Missing Submarine

It’s often more difficult than finding the soap in the bathtub unless there is an oil slick pointing the way.

JAKARTA, April 21 (Reuters) – Indonesian rescuers searching for a submarine that went missing with 53 people on board found an oil spill on Wednesday near where the vessel dived, authorities said.

The 44-year-old submarine, KRI Nanggala-402, was conducting a torpedo drill in waters north of the island of Bali but failed to relay the results as expected, a navy spokesman said.

The bottom in the search area is 600-700 meters and the Nanggala is rated for a maximum depth of 250 meters.

The oil spill found on the surface could also mean there was damage to its fuel tank or could also be a signal from the crew, the navy said.

Could be, but likely not.


Why does ANYONE live in New York City?

There are a lot of answers one could give I guess.

Harassing people who are trying to eat their dinner in New York City has become a specialty of Black Lives Matter since the start of last summer.

(Zero Hedge) The confrontations resemble Maoist-style struggle sessions where white people are aggressively confronted, subjected to ritual public humiliation and forced to show allegiance to the mob by raising their fist.

I had plans (circa 2018) to visit NYC for a week or so because there used to be a lot of things to do there, but that was put on hold because of the lawless situation that arose there, and only got worse. Sitting (armed) in a NYC establishment and being accosted would likely not end well for the angry negroes or for me (though would I be released without bail after ending them – the same as happens to inner city people who do the same thing?).

Even newsies who live there complain of being physically harassed on a daily basis on their way to work.

In other related news, I was at a sandwich shop in Flagstaff, AZ yesterday after getting a haircut and people came in wearing masks. I shamed them into taking them off – without violent means, shouting, or foul language. It was my stroke for freedom yesterday.  Full disclosure, my reaction to masked people entering a store or bank is a default grab for the handgun (not necessarily drawing it) as I assess the situation. Too many years have passed where I equated that with criminal activity.


The Show Trial

America remains divided. George Floyd, home invasion robber, drug addict, career criminal had a lethal dose of fentanyl in his system when he was arrested for attempting to pass counterfeit currency (a felony). The officers followed department procedures to restrain him using the minimum force necessary to make the arrest – and it wasn’t good enough.

There are calls to “reform” the police. The sad fact is that if a subject resists arrest, there is a ladder of escalation of force that begins with strident language and proceeds to the use of chemical agent, electrical shock, impact weapons and firearms. You can remove all of those remedies and just send social workers (you’ll need a lot of them) to make arrests, but it won’t work.



  1. I keep seeing ads to visit Kalifornia. They couldn’t pay me enough. Was a time we wanted to go back, just to visit a few places we liked when we were there back in the 70s. One was an acres big flea market.

    But no more.
    Never wanted to visit New York, never will.

    Always wanted to visit Hershey Pennsylvania (for the big Car show/parts flea market they held annually, not the chocolate); but I doubt we will ever do that, either.

    Just sad times all around.

    But we are working on getting moved in to the new place, and trying to find a company to build a storm shelter, so we have plenty to keep us busy here. 🙂

    Be safe and God bless!

  2. I’ve wanted to visit the museums, but…

    Now, move the museums onto barges, ship them to some place in the middle of nowhere, and maybe I’d go.

    As to the Trial? It marks the end of justice in America. Not that we’ve had justice for a while.

  3. soon the cops will be replaced thru attrition with hoods, the only ones that will apply. they won’t protect and serve but rob and rape instead. the military will follow suit and south africa will be replicated right here. only thing that will stop it now is Rwanda on steroids, and maybe not even that. we could balkanize but the breakaway republics do most of the producing so the woke states can’t allow that. lord i just wanted to live the remainder of my short life in peace….

  4. And they don’t have good SubSunk protocols, or rescue units like the DSRV. Sad… Re the ‘show trial’, I find it interesting that Garland is now going to ‘investigate’ MPD. So a Dem AG is going to ‘investigate’ a Dem city, in a Dem state, for systemic racism… Karma… LOL

    • Garland. He’s just as corrupt as the rest of the swamp.

      The problem with riding in third world submarines is that they are third world submarines. I know this one had a refit in 2012, but you and I have no idea how it was maintained. Likely the “good enough” standard applied.

    • I don’t think that I’d want to serve in an Indonesian submarine. Call me a racist if you must.

  5. born in (just pre-war) and grew up in NYC, and later, environs. finally had to take the family and escape during the Dinkins admin. I either walked or took mass trans everywhere – never a prob until then. took ’em to a beautiful, quiet, safe city in ’91; could walk it East to West and North to South anytime, day or night: Portland, Oregon. what is the definition of hubris!

    • My sister is a hospital administrator, living in Portland. Her husband is a retired police officer. They will leave when she retires. Not a nice place anymore. Too bad. I had plans to visit them last summer and then plague and riots and what was a little loony “Portlandia” went to the dogs.

    • Well, you had a good run for a few decades at least. I’ve always quite liked Portland despite the prevalent goofy politics, and it’s sad to see what has been done unto to it. Last time I was there was early 2019, and I’m sorry to say I don’t know when I will be back. I wonder if there is an exodus, not that we would hear about such a thing in the enemy-controlled press, unless they can frame it as racism.

      On a personal note, last year a friend moved from the Hollywood area (a PDX neighborhood for those not in the know; not that den of moral rot and mind-virus several hundred miles to the south) to Tigard. Good move for an attractive young white woman with a daughter with Down syndrome. The kind and progressive Left love all humanity, but are unspeakably cruel and callous to individuals.

  6. For four years we had adults running the program, and it was great. Now we have every weasel and lefty nimrod running open loop. Merrick Garland is exactly what one would expect from an Obama appointee, another weasel…the horse is out of the barn but this guy is now going to check the stall.

    Cities are off limits now, so far, so is flying anywhere, even Florida (hey, it’s now legal to run into people blocking the roadway.) NYC can be left to its own devices.

  7. After I moved to beautiful Preskitt I was often asked if I miss NYC (I spent 15 years on the upper west side.) it was a reasonably long answer until Warren Wilhelm took over.

    Now the answer is a short, “no”.

  8. Been to NYFC once, unless you want to call changing planes at JFK without leaving the terminal going to NYFC, in which case, I been there three times. I saw nothing there worth going back for, although I should imagine seeing the city limits sign in the rear view mirror would provide a certain satisfaction.

  9. I guess after two or three more years with new virus mutations, new waves of contaminations politicians will figurere out that this is the new normal life.

    They can not shut down the society forever. We must learn to live with it.

  10. It’s a bit like Rhodesia. We withdraw and there they are, in Zimbabwe.

    Too bad that our billionaire socialist rulers see that as the terminus for the US. Behind every blade of grass, and all that.

  11. that sub story is why i didn’t go navy. they wanted me in nukes, sub duty. i recalled that both u.s. and Russia had lost subs and went army instead. not my best day. its really too bad we don’t get another life to live having learned all these great lessons. at least one that we’re cognoscente of.

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