For the first time in my life, there will be no grand fireworks and fun on Independence Day. It’s my favorite holiday because you don’t have to buy presents and I like the food. It’s a low key holiday, with parades if you want to attend, pancake breakfasts at church, and a lot of nostalgia.

I have a Gadsden Flag on the front bumper of my Ford Raptor. A lady asked me if I knew what it meant. I told her that it means that you should think twice before starting stuff with me.

Now we have the Chinese Plague. And I am not amused. We have zombie riots and I am not amused. We had a bullshit impeachment and I was not amused. We have had the Federal Bureau of Investigation plotting to overthrow the government and I am not amused. Corporate America is throwing billions in danegeld to domestic terror organizations and I am not amused. Abortion clinics were open and churches were closed and I am not amused.

We still have a republic, the Constitution hangs by a thread, and the Bill of Rights is under assault daily, and the progressives are really on a roll.

And it’s still Independence Day, for at least one more year.


Fly Two Flags


      • I just now saw the headlines for the coverage of the speech in the MSM over at Powerline. It depresses me to think of how thoroughly the press is against the President. They are truly attempting to overthrow the government.

        • The press and their overlords feel that another four years of President Trump could free black people from economic bondage, close up the border to illegal aliens, who vote illegally, and screw up the scam that they have going. Apparently corporate America agrees in large measure.

  1. It’s a republic if we can keep it as Franklin supposedly said. When I look at many of the current generation I see cause for worry. On the other hand we get a number of active and reserve military as well as vets at the range. Those give me hope.

    • I think that the core of America is good.

      The media is rotten and corrupt. Universities (re-education camps) have not served us well. Congress is set up as a license to steal and even if people enter it’s august halls, clean, it doesn’t last long (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington).

      I don’t know if that’s just the nature of people in general, because historically (going back to the Roman Senate), the same problem existed.

  2. It sounded like the President is getting sick of the b.s. also. Hopefully he can avert it going kinetic

  3. “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance…”

    Fully agree with your sentiment LL…and we’ve been patient far too long. Enough. Time to finally clean house and toss these treasonous anarchists to the garbage heap they belong.

    From today – Independence Day – anyone following the dictates from the self-appointed Potentates, allowing them to clamp down our economy for their evil agenda, demanding the masses wear masks (not me, ever), should be considered part of the problem and summarily removed from office.

    Streamed the Mount Rushmore event last night. EPIC. Governor Noem was terrific…national exposure for her, a real woman in charge. And it was obvious the President – in a forthright speech, hitting all relevant points – is clearly pissed and will not be having any more of the Left’s crap…put them all on notice. A siren call to arms (if you will). Law and order restored.

    They thought they could break him. Pretty sure I heard Pelosi’s head explode when he announced “A big beautiful statue park!” Take that losers.

  4. Though I love the Gadsden Flag and it’s sentiment, my favorite is the Pine Tree Flag. An Appeal to Heaven.

    For I truly believe that God had some not-insignificant role in the great venture that was the American Revolution and creation of the United States.

    To me, the America that was still lives in my heart.

    • Pine Tree flag just posted up for you.

      We are truly one nation under God, and while elements work tirelessly to destroy that, it’s still true.

      I grew up with the America that was. I miss it. It can be again, but people MUST want it.

  5. I missed our President’s speech last night. I’ll have to see if I can find a recording of it.

    I’m wondering what the Domestic Enemies have planned next…..

  6. I was at a family reunion today. Lots of teens , because their mom asked them to come. Build the wall t shirts Gadsden flag t shirts re-elect 45 t shirts, NRA T-shirt’s . One young man was telling all about his new 12 gauge pistol, it was scary looking.2 arrived on bikes with old glory flapping behind.Buckets of home grown vegetables to hand out to city slicker relatives. Red necks and doctoral students. No social distancing , no masks, real handshakes. Hugging and singing. We may all be dead in a month, from chink Flue aids. As the abortionestas like to say “my body, my choice” Se la vie. This is America .

  7. Happy Independence Day, LL!

    And yes, we most certainly seem to be at a tipping point. Good will prevail, let’s hope it does in November.

  8. no, we are not amused, but look at things from a different angle. the media makes it look dire, like there are legions of “protesters”. there are not. population 320 million, protesters a few thousand. some paid, some bored, others just unhappy because they’re not the success that they were promised they would be without any effort on their part, all stupid. when we get back in charge we need to break up these media giants. there was once a law against foreign ownership, and one entity owning more than one outlet in an area. then we need term limits. happy independence day.

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