Doing the Federal Tap Dance

Attorney Garland told Congress yesterday (Oct 21) “I want to be clear. The Justice Department supports and defends the First Amendment right of parents to complain as vociferously as they wish about the education of their children, about the curriculum taught in the schools. That is not what the memorandum is about at all, nor does it use the words ‘domestic terrorism’ or ‘PATRIOT Act.’”

The AG cannot “imagine any circumstance in which the Patriot Act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children” or a circumstance that would cause him to label them as domestic terrorists.

(Rep. Jim Jordan) First off, sir, the parents are not complaining about their children. They are protesting the indoctrination the left wants to drill into their heads to make them sheep.

I’ll repeat my question: Then why did the DOJ circulate the memo and make a big production about coming down hard on parents at school board meetings? Why must you monitor the school board meetings?

The DOJ, FBI, and Garland have not cited a single example of a threat, harassment, or intimidation. Not one.

The DOJ won’t step in when it comes to multiple sexual assault allegations supposedly caused by one student because that is a local crime.

But a parent getting angry over the indoctrination of critical race theory? BRING IN THE FBI.


The US Surface Navy

I invite you to visit Commander Salamander’s Blog and read Commander McGrath’s speech. Before I move on, I want to point out to this blog’s readers that Bryan McGrath and I have had our differences, not on surface warfare, but politically. Bryan is a rabid anti-Trump person and I am not. Bryan favored and may still favor Marco Rubio (Rubio’s rat claw hands notwithstanding) for President. I am a generally pro-Trump person and think that Rubio doesn’t carry the water to be president. He’d be a globalist shill just like the Bush Dynasty.

Back to the speech. McGrath is on point and he brings up important issues.


The Problem of Police De-Funding

You can say it of almost every profession but in this place and blog, it’s about the police.

One Goal of the Biden Regime and of the Obamanation before him (same players) has been to promote civil disobedience to the extent that local jurisdictions would howl or a federal police force under their sole control to step in and restore order. It’s still playing out with plague vaxes being the cause to force the police out in some jurisdictions but nationwide, it flopped.

I realize that some of this blog’s readers don’t like the police. I don’t think that any of you who have been part of that thin blue line (as I have) feel that way. Most police officers wouldn’t give two squirts for the FBI. I’d be hard-pressed to give one full squirt, particularly these days when they have become the political fist of a regime bent on the destruction of the United States Constitution. I think that my point here is that not all law enforcement is created equally.

Doing away with your local police department where you have a modicum of input means that some other law enforcement entity where you have even less input or no input at all will take its place. Meet the new boss, worse than the old boss.

Stripping police officers and police departments of liability protection results in one of three things. The municipality buys liability insurance privately at ENORMOUS COSTS (and raises taxes) or the municipality pays the officers 10X what they do now (raising taxes) so that officers can buy liability insurance privately, or the officers quit and are replaced by the federal government, operating under their own umbrella with Hunger Games rules. There is no fourth option. It’s a job, not a hobby.

It hasn’t changed all that much.


  1. Off topic , but Alan Baldwin has now killed and wounded more people than 100 million legal gun owners. Guns don’t kill people , actors do.

    • Thats funny. Screw Baldwin. The irony of the situation he now finds himself in outweighs only slightly, his belief in his importance.

      • Yes, I found that funny (sad for Baldwin’s victim). Balwin might be more at home in prison than one would otherwise think. In a Mexican prison, he’d be allowed his own chef and whores if he could afford it. In the California prison system, he’d be forced to eat the same food as the general population UNLESS he converts to being a Jew, then he gets upgraded kosher meals. I’m sure that he’d find suitable inmate company for those long nights.

        • Nearly all the stuff on the news is about how poor Baldwin is distraught and weeping by the side of the road, and how he has bravely offered his support to the family of the woman he killed. Or it’s about problems with prop guns, or about labor disputes on-set. Not one word from MSM about why Baldwin was even pointing a gun (real or facsimile) at the DP in the first place? Maybe there was some legitimate reason, or maybe he was horsing around like an idiot, or maybe he was acting out like the petulant man-child he is. I’m genuinely curious to see whether we ever find out.

          Kosher meals in prison: Gordon Liddy had a funny story about his job writing the menus while he was in prison. (For his intransigence, Liddy was sent to a regular prison with lots of Blacks, and not to a “country club” facility. Accordingly, it was difficult to find a prisoner sufficiently literate to put together the menus. Anyway, …) Apparently Liddy felt bad that the kosher menu was more limited than the regular menu (and this was not just a pork or shellfish issue), so he started getting creative. The regular menu would feature “peas” while the kosher one featured “delicious kosher green peas” and so forth. This of course was harmless, and all was well until someone in authority wanted to know “why are the Jews getting better food?” Liddy replied that the peas were the same so far as he knew, and the only difference was the description. Said Authority angrily told him to stop it. “Plain peas is good enough for Jews.” So Liddy told one of the Jewish prisoners, who first laughed his head off, and second filed suit just to make a point. IIRC he won the suit.

  2. I read Commander McGrath’s speech earlier this morning. I hope there are more like him in the navy and the military as a whole but I am beginning to doubt that there are. Rubio? You hit it perfectly- swamp creature like most of them.

