The answer is: “pretty damned toxic”.

The US Navy identified the principle threat to the safety and security of the United States, and it’s not what you think. CDR Salamander cites the study that helps found the direction of the Defense Department going forward. …more here

Again, listen to his extended remarks. At a time when we need innovative thought, daring, and the creative friction that comes from contrasting solutions addressing challenges to our nation’s security, what do the three items above accomplish in support of that goal? Who do they protect? Who do they punish?

More importantly, what type of person does that kind of culture attract and promote, versus the kind of person that culture repels and rejects?


Professional Athletes

Many of America’s Special Forces are essentially professional athletes. For much the same reason that there are no female players in the National Football League, there are no females green berets or SEALS – but wait. Adding females, even unqualified females, would tend to reduce toxic masculinity in those male-dominated service branches. Until now, females were blocked because they were unable to meet very stringent standards – but the bar is about to be lowered.

(See article above)

Nobody expects to see females on the line in the NFL anytime soon.



I’m cool with running them down. Then again, I’m a toxic male.


  1. How about side-by-side bulldozers heading toward the mob at full throttle.
    Think it would get the mob to move?

      • Oh well…and it’s now legal in Florida, iffn they forgot what their mother told them and are in the middle of the road trying to stop your car with angry shouting and face coverings. Works for me.

          • Pedestrians are a Difficulty 2 Hazard.

            P.S. – I still think a mine-clearing flail or an airport snow blower is the ideal vehicle for this application.


          • KLE – what about a modified woodchipper – not unlike a mine clearing flail or an industrial snowblower?

          • We need a new term for Bull Bar…”Antifa/BLM Bar” is too obvious. “Cow Catcher” wouldn’t fit because no one wants to “catch” these idiot cretins. Maybe “The Protester Eradicator”.

          • Yeah, a woodchipper would be good! They make giant ones with a claw on an arm so they can feed themselves entire trees… not so sure they can do it on the move though.

    • The damage to you, Ed, could be reversed — with a lot of shots, a few slices. You could discover your inner woman…

      The damage to the Service? That remains to be seen. My sense is that America will make a hard right turn, but I’m an optimist.

  2. Good post by Salamander. And I like the Nascar infographic.

    That aside, the corporate sponsored left is faced with a dilemma. On the one hand they have to destroy the armed forces. But on the other, they to fight endless wars.

    Solution? Fight endless wars we don’t win.

  3. Me? I want to see women in the NFL. And I want to see one broken in half. Sorry, want to play ‘Everyone’s Equal’? Then suffer the consequences.

    THEY have pushed me into not caring anymore. Just don’t care. Want a 5’0″ 95lb ‘wonder woman’ on SWAT or in the SEALS? Then when she gets deaded, don’t expect me to cry.

    Like all the movies and tv shows that show, well, a 5’0″ 95lb ‘wonder woman’ attacking a 6’0″ 250lb guy in another 50lbs of armor and weapons and the guuurl wins, just using her hands and feet.

    Me? I want enough movie to make a real movie. Some kung-fu pandette goes kick-flying at a guy with a sword and let’s see whose martial arts is really superior. F’n cut her through the crotch, or smash her ‘Jill’ to pudding, or chop a leg off. Or head but her with your helmet and watch her head cave in.

    So tired of the Mary Sue complex winning over reality.

    As to running over idiots in the road? F’ them. F’ them all. Gee, get a pickup truck with a railroad rail bumper and towing 4-5 50′ lengths of barbed wire with chain or metal balls welded on the end. Maybe some knives or just rods poking out of the hubs. And put ‘er in 4wd and go Balls to the Wall and play Frogger with the idiots.

    See above comment. They have pushed me past caring. Pushed me into cheering for their well-deserved deaths and dismemberments and disfigurements and trauma and shock.

    Give them something real to cry about.

    I used to be a nice man. Now? Eh, not my circus, not my monkeys, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    Is this overly harsh? Nah. Don’t care…

    • And, yes, I may not be 6′. But 5’10”, 265lbs and minimal armor (covering knees, elbows, neck, groin, kidneys and a helmet, and the 5’4″ 105lb woman fighter would hit me and I’d almost feel it on an unarmored part of my body.

      As an addition, there should be no punishment for any player or other military personnel who accidentally breaks a wonder woman.

      All of this reminds me of the pugil stick fighting video out there on the interwebs where some fembot gets her ass handed to her and she starts crying. Three times. This one, precisely…

      I can’t birth a baby without radical medical intervention at all phases of pregnancy.

