China Nationalizes

The People’s Republic of China found yesterday that their strategic supply of face masks has been depleted and they moved to remedy the situation by nationalizing (and scrutinizing) the production of both surgical and N95 face masks. This will control how many masks are retained in China and how many will be available for overseas customers. It will clearly impact my newly minted business.

Rogue Wuhan? The Chinese in Space?

(h/t Searaigh) People have dire predictions for the future of mankind as China decides to move into space and eat everything including Baby Yoda.

Is outer space the ultimate wet market? Can the madness be stopped? Is there another virus out there that can blunt the relentless feeding attack of the People’s Republic of China? Watch the video.

It’s Slow Joe

The DNC paid Bernie off and the path to the nomination is clear for Slow Joe Biden, the senile, corrupt, creepy, former vice president. Some of the Democrats are calling for NY Gov. Cuomo to be Biden’s running mate despite Joe’s promise to tag a woman for the #2 slot. That’s not really a problem for the DNC. Cuomo can self identify as a male lesbian or as a woman and Joe’s promise can be made good. After all, isn’t gender just a construct. Cuomo already has pierced nipples. Doesn’t that count for something?



    • The blush is off the rose for those who want socialism. And the nation can’t afford to pay $100 trillion on the Green New Deal and all of the other Democrat scams and hand-outs. I think that people are seeing that.

  1. The powers that be will likely choose Joe’s running mate for him. No matter who’s picked, we won’t care for she-he-it.

    • No, it won’t be satisfactory…but as you say, that’s a given. That person will replace Biden and they in turn will pick another VP (Hillary) who might then ascend to the presidency.

      And if the Donkeys keep control of the House, will AOC be Speaker?

  2. Pork rind fried chicken: my wife asked me if she was supposed to deep fry the chicken with the avocado oil, or just some avocado oil in the bottom of the pan and turn the chicken occasionally. I had no answer for her.

    Also, just dredge the chicken in the crushed pork rinds, or use an egg wash first, (eggs are low carb, too). All of these questions, and I am at a loss. It seemed so simple at first…

    • Use boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and prepare them the way you normally would in terms of trimming, washing, etc. Dredge in an egg wash and then roll them in crushed pork rinds. Add seasoning (see the e-mail that I sent you), and then fry in avocado oil (no taste, but can handle higher temps. than olive oil) for a very low carb fried chicken. You’re avoiding wheat flower or rice flower and yet you get a panko like crust on it and it’s pretty good.

  3. FYI. A link from Daily Timewaster brings me to this page. Selecting your header to take me to take me to posts from March 29. Not sure why. If I type the link directly or select it from another blog I still end up on the March 29 postings.

  4. I just posted a very interesting video about the source for the Wuflu by Epoch Times. It’s 55 minutes, but I think it’s worth the watch.

  5. I thought “The Chinese in Space!” was Phantom Menace , where the Trade Federation guys were all-in, double down 1920s Fu Manchu stereotypes…


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