their finished form.

Backed up by the PLAN and the ships of China’s Maritime Militia, the CCG is Beijing’s tool of choice for intimidating rival maritime claimants throughout the region. However, with 140 ocean-going ships of 1000 tons or greater—including 60 ships of 2500 tons or greater—the CCG has more than enough capacity to expand its operations beyond regional waters.

Those ships,  operating in the Americas,  would likely homeport in Panama.

Latin America is a region of growing importance to the PRC. China’s massive Belt and Road initiative now involves over 130 countries and over $500 billion in investment and includes a growing list of nations in Latin America with Panama the first to sign on in 2017. However, it is the enduring problem of drugs produced in Latin America that could lead to a CCG presence in the Western Hemisphere. Growing Chinese affluence and the fact that drugs often fetch higher prices in Asia and Australia than North America make China a natural market for cocaine produced in Latin America. According to some estimates, a kilogram of cocaine can fetch between two and three times as much in Hong Kong as in Los Angeles.

Nature abhors a vacuum and with China already poised to move troops and aircraft to Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan in “friendship” with the Taliban”,  the small money that they paid to the Biden Crime Family and others in the USGOV is paying off big time.


The New War Afghanistan

The Taliban are Consolidating their gains. (September 6 Map)


The Seven Deadly Sins in the USA



The term “homeless” is not well defined and thus the map below is unreliable. In China, the “floating population” is the homeless, but maps of that are classified and closely held within the Worker’s Paradise.


Inheritance Tax

In addition to the federal estate tax, with a top rate of 40 percent, some states levy an additional estate or inheritance tax. 12 states and Washington, D.C. impose estate taxes and six impose inheritance taxes. Maryland is the only state to impose both.



Countries whose local names are extremely different from the names they’re referred to in English.



The goat majority is in the Greek Isles.


And Finally

A look back to 2018 when the hovel I now live in was just sticks.

You can’t see the lower level in the photo because it drops off the edge of the ridge. I was reminded the other day that we had to blast bedrock to make the lower level a reality. There’s going to be more blasting coming up as I build new drain channels for monsoon rain – should it come again. As I tell people, I may live in a pine forest, but it’s in Arizona, not Montana. We get snow, but not 20 feet. This summer has been exceptionally wet with rain almost every day. It changed the landscape and everything is green and wildflowers. Truly delightful.

Working on the drain channels revealed that one reason I had run-off issues was bedrock. Water streams over it and is not channeled through it unless you cut a path for water to follow (gravity). And cutting through bedrock requires more effort than digging in the dirt.


  1. China protecting their “shipments” I suppose. Question is that just a benevolent looking paint job over a battleship that can be deployed elsewhere?

    The Taliban were our sworn enemies, now they have a fully outfitted military, a nice embassy headquarters, and a fully equipped military base of operations. They can expand at will, especially when China shows up. Yet no one is hangin from the yardarm for allowing this to transpire.

    That stick pile came out nice. Option on the biblical torrent ditches, (unless you are going feet down), not blasting but a mini-ex with hammer, chip it away.

    • I’m going to do some blasting and then hammering. That’s the plan anyway. I need to go down feet – at least 3 feet in the channels to handle future monsoons to divert the flow from the house.

      • My son in CT has a huge (12′ across, easy) rock in his parking area.
        Removal would be expensive.
        I told him to hammer drill a number of holes as deep as he can. Let the water fill them and freeze.
        I hope it works.
        I doubt it would in your case.

        • Have your son put up a plaque on the big rock. Something like “Jeff Davis Memorial Rock”. Or maybe “Mount Trump.”

          Soon enough some deranged leftists will come by and have the rock removed using taxpayer money.

          -modern solutions to age-old problems.

          • Mike – The only problem is that you have to let communists into your area so that they can discover the offending rock. Of course, there are a lot of those in CT.

            Ed – That takes too long. The solution needs to be in place before winter. I am an impatient sort, though. It’s a failing.

          • They make this grout hat expands greatly as it cures. You drill holes, pour the cement in, and within 24 hours the grout has cracked the surrounding matrix. It’s less noisy than explosives, but you still have to drill, which is noisy by itself.

      • I told him to hammer drill a number of holes as deep as he can. Let the water fill them and freeze.
        I recall reading about a large stockpile of old school cannon balls down in Mexico left over from one of the many battles for control of that country.
        They were hollow cast iron with an explosive charge inside that made them difficult to salvage economically.
        As I recall the story a young boy needed money, so he filled some of the cannon balls with water.
        The water froze during the night and broke the cannon balls open. He was able sell them as scrap iron.
        I am not sure that technique would work on stone due to porosity and the size of the bored hole.

        Maybe if you worked thin “lifts” and did not try to split the rock in half all at once.
        Even when using explosives it is common practice to drill lines of holes and set the charges in the lines with delays so that you are not trying to move too much rock at one time.
        You Ft. Sill graduates might think of it as a kind of walking barrage.

        Are you doing your own demolition?