      Neither can most women, even the Gina chick who got fired from Disney, compete on a peer-to-peer level. Oh, not saying she can’t hold her own against scroats and low-level fighters, but put her up against a man at the same weight and experience and combat level? Or against a man at the same rank irregardless of weight and height limits?

      For the same reason the top wealterweight boxer would be killed by a barely ranked heavyweight.

      • He’s Master Level at the stream of consciences rant roll. Always a fun read…and truth.

        • I may be one of very few who had the lawful sanction to “use appropriate force” to restrain women who decided to attack me, and to “use the force necessary to effect an arrest”. Maybe Beans did when he wore a shield.

          In any event, I recall a 4th Dan Aikido black belt woman who decided to fight. I may have the Aikido terminology wrong, but the point was that she was trained, conditioned, and a student of the eminent Ikuhiro Kubota Shihan. The master wouldn’t have approved of her attacking a police officer, but she was madder than a wet cat. You can argue that her mental state was her undoing when she should have mopped the floor with somebody like me who studied a form of Krav Maga (yes there is a Krav Maga hard style – even though there is no Krav Maga soft style) She was on the deck, handcuffed in something like three seconds.

          Now, there are men at the same rate/level, trained by the same school who are very formidable. She lost because she was a woman – sorry. And yes, she had her nose broken in the take down…sorry.

          If any of you reading this were around Master Ikuhiro Kubota Shihan about twelve years ago, you’ll know who I’m referring to.

          You could say that she was defeated by toxic masculinity and somebody who didn’t go easy on her.

          • Oh, there are women out there who can out-fight guys. In specific styles, in specific circumstances.

            Like the Naginata/Yari (Japanese glaive and spear) class an SCA Knight known for glaive work, who also had several various belts in oriental styles including some with weapons styles. He had his ass handed to him when he was at the top of his form by a 70 year old Japanese woman. Who at the age of 13 was pert near an acknowledged mistress in Nag and Yari and was training other little kids to kill the evil GI Joe in 1945. Yeah, I’d be careful around her. Until I could crush her with a shield rush and flatten her then beat her senseless… At range she’d kill me, get me inside and she’d be toast.

            I mean, it’s like the truth of the myth of Amazons. At one time horses were weaker than they are now and only women could seriously ride them for a long time in battle. And what’d they use? Bows and arrows. Very deadly from horseback. But as soon as the size and stamina of horses got so that guys could ride, better yet, guys in armor could ride, there goes the Amazons. Buh-Bye.

            And, yes, there were and are specific ladies who have the body and strength to do the guy thing. Joan D’Arc was one of them. Big farm girl. BIG peasant farm girl. Strong enough thighs she could squeeze the air out of a warhorse. That’s a lot of strength. So against footmen while mounted she could whack the crap out of the footies like the best of them. Against an equal sized mounted knight or even Squire with hand weapons? Eh, not so much. And there’s a reason she didn’t do many lance charges with couched lance. Even though she was a big farm girl.

            Now, on a gun team where the ladies can handle the ammo and the gun or tube? Like a mortar or light howitzer? Especially in a semi-fixed position? Sure.

            Same with other crew-served weapons.

            Or with hand weapons in a fixed position. That’s fine. Ammo there, don’t have to hump a 100-150lb ruck and stuff across God’s own rock garden or Satan’s sandpit or through some fetid swamp or steamy jungle.

            Find me a guuurl that can hump 150lbs of stuff across hill-n-dale, or break and repair track, or reliably handle a 120mm gun round, and I’ll gladly allow them to participate, as long as they leave their evil girl manipulation games behind.

            But start playing girl games and manipulation? Shoot her. For the betterment of all.

            Back when working at the local PD as a secretary/staff assistant/staff ass, my ‘boss’ was the SWAT team commander. One of the female officers, about 5’4″, 125ish lbs, wanted to be on the Team. So the commander asked her to take me down. Heh. That was a bad day for her.

            A guy I know, a serious black belt in oriental weapons and Tae kwon do, called my style of fighting Asshole-fu. Because I am an asshole. And I fight like one. Close and beat down, bum-rush, whack-a-mole, all are part of my ‘style.’ Yes, I can do finesse work, and used to be a wizard with spear or glaive (whack-a-mole, beat someone over the head and shoulders enough then sweep their legs out from under them, used to pound people’s shield arms so hard their arms would go numb behind the shield – see, I am an asshole) but with sword and shield, my style was close and beatdown.

            Yeah, nah. Want to play with the big-boys? Then don’t cry when you get hurt. Walk it off, come back and go again.

