Progressives are looking for history that they can believe. There is no better place to go than the historical archives in Hollywood.


You Definitely need that Fourth Vax

(Gateway Pundit) “And the second point, I think we will need a fourth dose,” Bourla said.

This is the same guy who said people who dare ‘spread misinformation about Covid vaccines are “criminals.”


There are People

(Link) 16% of people in America strongly support Brandon. Where do we find people like that?

What’s weird is that there are 2% of Republicans who strongly support Brandon. What a weird witch’s brew must circulate through those twisted souls?


  1. Igor ChudovWrites Igor’s Newsletter ·5 hr ago
    Myocarditis is a mild and expected side effect of vaccine. It actually means that the vaccine is doing its job. You will have a “bigger heart” and will be just fine, unless you want to become an athlete. We are developing medications in our pipeline to help you manage your myocarditis for the rest of your life. Experts say that most people get myocarditis eventually by their 9th or 10th shot, so do not panic.

      • And in other news, Juicy Smollett, with white man’s justice accusing him of faking a hate crime. It’s a landmark moment because I didn’t think that they did jury trials in Chicago anymore.

          • Next they will claim that it was really the Sacramental Vaccine that caused the Grinch’s heart to grow three sizes that day, so it’s a good thing that everyone should want.


          • I never considered that, but I’m sure that somebody has.

            Yeah, why not? Anything that ANYONE MIGHT believe becomes an MSNBC talking point.

    • Sooo…they are actually stating out loud the vax is actually worse than a sharp stick in the eye, which you can see coming, whereas this vax thingy blindsides you with all sorts of afflictions up to and including death regardless of health status. VAERS is showing massive adverse reactions, the highest by a factor of 1000 over drug reporting history.

      • Just keep that vax card up to date and the progs will consider you to be “part of the team”. The adverse reactions are “all in your heart”.

  2. As you have often stated, war is a racket. Maybe there aren’t enough spoils to go around. Solution, create a pandemic and have a new racket with a side of totalitarian power thrown in.
    (must protect my bunk assignment)

  3. They say a fourth dose now, but in 12 months it will be six or eight, or some other number they haven’t thought of yet.

          • I read this today:
            Israel — several months ahead of us in the injection timeline — just broke some important news for people who took the jabs to “get this over with.” According to the Times of Israel, Arnon Afek, deputy director of Sheba Medical Center in Israel, said “whoever thinks that we won’t [have a fourth dose] is simply mistaken. But it seems that we will need to take a fourth, and fifth and sixth and seventh doses — who knows how many.”

            Who knows? It’s a mystery, an enigma. An enigmatic mystery.

            While I’m sure that there are some people who relish the thought of a seventh booster shot, I’m pretty sure that most people would like to get off the crazy train at some point.

  4. “What’s weird is that there are 2% of Republicans who strongly support Brandon. What a weird witch’s brew must circulate through those twisted souls?”
    You’re reading the NY Times again.

    • The Gray Lady – how much longer can she last absent direct funding from the Democrat Party (who will dip into YOUR pocket to save her)?

  5. That 2% of Republicans who strongly support Brandon are probably Democrats self-identifying as Republicans for the sake of Diversity in the polling.

  6. Sheep: “Will this shot keep me from getting the Wu-flu?”
    Nurse: “No.”
    “Will it keep me from spreading the disease?”
    “Will it kill me or make me sick?”
    “Possibly, maybe…now or later, we just don’t know.”
    “Thank you for making me safe.”

      • Pericarditis, cardiomyopathy, stroke, GBS, Bells Palsy, organ failure…you know, the thing. I still have a dread feeling of being a ticking time bomb. Where are you SMOD?

  7. Guess it’s appropriate that they are looking for history they can believe.
    I’m sure future historians will look at this and find they can’t believe what was happening.

    • If they’re good historians, they’ll be looking at what’s happening now and going, “SSDD.”

      We’ve seen this before. Lots of times. Over and over again. Repeatedly.

  8. Ming the Merciless would be a WAY better Democratic candidate for President than anybody they’ve run for decades, now.

    I’d pick Zarkov for the best Republican candidate, though. It would be awesome if we had anyone as good as Zarkov run.


    • Yes, politically, Flash Gordon did offer political options not available in America today. They didn’t have a bumbling fool that wandered around and shit himself.

  9. Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December,
    And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.

    Been running through my mind since I saw this post title yesterday.

    That iteration of Flash Gordon came out at a bad, busy time in my life, so all I remember about it is Queen doing the theme song. And the kitschy special effects of Flash Gordon on something that looked sort of like a flying motor scooter.

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