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Infitada (uprising)

My sense is that readers of Virtual Mirage are confused at the day of rage/week of rage/month of rage that is going on in Palestine. How is it different than the month before? Or the year before? Or the decade before? 
Dirty, sweaty, military age males in Palestine run around and throw rocks for the television cameras and journalists take pictures. Liberals send money to allow them to buy more rocks. And when they launch missiles at Israel, the Israelis bomb them.
The infitada is the same, the liberal outrage is the same and the Israeli reaction is the same. The coverage and analysis on MSNBC is the same. They liked Obama (a closet Muslim) better than they liked President Trump. I get it. Who really cares?
What’s in the Cake?
Why can’t a baker with the right to free speech, free religious choice and expression be forced to say or paint, or pipe with frosting ,something that he/she doesn’t agree with? Why would the government chose to ruin him for failing to provide a cake for sodomites?
The government is limited in its ability to coerce by the Bill of Rights. We’ll see what the Supreme Court says on the matter. 
For the record, I have no problem with homosexuals objecting to provide a cake to a straight white couple’s wedding. I have no problem with negroes only baking cakes for other negroes. These are business decisions and unless they interfere with interstate commerce, I really don’t see where the Federal Govt. has the jurisdiction to say or do anything. If they ship cakes illegally across state lines, it’s a job for the FBI…and maybe we’ve finally found something that the FBI can do without screwing it up?
Corrupt News Network (CNN)
(h/t Commentarama) “On Friday, CNN ran with a story which said that Wikileaks had offered Team Trump access to certain information on September 4th, ten days before Wikileaks went public with it. If true, CNN would see this as proof that Wikileaks and Trump were working together and therefore Trump and Russia were working together. Here are the problems:
1. It wasn’t offered to Trump and there is no evidence Trump people accepted it… it was an unsolicited email.
2. The email didn’t come from a person CNN could actually identify as being connected to Wikileaks.
3. There is no proof that Wikileaks is actually connected to Russia. US intelligence only thinks this when they want to blame the Russians for something. Otherwise, they treat them as separate people.
“So basically, some unknown dude sent an email to Trump Jr., with no evidence Trump Jr. responded… and CNN saw this as the smoking gun of some deal between Trump and Russia. Many other media outlets then ran with this because they want to believe that Trump is guilty of something or other.
“Then the big problem came out. CNN misread the date. Instead of being September 4th, the email was sent September 14th, after Wikileaks released the information. Hence, CNN’s take is impossible, and CNN should have known it.”
Andrew Price laid it out beautifully so I quoted him entirely. I realize that there is nothing new or novel about CNN lying because they are a corrupt, sly, nasty news source that does not trade in facts. They are a propaganda machine that serves their masters in Democrat Party.

12 thoughts on “In the News

  1. Once again President Trump infuriates the (P)regressives by keeping his campaign promises.

  2. President Trump uses "Alinsky's Rules" against the left and they really hate it. They always felt that the "rules" should only be used by them.

  3. I've called CNN the Communist News Network since the first time I heard them. ABC is Another Bunch of Communists; NBC is Next Bunch of Communists; and ( of course ) CBS is the Communist Broadcast System. Liars, all of them.

    Paul L. Quandt

  4. The propaganda system is effective against those easily swayed. Sort of "dark side-of-the-force" weak minded people possessing a lemming mentality flock to the communist networks. Those same people think that it's cool that Elizabeth Warren be hired as a minority at Harvard even though she's a fake Indian, but howl at "cultural appropriation" if YOU go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

  5. Not if *I* go to a Chinese restaurant.

    On the other hand, Chinese actually from China sneer if a big nose (no one says "round eye") refers to me as Chinese in their hearing. Then the well-meaning white person gets indignant on my behalf, and is puzzled by my non-reaction. "Why are you smiling?"
    "Because what Chen there meant as an insult ('He's not Chinese, he's American') *I* take as a compliment."

    Point of fact, I just came back from getting Chinese takeout for my dad. I ordered in Chinese. The counter girl stared at me until I repeated the order, then shook herself. Apparently she was expecting English out of me, and the Mandarin didn't register at first. LL, you must get that in spades, when you are doing things like scaring Fujianese slave-waitresses with yarns about noses growing due to evil humors and miasmas in the States.

  6. After a lot of thought, I have come to the conclusion that the reason that the media continue to beat the Russian/Trump collusion horse deeply into the ground is because they have nothing else to put on their evening news shows, or the morning shows. What else would they talk about? Policies like immigration, taxes, 2nd Amendment Rights? The difference between a Glock, an AR, and a "black assault rifle"? (Must confess, am fairly new to the entire gun "thing", but am not at all familiar with any brand called "black assault rifle"…)

    The journalists in this country would have to investigate, do research, and work to find out facts. Then present them to the rest of us in a coherent, reasoned, logical manner. Not in an emotional screed, not dictating to us how to think/feel/believe. But providing facts, encouraging us to do further research to form our own opinions on everything from who can bake cakes for whom, to the best way to get rid of the debt, ie where budget cuts can and should be made.

    It can be done. When I was Editor of the High School Newspaper, we had to or our Advisor had a hissy-fit. Of course that was back when Washington was President, Jesus was a small boy, and saber toothed tigers wandered the White Wolf Mine lands. Folks like you do it every day to those of us who care enough to look. But I am not going to hold my breath that it will happen anytime soon with the lying, scummy mainstream media.

  7. There's a lot to like about this post, not least the powerful Hamas infographic.

    Then there's the cakes. According to the Supreme Court, rainbow riders have a constitutional right to force all bakers to make gay cakes. Or go to jail and have their lives destroyed.

    Weird how we've become the Soviet Union of gayness.

  8. First, a comment: Black guns matter.

    Ok, now I can move on.

    You nailed the media. The problem is that they (a) are trying to sell the 24 news cycle with emotional over reaction and (b) they hate President Trump. You simply can't sell facts and reason with all those networks trying to measure body parts daily based on how many stories they break. There just aren't that many sensational stories.

    They have a tiger by the tail and nobody wants to let go.

    We bloggers can pick and choose and go into details. The people who the news outlets hire are children fresh from journalism school or lawyers who can't find work in the legal profession. They don't know what's important and what's not important. They're just worried about paying off student loans and trying to decide whether they're male, female or something else.

  9. Only homosexuals can be bakers from here on out. Heterosexuals (particularly white ones) are out of the business.

    But what of the Muslims who won't bake homosexually themed cakes? I'm sure that there's a legal loophole for them because…

  10. Being overseas Chinese gives you an unfair advantage. (for those of you from the Golden Mountain, "Overseas Chinese" is a huge insult on the mainland)

    Better than that, I usually go to Little Saigon and buy 24K gold jewelry for Christmas presents. NO VIETNAMESE PERSON IN LITTLE SAIGON PAYS SALES TAX. NONE OF THEM. Big nose, round-eye barbarians like me are dumb enough to pay it.

    So we negotiate price and out comes the abacus. We go back and forth and back and forth until the point where a price is reached. They are certain that I'll pay 8% sales tax and the price reflects that certainty. They will pocket the 8% sales tax because NOBODY IN LITTLE SAIGON PAYS SALES TAX to the state. The crisis point comes when I agree on the price but refuse to pay sales tax, and lay down cash. The profit has dropped from 10% on the transaction to 2% in a NY minute. But there is 2% in cash on the table. I ramble on about how they are confused, thinking that I'm a stinking cheese eater. Their mouths open, their trembling hands scoop the cash off the counter, and the deal is done. Bested by a barbarian who knows the ropes.

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