Approaching this anniversary of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor is something that we do every year.

There are a lot of ways to remember infamy. USGOV saw to it that six Movietone camera crews were there on December 7 to capture all of the grizzly details for the folks back home. Maybe the attack was a surprise to Admiral Kimmel, but it wasn’t to Movietone…(war is a racket)

Japan paid dearly for the attack and today we celebrate their construction of new aircraft carriers – as a hedge against China. Maybe we should have just encouraged them to roll up all of China, rape Nanking again or something, and leave Pearl Harbor alone?

Churchill and the Brits needed America in the war and I won’t argue against that. The Japanese war machine was formidable. Their surface navy was without peer both in equipment and tactics. But for the ‘victory disease’ they suffered with and some lucky moves on our part, they might have shown up at Midway with SIX aircraft carriers.  The US was still building aircraft carriers (fleet and escort) and other combatants and eventually, the atomic bomb would have been deployed. But in many ways, it was a close-run thing and we owe a great debt to those who put it all on the line, including members of my family.


Wisdom from Jules:


New Christmas Item


Today Joe Biden —

Plans to take Vladimir Putin to school in a conference call, dealing with Ukraine. Readers of this blog know that it’s highly unlikely that Putin fears the demented, weak, feckless, and foolish Biden, who was installed by the deep state to his present position. I doubt that Biden will say much in the discussion. Maybe Slow Joe’s handlers will allow him to stay in the room.

The date? Dec 7? I’m sure that it’s lost on American leaders, but not Russians, I expect.


Rifled Slugs


Fox News

They suspended Laura Logan (who has no agenda) for suggesting that Dr. Anthony (I am Science) Fauci may be a modern-day Dr. Josef Mengele, also known as the Angel of Death (German: Todesengel), who was a German Schutzstaffel (SS) officer and physician during World War II. I’m sure that Mengele would have worked on the gain of function research to create a better bioweapon to unleash on the world if he’d thought long and hard on the subject. And I don’t know that Fauci experimented on Jewish twins. Torturing beagles to death/sad puppies, yes. I’m only musing here, making the connections.

Fauci made a lot more money than Mengele, but they’re both said to have enjoyed their work.


  1. “The company states that the round has a “true effective performance expansion range” of only 10 yards. Beyond 10 yards and the slug begins to yaw, which makes it unlikely to hit the target at the right angle to expand as designed. It is unclear how much accuracy is affected by the yawing.”
    But a 12 gauge sabot reaches out accurately to over 100 yards.
    If you can find them.

  2. no jewish twins, unless there were some in the two orphanages foochi used for test subjects. i don’t think dr. mengele would risk annihilation of the germans cooking up a new bug like foochi.

    • Dipping back into memory, the Chinese in the 50’s and 60’s liked using identical twins for experimental control subjects. I don’t recall reading (classified or otherwise) about that being the case today or not. I’m sure that Fauci would be far more up on the matter since the CHICOMS would likely provide him with whatever test material he’d need. I think that you’d have to go a long way to find fewer scruples than People’s Liberation Army researchers – except maybe Fauci or his American colleagues.

  3. and i was genuinely surprised to wake up not being nuked by somebody, but the day is young. i have seen a lot of footage from pearl, never a thought as to how they happened to get it. thanks.

    • The parameters of “today’s phone call” were agreed on about two weeks ago, tough rhetoric scripted, US troops & British Airborne Corps re-routed from Ukraine to Jordan, etc. Russia was serious, we blinked – good move on our part. Russia has no intervention in invading Ukraine but there is the Donbass Region and they don’t want to be part of Ukraine any more than Crimea did. If US & UK want a war with Russia, we can have one, but it wouldn’t be like Afghanistan where we spend trillions in a rathole for decades don’t get a bloody nose.

      • yet they are sending florida national guard to train in ukraine. and the 1/116th ibct to countries surrounding ethiopia. tptb don’t believe anybody has the balls to attack the homeland, figure they can sacrifice a few guardsmen, no big deal. couple of dozen boomer subs off the coast would dispute that.

        • The trial of self-proclaimed “Blewish” Jussie Smolett is the distraction from the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. (I have full confidence in impartiality and dedication to Constitutional principles of the prosecutor and the judge, by the way.)

          What will be the distraction for the midterm 2022 elections? Pre-positioning of assets and stage management are always a good idea, yeah?

          • Juicy Smolett is playing the role of his life for TV, and while it is the ‘theater of the absurd’ so much can be said for all daytime tv and the White House Press Corps as well. A felony conviction would create a potential problem (not an insurmountable one) for his presidential run in 2028.

            The donkeys have a year to wag the dog hard for mid-terms. I’m concerned about the suitcase bomb in Albania.

          • The guy is an epic putz who got an enlarged ego by getting paid too much for “acting skills”…couldn’t even be a halfway decent hoaxer.

