Independence Day

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As with many of you, there will be a party today at my place. I have a pool, a big back yard, a fire pit, and city fireworks are literally just over a block away. The food will be good as always, the beverages will be iced.  Current count is 23, but we may have even more if the local police cars swing by for Code 7 (lunch).
It’s high summer, and celebrating in a patriotic way is something that we do  because if you come by my home, you’re a patriot. Those who aren’t, won’t feel comfortable in our midst. 
Party or no, take a pause for the cause and recall that which made the nation exceptional. Freedom isn’t free.

To absent friends.

12 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. I have a sofa, a shit load of rain and half a bottle of pink wine. Yay….party on…
    Happy Independence 🙂

  2. You're going up into the mountains to watch people have sexual congress? I'm not judging you…

  3. I have none of the things you mention, and I'm still blessed. There is a squawking Blue Jay in the redwood outside my window, wild Willie is asleep in his basket, coffee is hot, mom is fed & changed, dad has had his lunch made, there is a new fire break dozed around the houses to run on. I most assuredly miss the brave men who have given all that I might live in this great country.

  4. It's not about things. Though the house does lend itself to people coming over. 29 RSVP at last count. Most of them are people who just needed someplace to be with other people, so they're welcome.

  5. You are serving others and that is a very good thing, but nothing new to you I'm sure. Have a terrific 4th!

  6. In about two hours the local police officers will begin to take their Code 7 (lunch break) here. The central squad of about 10 officers will breeze through two at a time. It's convenient because the big park is near and a lot of what they're doing today is handling calls there. There are pavilions that sell food and stuff there. The live bands just began to play in turn and it goes until the fireworks at 9 pm. It's a regional park and it is FULL for July 4.

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