  3. Tap Dance:
    Merrick Garland [1] is, unsurprisingly, a master at this sort of deception. In the below video, Viva Frei (Montreal laywer David Freiheit) does a nice job of pointing out such tactics in a breakdown of CNN’s Sanjay Gupta being untruthful with Joe Rogan over CNN’s claims that Rogan took “horse de-wormer”. The obfuscatory style that Gupta uses is very nauseatingly familiar to me, alas. For the busy or impatient, skip to 3 minutes in.

    I prefer to have nothing to do with police whenever possible, but I certainly don’t hate them. Persons who think we’d be better off without police are fools or wreckers. (We are ruled by wreckers at the moment. The wreckers are abetted by a legion of fools.) And a federal police force is a very very bad idea.

    [1] “Merrick Garland” sheesh, can you imagine a WASP-ier name? Perhaps I should move to the UK and “identify” as a native member of their upper classes. “Nigel Ian Hastings-Fitzwilliam” has a certain something to it, no?

    • “C.C. Warten pulled down on Potter with one barrel, and turned to do the same to me and I shot him. Old man raised the axe and I shot him. Otis lit out and I shot him.”
      “how many men have you shot?”
      “shot or killed?”
      “well let us restrict it to killed so that we may have a manageable figure.”

      • “Old” I’ll cop to, but “fat man” is the opposite of my problems these days. That said, it’s much like an annoying conversation I once got sucked into. I figured to put a stop to it, and this worked.

        Annoying Inquirer: So have you ever killed anyone?
        MC: You mean on purpose, or anyone anyone?
        AI: […]

    • In April 2016, the U.S. Naval Institute stated the total cost of the three Zumwalt ships is about $22.5 billion with research and development costs. The number paired down a little to an official cost of $7.5 billion each including R&D costs. The fact that their armament (3 guns) do not work and will never work means that the whole ship needs to be “reimagined” at a cost of billions more. The ship is the product of the newly woke navy.

      Will they ever actually work as warships? Some day, when enough billions are sunk into them, they might. It’s a Beltway Bandit’s wet dream.

      According to “Let’s go Brandon”, the billions are not “real money” and you shouldn’t worry about it because the actual cost to the taxpayer is $0.

  4. I stopped visiting one site, run by a vet, when he dropped some gratuitous slams against Trump.
    I can get enough of that from all those toxic sites…if I so desire, which I don’t.
    I have a grandson who wants to get into law enforcement, after serving in the military.
    Dunno what he’s getting into, but it seems that a lot of police forces are their own worst enemy when it comes to public relations. When you read of egregious cases of, what appears to be, law breaking by police who get to walk because of qualified immunity, you can see why the practice is being questioned.

    • Once he’s out of the military, put him on the phone with me. I’m serious about that. I’ll give him a road map to navigating the rocks and shoals. Not all police and Sheriff’s departments are equal. The pay runs from marginal subsistence to good depending on where you go.

    • DC is certainly a pigsty for people like him to thrive in that environment. Galling how he came unprepared then smugly tap-danced every Republican question. No honor among thieves, liars, cheats, and grifters.

  5. Took me a while to completely read CDR McGrath’s entire speech, but it was well worth it. He really lets them have it with both barrels. As much of a “Missiles-and-Jet-Fighters” kid as I was, I was always in awe of our Navy. Later in life I worked with many Navy people, and was always impressed by their standards. And being allowed to help maintain and preserve a WWII museum ship for over five years taught me how right I was as a kid.

    To see my beloved Navy in a shambles like it appears to be in saddens me greatly.

    Not to mention taht it scares the daylights out of me for our Sailors if we ever go hot again.

  6. Ah, and so we arrive at insurance. What. A. Scam.

    Here, in this bucolic Texan idyll, we’re heavily policed and I like that. But why, Tahoe drivers, do you not clean out the drug dealers, ne’er do wells and skeevehead malfeasants which roam this pleasant town with seeming immunity. Seriously.

  7. The Bad Police are the officers who assist in the prosecution of Bad Laws. If Andy Griffith arrests you for a victimless “crime”, he’s just as much of a nationalistic socialist as the bully who enjoys hurting people. The TV version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy had a scene about this, where two cops who were homicidal maniacs believed themselves to have bleeding-heart internal motivations:

    What makes the cops especially funny — or, depending on your mood, sad — is how they describe their feelings but then also describe how those feelings don’t affect their actions: “I don’t go around gratuitously shooting people and then bragging about it afterwards in seedy space-rangers bars, like some cops I could mention! I go around shooting people gratuitously and then I agonize about it afterwards for hours to my girlfriend!”

    Local police are not like good gut bacteria, which fully occupy an environmental niche and thereby displace the more harmful national police. These occupying armies are just parasites, whose propaganda wing taught you these apologies in their elementary schools when you were too young to intellectually defend yourself.

  8. Every simulation since Millennium Challenge shows the surface navy getting sunk by lots of cheap missiles, in any contest less one-sided than the Coast Guard vs. Cuban refugees in an overloaded pleasure boat. I don’t know why one should want a blue water surface navy today, it’s a loser. A winner might be submarines with rocket torpedos and cruise missiles.

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