Heels Up Harris is Unhappy

The vacuous old whore has not done well and when democrat pollsters put her approval rate in the low 20’s, you know that they’re rigging even lower numbers.

Those close to Ho say Biden’s team has not “adequately prepared or positioned” Harris. She told them “she feels constrained in what she’s able to do politically.” She’s getting “frantic”.

Some say that Biden is a racist for not supporting his colored colleague/colleague of color.

I’ve suggested previously that she remain in France and now that we know she can speak in a French Accent, there should be nothing stopping. her.


About that Fish

If you give somebody a fish, they’ll eat for a day. But if you teach. someone to conduct workshops on how hungry people can practice self-care, then you dodge the question of why people are hungry while also cutting the fish budget, and the savings can be passed on to the shareholders!


Beto is Back

Failed Texas Irish-American politician Robert (Beto) O’Rorque, who pretends to be a Mexican, is back spending his wife’s money on his campaign to be governor of Texas. He announced on Twitter that his policy on complete confiscation of firearms from the public in Texas should not impede his march to the statehouse.


Shell Oil is Moving

When you make a taxation environment hostile, companies and people move elsewhere.  (more here from ZeroHedge)

In a surprise corporate overhaul which the Dutch government branded an “unwelcome surprise”, Royal Dutch Shell said on Monday it would scrap its dual share structure and move its head office to Britain from the Netherlands, pushed away by Dutch taxes and facing climate pressure in court as the energy giant shifts from oil and gas. The company, which long faced questions from investors about its dual structure and had recently been hit by a Dutch court order over its climate targets, will also drop “Royal Dutch” from its name – part of its identity since 1907 – to become Shell Plc.


Media Blackout on Afghanistan

If you asked somebody in the media about the war in Afghanistan and its disastrous conclusion (Let’s go Brandon!), they would look at you with a confused look, sort of the same look that a cow gets when it watches traffic pass.

There was a parade in downtown Kabul recently where captured/abandoned US equipment was driven around the filthy streets. I’m sure that the Brandon Regime wouldn’t want that broadcast.

Any news of that sort is spiked. The same is true in regard to news about US troops in Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria, etc.


There should be a Tag

On every AR-15 sold from now on, explaining that an AR-15 saved Kyle Rittenhouse’s life and it can save yours.


Name the Mystery Aircraft


  1. How to position her? Ask Willie Brown. I believe he knew.
    As far as the plane goes, I keep wanting to say F9F but that doesn’t seem quite right.

    • All I could think of was the F9F Panther, but that didn’t quite fit. But something about that tail assembly just screams. “McDonnell!” You can see it evolve through the years with planes like the F-101 Voodoo, F3H Demon, and F-4 Phantom II.

  2. Beto = Obama Lite. If that little snit was a conservative, the media would be all over him for cultural mis-appropriation.

    Texas Monthly recently had an article about how the donks are losing the Latino vote. Worth a lookit if you can find it.

    • They were losing the Hispanic vote before, the numbers are accelerating. Beto (fake Mexican) is a lot like Kamala (fake French, fake Black, fake human).

  3. Willie Brown advised Harris the Heiress she should decline the VP slot and accept a cabinet position. Jill hates Kamala with the burning heat of a thousand suns and I have read routers Jill wants her out. Pop some popcorn, I do believe Grandpa Puddingcup is going to dump Giggles.

    Shoulda listened to Willie!

    • Biden could appoint Mr. Mom Petey to the position, when The Nan 25th’s Biden out – and to the praise of the MSM and Left – we could have the “First Man” residing in our hallowed White House. That alone might raise the Founders from their eternal slumber to come back and clean house, a Zombie Apocalypse I would approve.

      • PaulM – Mommy Pete would be a good female VP pick, wouldn’t he? To be more authentic, he needs to go in drag like Admiral Dick.

        Rupert – Willie Brown, no matter what you think of him, and I’ve met him more than once, is a man with good political instincts. That’s how he went as far as he did and became as RICH with graft as he has. Kamala should have listened. Dumping her, even with approval ratings of 1% is difficult but the Clintons could help Let’s go Brandon out.

