The Great Gorilla Glue Caper

Low IQ Louisiana resident, Tessica Brown became internet famous this week when she ran out of hairspray and made the extremely poor decision to use Gorilla Glue spray adhesive to style her hair instead of her normal product. Because the internet is such a strange and ridiculous place, Brown’s Instagram post about her hair debacle generated millions of interactions.

Despite Brown’s mistake being entirely her fault, good people on the internet reached out to help her and humanity showed its good side — briefly. While the help and kindness dwindled, however, the conversation devolved into arguments over her incident — which she solely did on her own — as an act of racism.

The Gorilla Glue debacle then transitioned from an act of racism into an act of litigation as lawyers likely convinced Brown to sue the company. Even though Brown didn’t buy the Gorilla Glue on the beauty supply aisle, legal action is being taken against the company for Brown’s decision to use it in her hair — despite clear warnings.

Despite the bottle clearly warning people not to get it on their eyes, skin, or clothing, because the label says “multi use” and doesn’t explicitly mention “hair,” the vulture class ambulance chasers convinced Brown she has a case against the Gorilla company.

Even forks will now have to come with explicit warnings that say don’t ram into your eye. Common sense, in 2021, is dead. (Large Marge, you seemed hopeful that 2021 would be better. There is no indication that it will be the case.


New Legislation Allows Tech Companies to Create Their Own Governments

Nevada Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak announced a plan to launch so-called Innovation Zones in Nevada to jumpstart the state’s economy by attracting technology firms. Essentially, if your corporation has enough money, it could soon be its own government, on its own land, with its own laws, thanks to this legislation out of Nevada.

Sisolak announced plans for these Innovation Zones in January, but this week we have more details.

According to a draft of the proposed legislation Innovation Zones would allow tech companies like Blockchains, LLC to effectively form separate local governments in Nevada, governments that would carry the same authority as a county, including the ability to impose taxes, form school districts and justice courts and provide government services, to name a few duties.

Since we know that the Constitution hold little sway and the Supreme Court has been neutered, they may pass this into law. All it takes is enough money.


Most Tyrannical Gun Control Bill in History Will Make Millions of Felons Overnight

HR127, known as the Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act introduced by Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila (D-TX-18), is, without a doubt, the most tyrannical gun control bill ever proposed. As with all firearms control measures currently being considered, its massive scope would also turn hundreds of millions of legal, law abiding gun owners into felons overnight.

The bill, if passed, would force citizens to pay $800 per year to the government just to own a gun. It also bans magazines that hold over 10 rounds. It also creates a public database of gun ownership which paves the way for big tech and woke cults to target their political rivals.

Fourth and Second Amendment Issue

In March, the Supreme Court will hear the case of Caniglia v. Strom, which asks the question of whether a legal exception to the Fourth Amendment which allows law enforcement to search cars without a warrant requirement extends to the home.

The case has been making its way through the courts, with the courts ruling in favor of warrantless searches. The federal court just below the Supreme Court, the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the police may warrantlessly search your home and take your guns because they need “elbow room” to provide safety.

“At its core, the community caretaking doctrine is designed to give police elbow room to take appropriate action when unforeseen circumstances present some transient hazard that requires immediate attention. Understanding the core purpose of the doctrine leads inexorably to the conclusion that it should not be limited to the motor vehicle context. Threats to individual and community safety are not confined to the highways,” the court wrote.

We have already seen tech giants like Facebook hand over the private messages of those who talked about the events of January 6. If this ruling is upheld, it could pave the way for cops to raid the homes of those who engage in peaceful discourse based solely on the premise that violence might happen.


Historical Corner

(above) Albert I of Belgium, king of Belgium from 1909 -1934, known as the Soldier King, due to his role in WWI. By WW2, the depleted gene pool of Belgium warriors became obvious.

U.S. soldiers of the Maryland’s 117th Trench Mortar Battery, 67th Artillery Brigade, 42nd Infantry Division loads in a shell on a 58mm French trench mortar in order to keep up fire against German positions in Badonviller, France. March 4, 1918. The Great War (War to End ALL Wars) was as transformative for warfare as the Second World War was, a generation later. People forget about the trench mortar because you didn’t see them in the Second World War, but they were effective in augmenting standard tube artillery.


Fun with M-4’s

Your standard civilian market Colt M4 Carbine made unique by the very rare and limited production run M203 Grenade Launcher from Colt. In this case it isn’t really a grenade launcher because it has a smooth bore 37mm barrel for launching flares.

A genuine 40mm grenade launcher barrel can be installed but requires NFA paperwork since it turns the flare launcher into a Destructive Device. Colt only produced 300 of these M203′s for the civilian market and they sold out almost instantly, but are showing up for resale at absurd prices. LMT makes their own M203 flare launchers but for the collector and purists, the Colt M203′s will hold a higher value longer.




  1. Not even going to point out the obvious joke of ‘gorilla’ glue. Nope. Nooooope…

    As to spigot mortars, where the explosive load is much larger in size than the launching bore, so you add a tube to the load, were found in WWII.

    The Brits made a very successful line of siege mortars and used them, originally in preparation for the German invasion of Britain, and then in Europe.

    The US had grappling hook mortars that operated on the same principle. Used at Pont-du-Hoc and other places. Experimental mortars and jury-rigged systems, using aerial bombs as the explosive, were tried and were somewhat successful in the Pacific. Somewhat…

    The Germans, innovative little sheets they were, made a spigot system for their 37mm anti-tank gun, that fired a huge-arse shaped charge or HE load. Very effective, except that to reload, someone had to go out in front of the gun. Still, they had all those 37mm guns…

    The Japanese did the same thing with aerial bombs in preparation for defense of the homeland. They had some really big ones, and theirs worked far better than ours. One of the many reasons why Invasion would have been a very baaad idea.

    So, yeah, ‘trench’ mortars weren’t as popular in WII, but they showed up in surprising places.

    As to Nevada, the governor’s anti-corporate (other than casinos and brothels) stance drove many of Nevada’s cutting edge tech companies out of business due to the extreme (sometimes worse than NYC) measures to stop Teh Covidiocracy. Firms like Bigelow Aerospace went under. Bastard.

  2. Another case of someone engaging in a stupid activity, getting hurt, then demanding someone else pay the freight. Personal responsibility seems to be a dying concept in the age of litigation.

  3. Gorilla Glue, hair… for some reason my mind goes to “tumbleweave.” Can’t think why. And I have to say, I for one look forward to the autonomous $DOGE Exarchate.

  4. I guess we will soon find out if anything will get patriots off the porch.

    Innovation Zones – the ultimate evolution of the ‘company store’. I’m sure many fools will flock to them. Good luck and good riddance.

  5. Red Flag “law” here in CO gives a weakling lefty carte blanche for false reporting on a Pro 2A family member or neighbor to the police… can get out of hand in a heartbeat. These sorts of “disproving a negative” actions by the wrong type of law enforcement personnel result in debacles like Ruby Ridge.

  6. to quote my man Thorogood, “that don’t befront me none.” pass what they want, it means nothing. illegitimate prez, illegitimate government. death is less and less a deterrent these days.

  7. a)
    Fourth and Second issue

    1937, Sam Caldwell was among the first to be convicted under the new Marihuana Taxation Act, sentenced to four years of hard at Leavenworth.
    Released, Mister Caldwell died within weeks.

    The 1937 MTA was overruled in 1969 (Leary v US) after the self-incriminate part of admitting you had illegal taxables fell flat.

    I am naming all my children ‘tessica’.

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