They did say, “Please”


An Excerpt from Commander Salamander’s Blog:

In a defeat of choice in a complete collapse of competence at the most senior levels of our civilian and military leadership … we did. In our panicked retreat, we had our deadliest day in 11 years. Our Marines, sailor and Soldier filled with their bodies the gap in intelligence, planning, and leadership by – what we are all told – are the very best, most credentialed from the finest institutions and selection processes to produce competent leaders for our nation of 330+ million souls.

They physically stepped in the the real world breach created by the wholesale failure of our intelligentsia and its rent seeking nomenklatura.

They did their job; everyone who they trusted with their lives in DC and Tampa did not.

That is the first lesson here; our self-described “best” that claim to be the ruling class are not our best. They are not good at their jobs. Their ideas are garbage. Their ethics are fetid to the core. Their morality sold for a farthing’s worth of power, fame, and influence.

At the tactical level, from the C-17 aircrew to the leaders on the ground, they did the best they could with the ROE, restraints, and constraints that were put on them from DC. The American military from field grade officers to the 20-yr old E3s did an exceptional job – but there was only so much that could be done inside a structure of incompetence and politicized uniformed nomenklatura that we allowed to rise to the top over two decades. 

Those left in Kabul were never given time. They were never given honesty. The enemy knew this. We had to be right all the time, the enemy only lucky once. And so they were.

The world’s self-described superpower selected the wrong people for the wrong reasons using the wrong selection criteria through a culture with the wrong priorities. This cannot be argued. The evidence is right there to be seen by all.

And so, for two decades the products of the “best” universities, think tanks, and political organizations in what was once the world’s greatest power brought us to the point where those kids and newborns of 2001 grew into adulthood only to be killed on the altar of their leaders’ hubris and lies.

We failed these young men and women in detail; we failed our nation and our friends at large.


Arizona Breakfast

Fry bread, eggs and bacon –  because it can’t always be about traitors in DC and the daily outrage.



  1. My mom never made frybread. But my dad did cook bacon.

    I can only hope and pray enough people remember the outrage come voting day.

    • A man should be able to cook the basics. Yellowstone – How many people have been led to believe that this is actual ranch life? And what’s with the hat inside?

      Perception is reality…what we are being force fed on a daily basis by the takers and manipulators. Do not believe ANYTHING. We got an angry Mr. MAGU yesterday, the fake president with the ventriloquist somewhere off site lying with every word. Hate is not a strong enough word. They are evil.

      Time to play the HU Wolf Haka on the back patio speakers, at full volume…like a preemptive volley.

    • Different outcome too. Vegans? Not so much. Too those who proclaim they would rather live on their knees than die on their feet, I reply “You already are”. During my recent ventures, my blood pressure numbers were pretty good. I’m gonna have to try that Fry Bread.

  2. Photo op. Noticed MGen Donahue, CG 82nd Airborne Div, managed to have his picture, taken with night vision lighting, boarding an airplane as, “the last soldier leaving Afghanistan”. To bad one of his troops didn’t frag the s.o.b. Would have saved a lot of lives, IMO. To put even more brass on the turd, he was in full battle rattle and slinged rifle.

    That picture should get him promoted to Chief of Staff once Slimy Milley is kicked to the curb.

    • Stars come with a lot of ego. Some of them deserve the stars and are competent. Too many are showboaters and self-promoters, caring much more about their personal advancement than they do about the lives of their soldiers.

    • A lot of them are eating table scraps and are too focused on feeding on the refuse from the master’s table to take a step back.

  3. Wearing a hat in the house, and in the prescence of a lady….BAD Cowboy!

    I’ve never seen “Yellowstone”, but I’ve heard it’s good.

    • I saw the first couple of episodes, then I lost interest.

      As PaulM wrote – kind of an urban cowboy vibe. Yeah, wearing a hat in a house is very bad manners no matter what. The more “all hat no cattle” types don’t get it. Sometimes you see them in cafes and such here.

      • I like Costner as a cowboy, but a cranky helo riding cattle rancher where everyone on the place is involved in some drama or feud?…not so much. The opener was enough for me, wrecked gooseneck on the highway, dispatching his horse…no thanks.

        Hollywood’s idea.

  4. Yum… frybread with bacon and eggs! Great breakfast! Re the wokie/eggheads, they are literally killing us, and Austin and Milley are ensuring the end of volunteers to join the military with their actions.

    • I wouldn’t join the military if I was a young man, Old NFO. No way, no how. Eventually, it will mean reimposing the draft.

      • Coming from you, this is a very interesting statement … and you are not alone.
        Every year the German Armed Forces do a poll among the senior leadership (NCO: E7-E9, officers: O4-O6) and one of the questions is “Would you recommend serving* in the German Armed Forces to one of your children?”.
        For the last decade the answer to that question has been an 80%+ of “NO!”.
        Makes you pause and think, doesn’t it?
        * = either on a temporary contract (2 to 12 years) or permanently as a lifetime career soldier

        • I have no confidence that the leadership of the nation will act in an ethical and legal way and that filters down to the leadership of the military. The trolly is off the rails and it all eventually filters down to the individual soldier.

  5. Fry bread must be an Arizona and New Mexico thing, but I have noticed the Native Americans in Northern California have committed cultural approbation and have been serving it at Pow Wows for forty years, or so.
    I did see and interesting variation at a community college mini Pow Wow where dried pulverized sturgeon was added to the flour. Not good.
    Wifmann is an Arizonaian my folks are from New Mexico and Texas, sofry bread is on the menu anytime kin folk visit. The hispanic family members are particularly fond of it with honey-butter.
    Incidently, it used to be common practice in the Mexican cafes in New Mexico to receive a basket of sopapillas (little hollow rectangular or triangle shaped pillows of fry bread) served with honey-butter. I never saw chips and salsa in a restaurant until I ate in Mexican restaurants in California.
    Oh, and order your enchiladas “Sonora style”. The corn tortillas are first dipped in the bubbling chili/meat sauce and stacked on a plate like pancakes with chili/meat sauce in between the layers. An over-easy egg on top completes the dish.

    • My reply is “of course”. The corresponding dish in Mexico would be divorciados, wherein one over-easy egg over layered tortillas is smothered in chili verde, and the other in chili colorado. Sort of a layered enchilada with egg combo.

      Frybread is common in Northern Arizona because of the Navajo, Hopi, and Apache nations that call the place home, and sopapillas are served. It’s just as common in New Mexico. Honey and butter, please.

  6. Frybread is so not a thing in New England that I’m not really sure exactly what it is. Although I hear the name, now and then.

    Parents specialty here being of that generation, was “Depression Omelet” – mostly refried grits and onions + random leftovers with no eggs, because “Depression”. Actually delicious.


    • There are different kinds of frybread. When I was a boy they were called “griddlers” and consisted of homemade bread dough that was put in a cast-iron skillet with either butter or bacon grease and cooked golden brown on either side. We would split them and eat them with butter and honey or with a fried egg on top. I liked to put cheese inside once split, heated until it melted, and dipped into tomato soup as I ate. (spin on a grilled cheese sandwich)

      I’ve also had frybread with biscuit dough that made it lighter, like a savory doughnut almost, but flat, no hole.

      The depression omelet sounds good.

      As a boy, my grandparents (who live through the depression) made me milk toast. A thick slice of homemade bread, toasted, put in a bowl and pour very hot milk over it. Sugar added to taste.

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