The situation in Hong Kong was an interesting one. The Crown Colony without the crown was floundering and far from being significant to the Chinese Communist Party from an economic standpoint, it had been diminished. Many think that an infusion of capital into Hong Kong by the Communists would have solved the problem of unemployed males (who turned to riot). Opening up more land in the New Territories for housing was another way forward to relieve the pressure that the people of Hong Kong were under.

None of that happened because of the concern over political reliability. There is more than one political party in Hong Kong. There’s not just a one party and one anointed communist option on the ballot at election time. Choice can become a cancer in a communist state where control is more important than anything else.

We read that the practice of book burning is underway in the Worker’s Paradise as part of their return to “communist purity of thought”. The hive mind is important in a communist society.

One reason that the Chinese Communist Party panicked as badly as it has can be attributed in part to the money and influence poured onto the street in Hong Kong by American based non-government organizations (NGO’s). They’re often the cat’s paws for USGOV operations, and in this case may be no exception.

American flags and a call for American troops to save Hong Kong from the communists tugs at the heart strings of Americans, but it doesn’t play the same way in Beijing.

Let’s face it, the Communist Chinese have been at war with America for well over half a century now and America is just waking up to the fact.  Really big US companies such as Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, etc. are purveyors of wares that originate in Red China. Is there really a difference between Walmart (America’s largest retailer) and Communist China? If it exists, it’s a very small difference.  I’m not calling for America to boycott Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, and brands like Nike, which use Chinese slave/sweat shop labor to deliver low cost goods to the American consumer. I think that the divide between the US and China will handle that all on its own – UNLESS – “the dog returns to its vomit”.

There is a lot of pressure from the Chinese Communists on American profiteers to fund creepy, senile, corrupt old Joe Biden and get back to the way things were. Finding an appropriately corrupt vice president to replace the near brain dead Biden when he is shuffled from office is far more than a cliche. With the media juggernaughts behind the Democrats because they are all subsets of multinational corporations with huge holdings in China, the restraint of the past four years of President Trump will become hysterical. And as it does, reflect on the grip that China is losing.

If Hong Kong succeeds, what is to keep other provinces in China for demanding multi-party elections? And if that happened, what would happen to the communist cadre who owe their power (and in some cases their lives) to clinging to the status quo? Disasters such as the crumbling Three Gorges Dam and crop failures are nothing compared to the capacity for the public to choose their leaders.


  1. “Let’s face it, the Communist Chinese have been at war with America for well over half a century now”

    Fair enough. But even worse, “communist-minded” persons within the US have been destroying our society from within for at least that long. It mostly began with admission of eastern European immigrants, and the rot really accelerated in the 1950’s and 60’s. Now they control much of non-STEM academia, about a third of our courts, most of our news media, and nearly all TV/movie entertainment (hence the need for things such as “Friends of Abe”).

    Because victimhood is such an important part of their self-image, and because they view everything as a group conflict that is a zero-sum game, they have transformed Western society into an inverted value system wherein claimed victimhood trumps achievement, merit, ability, or anything else that was previously valued and admired. This really screws over, for example, the black man who just wants to work hard and lead a law-abiding life. But our lords and masters insist that he cannot separate himself from the negative stereotypes (which don’t come from nowhere) and the low achieving thugs who happen to share genetic background with him. For communist-minded people the narrative is one of group conflict and oppression, and victimhood (always victimhood). Therefore the world they make is one of crabs in a bucket.

    We can defeat external enemies. But the internal enemies are so much worse.

  2. I noticed in the video you posted the link to yesterday that 1984 and Animal Farm had been placed on the banned list. Hits too close to home I guess.

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