In Russia

Russia suffered 10,633 new Covid cases in 24 hours giving it fastest-growing rate in Europe with total infections at 134,687 and deaths at 1,280 – as 2,000 frontline Moscow medics test positive.

As has been reported here in the past month or so, Russia would seem to have had the most vulnerable population in Europe. However by controlling who gets on and off trains, they have an easier time quarantining various cities than nations with developed highways. It’s true that in summer, the Russian roadways do open up, but trains are still a principle means of inter-city transportation.

The aging population combined with endemic lung-related maladies makes the Chinese Plague lethal.

In Brazil

(Fox News) “What we are seeing are scenes from a horror movie.” Those words came from Artur Virgilio, the mayor of Manaus, about the coronavirus crisis developing in the middle of the Amazon rainforest in northern Brazil. “We aren’t in a state of emergency. We are in a state of utter disaster, like a country that is at war but has already lost,” Virgilio said.

The city’s public health system has already collapsed, with 100% of intensive-care beds occupied and hundreds of people left untreated.

Relatives of victims report that burials have been carried out collectively, with some people left not knowing if their loved one was, in fact, buried.

In some cases, corpses were placed on top of each other in graves, according to reports. The official cause of death is often listed as “unknown” or “severe acute respiratory failure,” which experts say is contributing to a massive under-count of coronavirus cases.

COVID-19 Mutations

There is a lot of information floating around about mutations of the original COVID-19 virus. This article from the South China Morning Post discusses (in part) one patient who had THREE separate mutations of COVID-19 in his body.

Professor Li Lanjuan and her colleagues from Zhejiang University found within a small pool of patients many mutations not previously reported. These mutations included changes so rare that scientists had never considered they might occur.

“The researchers also found three consecutive changes – known as tri-nucleotide mutations – in a 60-year-old patient, which was a rare event. Usually the genes mutated at one site at a time. This patient spent more than 50 days in hospital, much longer than other Covid-19 patients, and even his faeces were infectious with living viral strains.”

China In the News

Fraud, plague and other facts you may have overlooked.

China In Focus


  1. I read the Russia news this morning before Mass but missed Brazil. Question is, will this thing continue to pass over us as it’s pretty much done so far?

    Hill County, where I’m at, has had 13 confirmed/known cases, despite being 45 minutes from DFW. Of course there’s more but nothing even approaching an emergency.

    Hope that doesn’t change.

    • The situation on the Navajo Reservation is serious, but the rest of Northern Arizona is benign. They need to open the place up and treat the people on the Rez.

  2. We’re far enough away from the Denver/Aurora squalor that we haven’t been as hard hit. Denver County has 3400 cases, and the surrounding counties are about as bad. We have a total of 403 cases in all of Larimer County, but unfortunately, about half of those are in Fort Collins.

    • Time to open the rural areas where they can. Using common sense to the max, but open for business to allow things to restart.

  3. We have much the same situation here. I live about 45 minutes from greater Kansas city, 2349 cases, 131 fatal at last count. My home county has 5 and 0. I’m ready to open things up.

    • There is nothing to say that somebody in PPE can’t take temperatures, and that businesses can’t be careful, but in your area as with mine, allow them to open.

  4. Same here in Fallon (Churchill County) Nevada: three infected, one dead. Compared to Reno/Sparks (Washoe County) one hour west of here, with almost 1000 infected and 33 dead.

  5. Louisiana has a lot of cases. The parish we live in has had 281 cases and 10 deaths. I think only 3 of those happened in the city nearest us though.

    Do you think this is a way for China to take over Russia? Through attrition?

    If heat (and humidity?) kill this thing, why does Brazil have it so bad? I thought Brazil was hot and humid? (No, never been there.)

    You all be safe and God bless.

    • China’s birth numbers will be decreasing. For thirty years, the one child policy and the abortion of female babies left them with hundreds of millions of men and no women. It creates a social problem there in the Worker’s Paradise.

      I doubt that heat and humidity has much effect on the Chinese Plague. UV light – sunlight will have an effect, though.

  6. I’m very amused by the people who are saying “Brazil should have done something to prevent this!

    As if the Brazilian government has that kind of power or control. All you have to do is look at a couple pictures of the Favelas and some video of the occasional police operations there (with armor support) to realize that Brazil was always just going to have to ride it out and hope for the best.

    I have a ton of relatives down there, thankfully not living in the permanent disaster areas like Rio.

    I am curious about the real numbers in Russia, I have just presumed all along that they have been suppressing data, as one does if one is a tin-pot dictatorship. Now it’s gotten big, which I presume means “so huge we have to admit something”.


  7. Interestingly, now THREE Soviet doctors treating Covid have all committed suicide by jumping from hospital windows in the last week…

    • I hadn’t heard that but I’ve been out and about lately and haven’t been keeping touch. That’s tragic. They must have known that they were infected and didn’t want to die like rats at the People’s Hospital.

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