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True Crime

The Television Series, BOSCH (Amazon Prime) is one that I have followed over seven seasons. Finding a police series where I didn’t cringe most of the time was difficult. I only cringed from time to time watching Bosch. Based on the best-selling novels by Michael Connelly, the tag line is: Every murder tells the tale of a city. The series gets LAPD (and the FBI) right in its characterizations,  which I found fascinating.  I worked with a lot of LAPD detectives over the years. Long enough to know that it was somewhere I didn’t want to work – but for the most part, the detectives were first-rate.

Season Seven was recently released and I binge-watched it over the weekend. There was an open ending to the story, hinting at future film work, so I looked and found this:

Bosch lives on! The fan-favorite, long-running Amazon Original series will continue in spinoff form, as it’s been officially confirmed that IMDb TV has picked up a new series revolving around the long-time detective which will start filming later this year, with stars Titus WelliverMimi Rogers, and Madison Lintz reprising their roles. The news was announced via an IMDb TV press release. As of now, the Bosch spinoff series is currently untitled.

The new IMDb TV Original series will revolve around the continuing adventures of Harry Bosch (Welliver) as he is forced to work with Honey “Money” Chandler (Rogers), an attorney who is also a former enemy. Given their long-standing and complex history, they will have to find common ground in the one thing they can: seeking justice.

Titus Welliver and Bosch Season 6 cast

“To say I am ecstatic is an understatement! To be given the opportunity to tell more Harry Bosch stories is a tremendous gift,” said Welliver, who is also an executive producer. “The process of shooting Season 7 with the shadow of it being our final loomed heavily so when the idea was presented to continue with the possibility of a spinoff, without hesitation I said, ‘Let’s go.’ To all of our Bosch fans, thank you for your incredible support for all these years and I can promise you the ride will only get better!”

I’m not a true crime kind of reader. I’ve never read a Michael Connelly book (upon which Bosch Series is based).

There are some authors in that genre who I know, who were ‘there’ and their work reflects it.  Danny Smith is one of those. You might enjoy his series. Danny, retired LASD lives on a compound in Idaho. He fears to visit me in Arizona out of concern that he’d end up doing a bar crawl in Prescott.


  1. Most of the bars appear to be located on Montezuma street. Maybe if you just limited it to them as a trial run?

  2. I found the books to be considerably better than the TV show, though the show is a good watch.

    There is some variability in quality from book to book, of course.


    • The fact that I can sit through a detective show and tolerate it speaks to its quality.

      I do criticize at times. For example, in Season 7, there are a series of murders for hire. If you look at the weapon that. the hit-man uses, the sights are not higher than the silencer. And yet he sights accurately at range. Some small things like that annoy me. But I endure it for the sake of the larger story.

  3. We like true crime shows…if you recommend it then we’ll give it a watch. Per your suggestion got a paperback copy of “The Wooden World”, a little thick for my current “entertain me” relax-time reading, but an excellent read nonetheless.

    • The Wooden World is non-fiction and it’s a “how it worked” book. Any book by NAM Roger on the days of fighting sail is worth the money.

      • Thx to you I’ve discovered NM’s book’s are worth the money. Growing up in Colonial America I love that time period but hadn’t delved too far into the nautical, learning the details helps understanding…maybe why I so enjoy Master & Commander, a glimpse into real life back then.

  4. I have read almost all of Michael Connelly’s “Bosch” novels and have enjoyed them a lot. Bosch is a great character, flawed in many ways, but dedicated and honest in the extreme. He is willing to bend the rules to achieve a good result which I think many of us have done in our own lives. But, I am upset with Connelly because of his recent book, Fair Warning, (not a Bosch novel), in which he cannot resist bashing Trump. Just write a good story and keep your political opinions to an appropriate forum. I don’t check out a book from the library to be annoyed instead of entertained. How about “Michael Connelly Bashes Trump” and I can just ignore it. I have always been highly offended by the “captive audience” syndrome. OK, rant over!

    • I try not to read books written by progs.

      Sometimes I can be slightly more forgiving of European authors.

      I want to grab them by the stacking swivel and ask, “Are you happy with the corpse and the whore?” I’m sure that in many cases, they’re delighted.

      • It’s easier to just turn off the TV or change a channel than to close a book that I just bought. Again, sometimes I want to reach through the TV, pull them into the White Wolf Mine and open a can of whoop-ass.

    • Ah, that’s too bad.

      Still, Connolly has been residing in The Cult Zone for a long time, and has managed to hold off spouting Cult Memes until now, that’s a pretty good run.

      Thanks for the Fair Warning !

  5. Thank you for suggesting Bosch. Always looking for something to watch, most TV is junk, boring , and silly. Longmire on Netflix is entertaining , no idea how realistic it is. But it seems real in that he is often wrong.

    • I enjoyed the Longmire series. I don’t know that it’s any more accurate than Bosch or any other TV show, but the characters were compelling and the story lines were good.

        • re:
          ‘Longmire’ author Craig Johnson
          I borrowed COLD DISH from the senior-center.
          A week later, the author was talking at the new yuge library in Eugene Oregon.
          We had probably two thousand folks standing-room-only.
          Craig Johnson is humble, knowledgeable, and a barrel of laughs.
          If he quits the writing and hollywood consultant gig, he could easily earn his feed through stand-up.
          Another hollywood legend is Joe Carnahan.
          He spoke at our writing group in Sacramento.
          Contracted for a half-hour starting at 6pm, he held us enthralled in belly-laughs past midnight.
          A screaming good time!

    • Check out Acorn TV, I get it on Firestick, I think it is about $7 a month, great British, Australian, New Zealand and other foreign series. I enjoyed Foyle’s War, Jack Irish, Brokenwood Mysteries, New Tricks, The Good Karma Hospital, just to name a few. I use closed captions when watching, sometimes the Brits, etc speak a bit quickly and use slang that I am not familiar with. We watch Acorn, Netflix and Prime almost exclusively. The British shows are usually much better written and without a lot of the gratuitous violence that seems to permeate American TV shows. I mean how many gun fights and car chase scenes can you cram into a one hour show? Just my thoughts

  6. The only “Crime Shows” I watched with any regularity were “Law & Order”, “Miami Vice”, “Crime Story”, “Wise Guy”, and “The X-Files”.

    SLW watches “NCIS”, “Castle”, and “Rizzoli and Isles”

        • I second Ed about Homicide. Not sure if it was a spinoff of Law & Order, but there was some cross pollination of characters and story lines from time-to-time.

          • There is a very big difference in style between east and west-coast policing. Cities roughly the same size often have 2X as many officers on the east as on the west. We can argue which works out better but demographics, population density, etc. come into play. It’s not as cut and dried as people like to make it.

          • I think the spinoff I was thinking of was “Special Victims Unit”.

            I just looked up “Homicide”, and I remember it well. I didn’t follow it, but I remember it as a good show.

  7. How well did all the agencies in SoCal play together, LL? It’s a HUGE raea, and must have dozens of local agencies. In Lost Angeleez, the Port Police were their own sworn agency, while In Long Beach, the Port Police were part of the regular LBPD. I know that caused some riffs, but those are the only three SoCal agencies I have experience with.

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