        • Defilement of all that is good and true and good is their specialty…heck, why not the White House too, Smoking Something Joe has laid the groundwork, having taken the baton from Clinton and His Highness O).

        • Larry. Like you I have met Willie B on a number of occasions. Each time I was in the company of Bill C who, it appears, knew him well. I agree with your assessment of him. He is definitely politically astute.

          • Bill C knew him because (a) he wasn’t repelled by democrats (b) he was dialed into San Francisco politics, but Bill C thought that Kamala was a cheap whore, so there you go.

            Willie B was a criminal target of mine, so our dealings were a bit more formal. I’ve discussed run-ins with Willie at Frank Fats on this blog a few times.

  4. It must be nice being such a do-nothing most of your life yet able to operating as if you are the best thing since sliced bread and [Skippy] crunchy peanut butter. Effecting a pseudo French accent while blaming Mr. MAGU for your ineptitude proves her less than 1% Primary polling. The cackle is her way of covering it up. Narcissism is a wonderful thing for those types.

    KR Trial: “Provocation”…Someone is working very hard coaching Mr. Fine Line Binder for the prosecution to come up with this thinner than paper baloney. Their concept is he was guilty of anything they conjure up regardless the facts; “LooK at this fuzzy A.I.’d photo and you can clearly see he was the aggressor.” Uh huh. Sorta like an opposing insurance company asserting you are at fault when their drunk client ran into you and he/she/it is the actual victim. Tortured at best. Hopefully the jury sees through the idiocy.

    AR-15…you forgot “DANGER! DANGER! WILL ROBINSON…ASSAULT RIFLE!”…’cause it’s black and mean [cool] looking.

    Heard a report, every state with large percentages “vax’d” are seeing 6-7 times the national Covid case rate (7%)…yet they blame the unvax’d so are tripling down on harmful mandates. Any guess as to how many are Dem controlled? Can’t fix stupid…undoing it will be hard enough.

    • The vax narrative is losing punch worldwide, which is why the Austrians are promising a blow job if you take the shot.

      Australia is going to look very different than it does now if there are free and fair elections.

      • Sooo, Biden will next be sending our [current] Veep to Australia…to…uh…assist in foreign relations…you know, help out where she – as a Sheila – is able…”mate-ing” as it were.

        • I’m sure that she’d talk about her years waltzing matilda. She’s such an embarrassment, but she could ask them to put shrimp on the barbie with the appropriate twang. No doubting that.

  5. Rumor has it Mayor Pete’s staff (fixers) are the ones behind the anti-Harris info being selectively leaked to the fake news media. Keep your eyes on this guy, he’s got big ambitions.

  6. I thought it looked more like the F86 shooting star that the Uruguayan AF had back when I was a kid. Heck, 60 years on they are probably still flying them.

  7. Pardon me for piling on. I see a headline where Senator Chuck-U Schumer says–

    “Biden must tap oil from National Reserve to ease gas prices”.

    My Captain Obvious impression–Lamp post. Rope. Some assembly required.

    • Chuck wants to ease the pain for political reasons, but a rope is too good for him (but could be re-used).

  8. There is no doubt that Diaper Joe and Kameltoe are substandard. I haven’t heard anything about the person(s) pulling the strings and loading Joe’s teleprompter. There is someone, or a group, pushing things toward socialism and a dictatoral Boshevism. That is the real “enemy” but no one seems to be looking. Joe and Kameltoe are distraction theater for the rubes and true believers. There is a power behind the toilet someplace.

  9. Okay, y’all, got some ‘splaining to do.

    Harris was chosen as the VP to Biden for the same reason Biden was chosen as the VP for Obama.

    They make the presidential candidate/president look goood in comparison, Biden was no threat to Obama. Harris is no threat to Biden.

    By using simple logic, therefore, since Biden was worth about 1/4 an Obama, then Harris is worth about 1/4 a Biden (remember, she didn’t even make it to the primaries before dropping out,) Thus, Harris is at least worth about or less than 1/16 an Obama.