  2. I heard that the Taliban were claiming to have taken the Panjshir Valley. It looks like the Northern Alliance is still holding on – at least by those September 6th maps. Now that they have all the supplies we left them, the Taliban is in as good a shape as they’ve been. I wonder if the Northern Alliance can hold off the Taliban offensive?

    Most of the gear we left is probably going to break down sooner than later and likely to not be repaired or maintained as much as it needs to be. Add in that winter is coming, and now is the time for the Taliban to attack.

    And, hey, looked at the map of the seven deadly sins and peninsular Florida where I live has four out of seven. Don’t know if it’s time to laugh or cry.

  3. Here in the Texas Hill Country we have mobile rock “saws” to dig into the local limestone for things like buried electric, water lines, sewer lines and anything else that needs to be buried. I can see them being used for canals and therefore no blasting. But blasting would be so much fun to do or just watch!

  4. Those are nice looking ships. Be a real shame if they got hit with a couple of Harpoons. Oh, well….not to worry. Won’t happen.

    Gee, wonder if there’s anything we can do to help the narcos get their goods to the ChiComs. Hey…give us a virus, steal an election, and we’ll get your prople hooked on coke, pot, and heroin. Sounds like a fair-trade to me. Just get the better quality at lower prices than they can get locally, and it’ll be a winner!

    Hope the drainage channels work out. I’ve helped do Perimiter Ground Systems for repeaters on that kind of rock, and it’s a lot of hard work. Jackhammer out the channels for the grounds, exothermically bond everything together, and then backfill with bentonite. Gets you a “200 year” ground system, but ouch…..mucho $$.

    • “we’ll get your prople hooked on coke, pot, and heroin.”

      I was thinking the same, but seriously, if anything would set the Chinese off, that’s it. I deliberately said “the Chinese” and not “Chicoms” because regardless of how he feels about the CCP, the Chinaman on the street is still bitter about the Opium Wars. (And fair enough. It’s justified to be angry about it.)

      • Yes, the opium wars were bad.

        The cartels have been selling meth/cocaine into Asia for a long time. It’s not just a Chinese (PRC/Nationalist) market, but an Indonesian market, South Korean Market, Japanese market, Vietnamese market, etc. There have always been local sources as well, but one problem that I became aware of was that at least one cartel group was concerned about getting cash out of South Korea in particular. I don’t know under what circumstances or using what tradecraft that they eventually got it out.

  5. Interesting times are going to get more insane now that Treasonous Dictator Joe has laid down the unlawful law, using an obscure OSHA rule to force people into their control cage. S$$t’s gonna get real when people tell the Feds and employers to go pound sand. If one of them shows up here -trespassing mind you – it will take everything in me to not go postal and rip them a new one with facts and data.

      • MrsPaulM is facing this…her coworkers, all supposed professionals, are using Covid to be lazy bums, not doing their jobs, and getting away with it. She’s about had it with the childish self-centered mentality that has pervaded a once well run organization. Then we have Idiot Biden and his evil minions using a stupid virus like it’s Ebola, as a hammer to destroy the Constitution and demoralize a country, pushing the freedom-loving rational folks to take matters into our own hands because we refuse to enter into the circular firing squad party. Had a tough talk with God tonight…we need help…now…patience has run out. It could get ugly real quick…a man can only take so much forced stupidity by government morons, liars, and cheats who believe the Constitution doesn’t apply to them.

          • Because we let it get this way. We were too easy going, “Go Along To Get Along”, and we were easily cowed by insults, lies, and deception.

            I’m with Paul….been parying to our Heavenly Father for strength, guidance, and justice.

  6. A thought that might save some aggravation. Spend a few bucks and have a professional engineer look at you site. There may be solutions that are less drastic (and expensive). Of course, there is the glee in making “bang”.

    • Are you suggesting that I can’t demolish rocks effectively? (hahaha) The problem is evident if you were to look at my specific issue. I need to cut a channel and then drop some conduit into it and bury it so that I can move things across it – mostly vehicles. Not really a driveway, but about 40′ in one place, and leave open trench elsewhere. I could divert water in another way and thought about that, but it leads to other problems and I’d need to backhoe a LONG way to make sure that the water kept going where I wanted it to, it would need to go under an old logging road to keep that from being completely washed out and more conduit there and possibly more blasting because that road is atop bedrock too. Then there is the problem of getting the backhoe in. I’d need to have a dozer cut a path and I don’t want to tear up oaks and pines in that area for reasons of my own.

      The guy who owns the heavy equipment is a very solid guy and has a grasp on the problem. It’s not just my own concept. I vetted it through him.

  7. I expect a large part of the PLAN Coasties’ job will be acting as guardships for the PRC locust-illegal-fishing-fleet in South American waters. No fisheries enforcement for you.


  8. The Chinese Coast Guard is there to stop places like Peru from attacking Chinese fishing vessels, and for enforcing ChiCom rule over the Panama Canal. Anyone who thinks this is all about ‘humanitarianism’ is a fool.

    The ChiComs will also be running interference for their drugs being smuggled by the Cartels. After all, the ChiComs own or at least control most of the drug cartels in Central and South America.

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