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“A top FBI official investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol testified before the Senate on Wednesday that no firearms were confiscated that day.

The admission certainly undermines the “armed insurrection” narrative the Democrats and their allies in the establishment media have been pushing for the past two months.

The image that an armed insurrection calls to mind is firearms, not the makeshift weapons some of the rioters employed that day, such as bear spray and a flagpole.’

FBI Assistant Director for Counterterrorism, Jill Sanborn, told a joint hearing of the Senate Rules and Homeland Security committees that 300 people have been charged so far with various crimes due to their conduct on Jan. 6.”

25,000 troops, a Stryker Battalion, etc. Yeah, it looks grim for the capitol. Maybe they need another 25,000 troops to keep safe from miscellaneous white people who took time off work to protest a coup. Maybe another 25,000 troops isn’t enough. The entire US Marine Corps could surround DC to save Jo/Ho.  Put an aircraft carrier on call.


Monmouth Poll:


DEM – 91% (90% in Jan.) I

ND – 43% (47%)

REP – 12% (15%) I wonder who those Republicans are? Romney supporters?



Certainly way too white.


These are now for sale – coming apocalypse and all that


  1. Jan 6 is a total lie, designed for effect so Biden could continue to hide out. Bongino has SS friends who are saying what we all know to be obvious, that Biden is toast. His face is a blank stare…no pressers, no SOTU, mostly hiding and taking naps. My brother calls this “Weekend at Biden’s.” His handlers are scrambling to prop him up, and with a blind eye the MSM doing all they can to cover for him while attempting to turn Not-A-Doctor Jill into Eleanor Roosevelt. Yesterday’s “rush” to get “all adults vaccinated by May” proclamation ahead of Texas, etc, reopening announcements, they are scrambling to maintain the false narrative and hold on to that thin thread. The Left is getting their “Imagine” nirvana, and it looks hideous as expected.

    What the Dems have done to our county in the pursuit of power is treasonous….if it gets any more bizarre I’ll hock everything to get one of those apocalypse RV’s.

    • Geez, and here I naively thought the hateful grifters couldn’t get anymore insane, and right here in Colorado no less, which is is 85% conservative. Self-loathers on a full-court press to regulate everything they can in order to suppress any opposition: (h/t Ace):

      “The Colorado Senate President Pro Tempore, Kerry Donovan, is the prime sponsor of SB21-132, Digital Communications Regulation, which if passed, would fine websites $5,000 per day as a class 2 misdemeanor if they “allow” user comments that:

      “…promote hate speech; undermine election integrity; disseminate intentional disinformation, conspiracy theories, or fake news; or authorize, encourage, or carry out violations of users’ privacy…”

      A “digital communications division” would assume responsibility for licensing websites.”

      Go for it pal.

      • The First Amendment is gone – so why not? Imagine that. Allowing user comments. It’s pure evil to allow people to comment.

    • How DARE you challenge Jo/Ho on their decisions to keep EVERYTHING secret. Orange man bad…just remember that.

  2. I think Jill Biden is trying really hard to be the 21st century’s version of Edith Wilson. Pretty soon we won’t even see President Biden anymore we will just get “pronouncements” from Jill as to what her husband said. Heck it worked for Woodrow Wilson for over a year.

    The RV looks pretty darn cool but I would want something a little more stealthy, maybe have the armor under a fiberglass skin. Of course that wouldn’t last much past the first skirmish darn it.

    • He’s starting to show his decline in public. I think that he’ll go into seclusion soon. Thereafter every document will be machine signed.

  3. Instead of that armored truck, get a bank armored truck, and fix the outside to look like a converted ambulance (same rough shape.) More commonly available components, and you can uparmor without looking too suspicious. You can even add on a roof ring and access, as most people don’t look at the roof.

  4. Joe never struck me as the sharpest tool in the shed. Now he’s worse. Before the election leftists wanted to invoke the 25th amendment. Likely they’ll get their wish, and soon.

  5. “charged so far with various crimes due to their conduct on Jan. 6”

    Wow! How many for carrying firearms (zero), for “insurection” (zero). Yep, ‘various’.
    Welcome to the Clown World Coup.

  6. I presume that 15% of “Republicans” are the ones who work in government service, and have zampolits looking over their shoulders.

    Nice Doomtruck. Needs more turrets, though.


  7. they are begging for more “security” and many are said to be leaving town today based on a rumor that the big bad moolitia is coming to get them with trump at the helm. seriously. you can’t make this stuff up, nobody would believe it. i think it is good that they fear us, but maybe they should modify their behavior rather than arming up n building walls like they won’t do on our borders. feels nice to be feared, but i know scared animals are dangerous and unpredictable. best i start stacking the sandbags here and there around the homestead.

    • Yeah, I heard that an army of angry white men are going to confront the national guard (and maybe turn them) to get to Jo/Ho. That’s not how it would happen if it was to happen, but I am not getting in the weeds on that here on the Internet.

      Best be prepared. Two is one, one is none.

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