Does Kamala Harris reflect traditional American values? Who is she, really, down deep? You know that senile old Joe won’t last out the first sixty days in office.

There is a large take-away from the past four years. The US Government has become unbelievably corrupt to include an attempted coup by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Who would have thought they’d live to see THAT? I’m not the FBI’s biggest fan. I freely admit that. But a coup?

A Biden/Harris win will mean that the presidency is for sale literally. If they win, keep an eye on who Biden/Harris pardon by way of drug kingpins. It will be pay to play on a new and dramatic scale as we spiral down to become just another banana republic.

Tony Bobulinski interview (Fox)


Identify the Aircraft


Fun With Maps

Europe vs USA

Age Restrictions (Driving, Voting, Drinking, Smoking), October 2020


1920 Presidential Election


Percentage map of China – Ethnic Han People

China is proud of how it treats its ethnic minorities…


Percent of State Population that is Native to their respective State


Largest Source of Foreign-Born Residents by State, 2018 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.


2016 Election. The top map is how the media presents data, discrete shades of red vs blue in a winner-take-all contest. The bottom map is the same data on a continuous scale of red to blue. Here is a less divided country; rather than red vs blue, we’re a sea of violets, magentas, and mauves.

There will be a new map in under a week and it will be interesting to see how things might have changed.


  1. Vultee XP-54 This aircraft failed to make it to production for more than a few reasons. Primarily because of the cumbersome, and weighty, cockpit pressurization system and the articulating nose section ostensibly to allow the pilot to aim the nose cannon. I’ve read the spin recovery was not great.

    So, the media lies to us? Git outta heah.

    It is said of most politicians that they are trash. Heels up Harris takes that to a whole new level. Since the very beginning, under the body weight of, I mean the tutelage Slick Willie Brown, Harris has been nothing but about power and control. She is a jellyfish driven to or fro by the political winds. That she has gotten this far is a strong indictment of the depth of corruption in the system. I’m in CA. I have watched her advance since her days in S.F. To say she is disgusting is a woeful understatement.

    In the manner of how the Republic was instrumented by the Founders, none of us would be concerned of who gets appointed and nominated as judge. Yet here we are, most of the country on pins and needles about judicial appointments.

  2. Addendum: To enter the P-54, the pilot rode an elevator into the cockpit. That system too was fraught with problems besides unnecessarily adding weight. The aircraft already wasn’t fast; adding more weight plus the complexity of the systems was sure to produce a loser. The elevator was necessary solely as a solution to the awkward pressurization system.

    • It’s amazing how many prototypes there are that never made it to full production (and for good reason). Engineers like to over-engineer. It’s their nature.

      • My dad took me aside early in my career and said, “Don’t be the typical engineer who wants perfection, they get a design to 95%, then kill the project trying to achieve that last 5%.”

        The man was speaking from experience.

        • I’ve seen that happen many times.

          That’s why in many cases it’s better not to have an engineer in charge. There are exceptions like Clarence Leonard “Kelly” Johnson at Lockheed, but they are exceptions.

        • “At some point, it becomes time to shoot the engineers and put the project into production”
          Not the exact saying, but close. Not new, either.

  3. Lots of innovations circa 1937+. A few were successful. More had problems that were “fixable”. Merlins in the P-51 for instance. Sometimes it was the operators. The Finns with the Brewster.

    • I can’t imagine flying a Brewster Buffalo into combat against ME-109’s. But they would have done well against the Russian aircraft of the day.

  4. Unsupervised car driving – when I grew up in Nebraska, they had something called a school permit, which allowed for unsupervised driving to and from school and school sponsored events. You could get one when you turned 14. You had to live several miles from school, which was a low hurdle in farm country.

  5. LL, what is the ‘green lining’ vis a vis the drug trade and money laundering in the Panama Canal Zone?

    I seen it mentioned in a comment on Sundance’s page.

    • Panama’s currency is the US Dollar, which makes it an attractive place to launder money. It’s not just in the Canal Zone. I don’t know what specifically is it that you’re referring to, but if you did away with money laundering, I don’t know that Panama would survive. Maybe the jungle would reclaim Panama City.

  6. Far, far too much blue in that last map. Who knows, maybe it’ll take a crime syndicate leftist takeover for people to realize the error of their ways.

    I hope not.

    • The leftists want to have one party nationally, as it is in California. Everything would be for sale. Consider them government indulgences.

      • I forgot to comment — “The US Government has become unbelievably corrupt.”

        That there’s not significant outrage beggars belief.

        Will the merits of the saints cover the sins of our generation? I’d argue the account’s approaching overdrawn.

  7. That 1920 political map kinda makes me wish the South had succeeded in secession. Without the slavery part though.

    • It’s interesting to speculate the cause and effect of a Southern victory. I don’t know that the nation would have been better off, but history would have taken a different direction.

  8. That’s the Swoose Goose, right?

    Kamala is corrupt, greedy, and filled with a lust for power. I’d say those are not just traditional American values, but traditional human values. Unfortunately.


    • Lincoln said that power corrupts and that if you wanted to test somebody, just give them a little power, stand back, and watch.

  9. now i know why virginia is so screwed up. yankees and Salvadorans, what a combination. and why i’m seeing so many ohio plates going over the mountain daily.

    • Most of the “Mexican” food in VA is El Salvadorian food – NOT THE SAME AT ALL. It’s been that way for quite some time now.

  10. Day late I know, but just a word on Willie’s girlfriend.

    Integrity? This from a person who withheld evidence in cases to plump up her conviction figures? And people are going to vote for this wench?

    • She (and AOC) are the poster children for progressiveness. Any progressive worth his or her salt would vote for Willie’s paramour.

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