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Shotgun or handgun for home defense? 
The answer is both, but each for its own application. (there is a reason why a tool box has more than one tool in it)

(h/t http://tslrf.blogspot.com)

Chris Costa is the president of MagPul and is a former member of the Coast Guard. Normally, those qualifications don’t mean much in and of themselves, but in this case I agree with his advice.

14 thoughts on “Home Defense

  1. I have cleared my house in the dark ("What the hell was that? Did you hear that?"), never thought of using the light on the gun – 1) it shows somebody in the dark exactly where you are, 2) I know my house – he does not, 3) I know where the light switches are – he does not. Just sayin'…

  2. Race makes more sense to me.
    I would appreciate suggestions on how to make it work with an armed elder walking around the house at night… So far someone super glued a gps tracker to him, and that helps someone to know where he is in the scheme of things… but…

  3. This blog post goes specifically to one reader. I don't use a light either. Multiple suspects, you may get one but the other has you.

  4. Maybe taser him first and water board him to get all relevant information on why he chose your manse to make entry over all of the other promising loot at the neighbor's house, etc.

  5. Somehow water boarding my 90 year old dad in his own house, seems a little harsh, but your the expert.

  6. Honestly I'm kinda fond of the ol guy, and I've got this cush caddie gig…so I'll just keep stick'n the tracking device on him…

  7. I came very close to buying a S&W Governor – shoots .45 ACP and 410. I was buying it for my Dad who spent alot of time in an RV. It was half for personal defense, half 'cause I just wanted to shoot the thing. I was not able to buy it before he passed…just like the RMJ he was going to buy me. When the zombies attack, it would be nice to have a shotgun pistol and a good tomahawk…

  8. I'd like to have that Governor myself, primarily for wandering in the woods. The .410 makes an effective snake load.

    Again, my condolences for your father's passing. I lost my father many years ago – and my brother. Nothing replaces the loss. Nothing diminishes the loss. I think about them all of the time. I love them and miss them. – Point being I understand where you are and what you feel and wish your father was still around and you didn't have to feel it.

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