After the “Life in the Country” Quiz

I’ve been trying to work on a “Have you Ever” on a life in the city quiz. So I turned to Jules (from England) and asked her for suggestions. She came up with a few. And I realized that George Bernard Shaw was right. Britain and the US are two people’s divided by a common language. I had to ask for clarification on each question because I just wasn’t sure.

Regionally the US is so separated that there is a big difference between what people do in warm and cold climates in cities Northern Cities, Southern Cities, Midwestern Cities and Pacific Cities.

Firing off ten rounds (shots) of ammunition in Chicago is normal. So is not hitting the intended target.  In Texas not hitting the target is shameful and ten shots of Yukon Jack in Anchorage is the same and not the same as ten shots of Cuervo (with the necessary lime and salt with a Corona back) in San Diego.

And then shots are cleverly disguised in mojitos or margaritas. And before you know it, you’re a yuppie parrothead and there you sit, in Margaritaville, wasting away.

No, I never did come up with the questions I needed for a “city quiz”.



There is no reason for you to go to Ukraine. They don’t have a thriving tourist industry. Leave it to the John Kerry family, the Pelosi family, the Biden Family and the Romneys.

They don’t serve cheeseburgers there. (I know, I can’t kick the Buffet thing) And you can’t get a decent taco in Ukraine for love nor money.



It’s good to remember who creates most of the problems in the Middle East. What will the Palestinians do once Iran no longer bankrolls them? Saudi Arabia has stepped back. Since the end of Obamanation, the US is no longer sending them money to buy weapons with.


More On Venus

As far as we know, on rocky planets such as Venus and Earth, phosphine can only be made by life—whether human or microbe. Used as a chemical weapon during World War I, phosphine is still manufactured as an agricultural fumigant, is used in the semiconductor industry, and is a nasty byproduct of meth labs. But phosphine is also made naturally by some species of anaerobic bacteria—organisms that live in the oxygen-starved environments of landfills, marshlands, and even animal guts.

Earlier this year, researchers surmised that finding the chemical on other terrestrial planets could indicate the presence of alien metabolisms, and they suggested aiming the sharpest telescopes of the future at faraway exoplanets to probe their atmospheres for signs of the gas.

Now, scientists may have found signs of phosphine on Venus, astronomers report in the journal Nature Astronomy.


Now, back to Earth


  1. My son who spent time in Albania had spent time in the Ukraine before that.
    He said that the people he stayed with had been told that Americans eat a LOT of food, and he had some problems with eating everything they had put on his plate.

    • Truth be told, Americans do eat larger portions than Russians, Ukranians, Albanians, etc. I’m not complaining, mind you, but it’s a fact. Compare a Tex-Mex feast at a restaurant with the normal plate of food that you’d get in Kiev and there is a significant difference.

      • Idle thought: I wonder how many studies have been done comparing calories-to-burn with success in battle. I know about the Chinese vs Mongols stamina problem, but haven’t looked beyond that.

        • An army marches on its stomach – I know the awareness has been out there for some time now. I was just wondering how often formal studies have been made. I suspect there’s a lot.

          • A lot – a lot – a lot. USGOV alone has made many studies and the US military eats well. I know that people poke fun from time to time and the food by needs is mass produced, but the quality is good.

            MRE’s have improved vastly. The days of the old C-Rats are long gone.

          • And I also wonder – all these Dems who seem to think they’ll be able to play Lord & Master from their mega-cities after they take over, do they really think the food and water will continue to keep rolling into the city for them?

  2. Having tried to eat a chicken fried steak I can agree that your portion sizes are enormous! The first time I went to a restaurant in America they brought some “ free” warm garlic bread sticks whilst waiting for your order. I was so full up after munching through those that I couldn’t eat my dinner!

    We really are divided by a common language in some aspects but I think that’s changing more nowadays. We are becoming more “Americanised” in many ways. Particularly the leisure side. You just need to sort out your fish and chips!

    Those margaritas up there look great. I could shoot at least 6 of those 😉

    • Yes, many restaurants offer munchies while you’re waiting to be seated, or you can sit at the bar and order appetizers. Europe takes a different approach usually, and the size of the meat portion is almost always smaller.

      We need fresh cod from the cold North Sea. Frozen is good, but not really good enough.

      • That was my downfall when transiting England and on a layover, eating their great Fish and Chips! No comparison to what we call fish and chips here. My mouth is watering! I wanna go back just for the Fish and Chips.

        • No, there is no comparison. And if you’re in town, you need to look up how different chippy’s did in competitions (which are fierce). They’re rated and I’ve found that the ratings really do tell the tale. I would have been there this summer if not for the plague/travel restrictions.

    • 1965, Victoria Station, I ordered a cup of coffee with a snack. The lady brought me a cup half milk, half coffee. After chocking it down, asked her to bring me another without milk. As she turned away I could her her mutter, sotto voice, “Barbarian”.

    • Jules, I think that I need you to help me with that. I’ll send you something in e-mail.

      WSF, In England they look down on you if you want your tea served over ice, with a massive lemon wedge. They just don’t understand that you DO NOT EVER put cream in iced tea…

      • I had fun in London. Stayed at a British Army hotel that made my barracks look like a 2 Star Hotel (but it was cheap!). Didn’t find what they called beer much good but the whiskey was OK. Food? So so, but adequate for a half drunk GI. Watched the Changing of the Guard and, as a soldier, admired their dress and order. For sure, we Engineers would look like stumble bums in comparison.

        Language? Who had it harder, me understanding English or them understanding Rocky Mountain drawl?

    • He broke many rice bowls by eliminating a lot of graft, and by not wanting a MASSIVE kick back himself. A lot of drones and parasites suffered in the shadow of The Donald. God forbid that they should actually get a real job.

  3. I think Jules is right, those margaritas do look tempting. And it’s a weird councidence that all of the dem elite seem to have used the Ukraine as their personal mint.

    What’s going on in Balarus?

  4. Who’s happier in life, Jimmy Buffett or Nancy Pelosi? (Okay, rhetorical, but clearly a guy that can sing the best slacker song for 40 years and get the same audience to sing along can’t be unhappy.)

    Trump is the like kid who left the self-appointed cool kids table in High School for the serious kids table…they hafta hate him, it’s in their DNA. Envy is a powerful thing. So is the Clinton death machine slated to protect the club.

    Ukraine…no thanks, besides, I’d probably have to wear a stupid mask on the plane flight.

    • They REALLY hate him and their media proxies hate him (because they do).

      Buffett has had a remarkable run. People love him because his songs are all about fun. And when people get together they don’t want to listen to a dirge. They want to sing about “Fins” and eating cheeseburgers and they want to dance and share those common experiences. That’s why masks are so awful. They deny people those connections that are yearned for.

      • One ponders that hate in an attempt to ascertain why that would be? I agree with you, it just IS, partly because he’s their club-crasher, and partly their brains are so twisted they think they are in the right. Evil does that.

        Fun…what a concept. I say we all become parrotheads just to mess with the self-loathers. Masks separate, isolate. It’s their Alinsky play us normal’s will not embrace, ratcheting up the other sides angst. Bring it on.

        • Well, today’s garbage play:

          “Trump accused of groping model at U.S. Open in 1997: The Guardian” The hate runs to the core of the Dem party.

          Check her bank account.

          This will go on until Nov. 3rd. I say let them overplay their hand.

          • I wonder how hard they had to look to find somebody who President Trump groped 23 years ago, but never had bothered to report it, 4 years into his presidency and at the end of his first term in office (beginning of the second term)?

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