    Since, well, Obama was worth about 1/4 of Bush the Second…

    Wow. We’re really saying here that Heels Up Harris is basically less useful than a box of rocks.

    Seriously, they chose Harris because she would not be a better choice than Biden, therefore forcing those potentially in charge of removing Biden from office to wait.

    I predict Harris will be gone by spring of next year. And in a move that will surprise no one, the next VP will be highly capable, bright (well, bright for a democrat) and just what the Dems need to replace SloJo.

    Mark my words. It’s what will happen. What’s weird, with all the things going wrong with the Dems, is Michelle Obama is quiet for once. She’s even out of the news and off the magazine covers. Very weird. Except that, if you have read “Dune,” then you know that Feyd Rautha, the true Harkonnen heir for the Governorship of Arakkis, was held quietly in the background while “The Beast” Rabban ran the planet. Ran it so badly that when Feyd (a true sociopath/psychopath) took over, he’d look like a saint in comparison to The Beast.

    Same thing here. For the 4 years of the Trump presidency, the Mooch was constantly in the news, constantly on covers of magazines being shown as ‘regal’ and ‘gorgeous’, magazine covers that should have had First Lady Melania on them. And as soon as Jo and the Ho ascended, the Mooch disappeared.

    Hmmm. Hmmmmmmm.. Hmmmmmmmmm…

    Makes me wonder if the Mooch is going to be the Feyd Rautha to the Ho’s ‘The Beast.’ (Slo Jo is just a placeholder.)

    • The Mooch has been quiet lately, just building that billion-dollar monument to themselves.

      Interesting theory about Ho being replaced but I don’t see the Mooch as being the anointed one. She has limited appeal. Is she a woman? Maybe. As the first tranny president, she could beat the Butt guy to break the glass ceiling. I can’t predict that.

      Which democrat politician out there could replace Ho and ultimately Joe? Is there one who isn’t as crazy as a shit house rat? There may be, but one doesn’t come to mind. It would likely be a governor, not a senator. Somebody loyal to the swamp (like Lindsay Graham, who is democrat lite?). Loyalty to the swamp would have to be the key. The Obamanation people hold all of the jobs – they’d need to go, but would they? It’s not that easy.

      The Mooch wouldn’t win a national election on the heels of Jo/Ho unless she/he/it goes conservative. Her hatred for America ooozes out of her like swamp water. She was deflected from a lot of that because of her status as first person.

  10. There’s a lot going on in this post.

    But I like the Beto, a kind of faux Mex/Irish sandwich you can buy or not buy in Texas. A bit like a Kasich, when you think of it.

    “I’ll have a Beto, hold the lettuce, musturd and mayo, and a Kassich.”
    “You want relish on the Kasich?”
    “No, I think I’ll cancel the order. Let’s have a Jeb! with cheese, a side of Killery fries and a medium Vax.”

    Kyrie, unless the times were cut short.

        • LSP and LL started that seed rolling around inside my occasionally funny brain. But might have reached my overload limit this week…but a laugh is good, especially these days.

          BTW, [Branch] Covidian’s isn’t totally mine, you know one is in good company when other like-minded warped brains out there when it’s said by others across the land.

  11. Build a politician a fire and they’ll be warm for a day.

    Set a politician on fire, and they’ll be warm for the rest of their life.


  12. Whoever’s manipulating Grandpa’s strings erred with Giggles McClown. Pete might be the obvious choice to replace her but if the Dems are still a little gun shy about him and still want a “woman of color(TM)” Val Demmings (D-FL) would be the obvious choice.

    Val made her bones as Chief of Police in Orlando and her husband moved into the mayor’s spot with her election to Congress. In my mind, Val would be an acceptable VP replacement. At the very minimum, she has enough poise to not brag about cookware purchases in France.

    • Can she speak French (meaning a French accent)? Can she meet with child actors and read from cue cards about her vision for the future of space travel? Can cackle? I think that’s the bar that’s been set. If she can exceed that, maybe she’d have a future on the national stage.

    • “poise”…something seriously missing these days, especially glaring since our former First Lady left, and they hated her for it. Envy rots the soul.

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