            (And, yes, I’ve been hit so hard that: A. hit in the head, rolled three times before hitting the ground, got up. B. hit in the inside of the left leg so hard it bruised from below the knee up to my belly-button, shook it off, kept fighting. C. Hit on the left leg by a downward stroke that made the bone vibrate and the muscles spasm. Eh, so?

            Put a typical female in a post-Korean AF SEER program? Or a modern SEAL SEER program? And have them not quit the service if they survive? hahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahaha…

  4. So the problem with the military is the entire “Culture of the DOD”.

    Sounds almost treasonous, to me.

    This must be the result of the “Military Industrial Complex” that Ike warned us about….

    • No. This is when everyone gets a trophy. When everyone ‘wins’ or worse, nobody wins or loses.

      Back in the 80’s, someone was talking about how the Navaho have the philosophy of ‘everyone’s equal.’ My response was “And how’d that work out for them against other tribes, let alone whites?”

      Back on track, we are seeing the fruition of ‘Everyone’s a winner.’

      I hate it.

      I was a loser a lot growing up. Didn’t warp me other than wanting me to find something I’m good at.

  5. Toxic masculinity. Hmm. What exactly does this mean? Being too masculine and alpha male and not being able to be vulnerable and empathetic? Standing strong to a patriarchal society and intimidating women? What’s the agenda with this new labelled topic?

    In my worldly experience I have found that the strong and very masculine alpha type males are the easiest and most well-mannered people I’ve met. I have been on many adventures and junkets that are male dominated and have only ever been met with respect and kindness. I’ve been taught how to kayak, shoot at a male dominated gun weekend, fish, go-kart, survive a hunting camp and much more. Whilst I’ve had fun playing in these arenas I’d never for one minute expect to hold my own against a guy. That’s just biology. We don’t have mixed athletics because a male equivalent will always outrun a female; an ace tennis male will always slam a female. Obviously.

    As for expression, I’ve had some of the most deep and meaningful conversations with what might be considered “toxic” males. I’ve found them much more honest and able to connect, express feelings, empathise and at times be vulnerable – surely that’s a human trait of us all.

    What about toxic femininity? Why isn’t anyone talking about that? How about the ways that women can use their wily and devious nature to their advantage and the bitchy girls’ clubs that grow from that? I would argue that women can be a lot more spiteful and dismissive of other women than men can. I would say that if I’ve ever had an issue with anyone that 9 times out of 10 it’s always been with a woman. Women sound off about being part of a sisterhood and standing by each other (and in many cases the loyalty of a female friend is priceless) but a woman is more likely to take offence, or slight you if she feels threatened by you. And when I say threatened, this can be a minor thing because we are more emotionally geared and will find the nuance in everything.

    I understand that toxic masculinity may be an issue if you look at it from a peer pressure perspective. There are guys who are maybe not as physically strong or not interested in the more aggressive sports / clubs / pastimes of your alpha male and may be teased or pressured into being or doing things that they’re not comfortable with. Many people like this end up in gangs and become part of the chain-link ruled by the leaders and forced into bad situations that result in screwing them up. For the gentler male, I appreciate that this could cause untold stress. The same for women, if you don’t fit in with the peer group and are ostracised then you will be mentally scarred by that. Not everybody is a Hulk or a Wonder Woman.

    However, this is life. There are always leaders and followers.
    All these labels, groups, and #metoo movements are fine if they’re shining a light on things that may cause mental or emotional stress to an individual that need to be addressed, but not when they get way out of hand or balance and start ripping apart regular people who are put into a “Toxic” box when they are far from it. The toxicity is then from the other side.

    As with all these things it’s a matter of keeping it simple. If you go about your life trying not to be an arsehole to people you’ll generally find that works out.

    • I think that your insights are valid across the population.

      I recall when I was a kid – Jr. High, as I recall. Kids brought squirt-guns to school and I was always getting squirted. I didn’t like it so I brought a larger squirt gun loaded with ammonia in an aquious solution. Yes, I went to the principal’s office once it all came out. And the squirt-gun leaked so I smelled like ammonia. The point was simply this. I couldn’t out squirt the entire school with water, so I upped the game.


      • +1 to Jules and LL.

        Should we call this the preamble to “Dr. Jules Peterson’s 12 Gal Rules for Life”?, could be a best seller. Then again, common sense seems to be despised.

  6. It isn’t so much “the entire culture of the DoD”, it’s “the entire culture of Politicians”.

    They made the DoD this way, and they did it on purpose.

    • Historically, politicians, as a class, always behave this way. We have a lot of very rich people who have decided to harness them and focus them — and the news media.

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