I’m Ready for Hillary

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It does not matter how big the lies are or how often she tells them. Whether Hillary Clinton blames an “awful video” that none of the rag heads saw on the Benghazi Massacre or whether she’s deleting e-mail to cover herself, the left will drink the Kool Aid and will love her for it. Self-identified ‘progressives’ love her in much the same way as a mother loves a deformed infant or an addict loves his drug and they are not going to give it up.
She was a bungling fool as SECSTATE, not unlike her successor, John Kerry has been, but when you own the media, it’s all covered up. The prime (gut) difference between Hillary Clinton and a rattlesnake is that you can become attached to the snake in time because it has redeeming characteristics. 

19 thoughts on “I’m Ready for Hillary

  1. We can assume, then, that you aren't coordinating her campaign in the San Diego area?

  2. Well put my friend. But think about this …. envision all the democrats you can think of. They're all just like her aren't they? They will do, lie, or say anything to stay in power, and they have their allies in the media making sure the unwashed never hear about it.

  3. You mean into the Santa Catalina straights where seals run the Carcharodon gauntlet?

  4. I'd promise not to open a vein in her leg. Just like all the times she promised to tell the truth about Benghazi.

  5. I understand that some priests are calling for a national exorcism. I see Hillary as a target.

    But maybe that's just me.

  6. In my work we call it a clue…the missing emails are in the same place the Rose Law Firm records were found. You shouldn't pre-judge, the best predictor of future behavior is one's actions in the past…so she will find them, and turn them over. We are not yet at the point where this makes a difference. She will tell us, at what point, this makes a difference!

    Now, get behind the virtual rope…

  7. Yes, I'm sorry. I'm obviously jumping to conclusions. I'll wait for direction from Mrs. Clinton and Huma Wiener.

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