  4. Pearl Harbor–It still gives me chills watching Pear Harbor veterans recount walking guard posts in the days following the attack, and hearing tapping from sailors still trapped in the sunken ships. My dad was inducted, and was two weeks into basic training at Ft. Ord on December 7th. He and his comrades pulled guard duty along the coast armed with ax handles, flashlights, and whistles. He served for the entire war.

    Mengele–I have walked the grounds of Dachau. Can’t happen here? We’ll see. Doesn’t mean they won’t try. If they come down my street, it will cost them dearly.

    Rifled slugs–Remington used to make a copper (sabot) slug similar to your photo. You may have put up a photo of those Remington slugs some time back. I tried a few when they first came out in my Benelli Super 90 M1, the key being rifled, my barrel being cylinder bore. The results were not unexpected. First impact was in the dirt about 35 yards out, wide and short of the target, after which it skipped and whizzed down range. Stiff recoil. Sorta turns your 12 gauge into a poor man’s 45-70.

  5. Thing with The Fowch Mengele (did not know Lara Logan was pulled over her truth telling) is he is only ONE in the chain of political power running roughshod over The Constitution. The more we look into these people, the more we will uncover. Also why Epstein was murdered and Maxwell trial isn’t “in the news” every day, trying to tamp down the evil being done by “the elites”, if their evil was uncovered [some] people would revolt.

    Putin n Ol’ Joe – An unfair Celebrity Death Match. Later we’ll hear Lying Psaki deflect any weakness, making Pop’s out to have taken Putin to the mattresses. She personifies the Left’s self-deluded mental state. Sad really. But also destructive to our nation, so is deserving of every criticism she gets.

    Pearl Harbor- For me it always had an eeriness in remembrance (as RHT447 points out). The major movie is one I liked, even if it is Hollywood and a story wrapped around THAT day…it still invokes. Movietone, never knew that. The tipped-off CNN of the time?

    Today we take a pause to remember and honor all “our boys”.

    • The sickness and rot in the American deep state and among our elites (Ephesians 6:12) runs so deep that at some level if you don’t drink the menstrual blood of virgins, you’ve gone as high as you’re going to go.

      The election of Donald Trump – a real estate developer from Queens – threw a wrench into the works, which is why they panicked and installed Jo/Ho with the old Obama people being put back into place to correct the situation. Joe is a little further gone than they would have preferred because he does shit himself every time he does a press conference – the colonoscopy may have fixed some of that?? They also have the “White House Movie Set” for him across the street at the Executive Office Building to make it appear more normal. The Ho is a real problem for them should Joe cash in his chips on any given day. It turns out that American negroes don’t consider her to be one of their own even though she’s an East Indian who screwed a number of high-profile black men over the years in her climb to power.

      And as you point out, none of that should diminish the sacrifice of Americans on Dec 7 and beyond.

      • Spot on, as always. From my far-off viewpoint it appears the wheels are falling off their collective wagon – surely wobbling as the cotter pins shear off as they head for the cliff. One can hope (not a plan of course), it happens before the precipice is reached. Or are we already there?

        Yes, today. Keeps me humbled by the loss and sacrifice. Can’t imagine that day and the aftermath experienced those men and woman.

  6. December 7th memory triggers – my dad joined the army during the summer of 1941.
    I may have mentioned this before – my oldest married a gal who is part Japanese on December 7th.
    His unit was being mobilized for duty in the Middle East, so they had bumped up the wedding date.
    It was an interesting juxtaposition of ancestry and dates.
    Another personally interesting historical tidbit -said Japanese ancestors were out of town visiting family when the A-bomb was dropped on their home city.

    It sure looks like we are living in interesting times as well.

  7. Respect and gratitude to the honored dead.

    As for the curious plethora of news crews on site that day, just another coincidence, no doubt. No one has responsibility, much less blame. Just like Jacob Schiff was able to predict the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War to within 48 hours. Lucky coincidence. Sarcasm aside, it has been truly disheartening to learn that so very very much of what I was taught of American and World history in school turns out to have be heavily slanted at best (and not in a way to make America particularly, nor the West in general, look good — quite the opposite), and not infrequently outright fabrications. But this is what you get when you let people like Howard Zinn write the textbooks, and people of the Frankfurt School ilk take control of higher education, and then appoint faculty literally from the Weather Underground.

    There is no doubt the Japanese circa WW2 were brutal, nasty, and needlessly cruel. We don’t hear about it for Reasons. Back in my day we read a paragraph or two on Bataan and that was it. Not one word about Nanking, and no one had ever heard of Unit 731, to take only a few of the most salient examples. I can only imagine the information void now, where even basic American history is suppressed, and warped when it is presented. But you can rest assured school kids learn about Imperial Japan during WW2 in the ROK (and lots of places in Asia, I assume).

  8. Considering the overall and continuing effect on humanity and civilization, compared to Fauci, Mengele was a boy scout.

  9. “demented, weak, feckless, and foolish” — to say nothing of malfeasant, corrupt, mendacious, lying mountebanks. And I’m being polite.

    Good Movietone call.

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