Captioned Photo: It has nothing to do with the Holiday Season except that it brightened up the area where it flew at night…WP flares and 20MM tracer.


I don’t celebrate the solstice unless we’re counting it as just another brick in the wall. However, to those people who dance naked under the moon – or absence of a visible Moon as the case may be, I say “go for it”.

In honor of the pagan holiday, I give you pagans this.


For those of you who care to recall:


Santa, getting ready for the big night


  1. Um, I would never want to openly contradict the proprietor of this here blogging establishment (he has skilz, after all), but if-n I was to engage in such heresy, I’d say that particular AC-47 gunship was equipped with 7.62mm mini-guns.

  2. I’m not sure Santa is going to come out on top of this tussle. Oftentimes when somebody gets into a pissing match with an animal with tusks, antlers, or horns, just letting go can be as dangerous as latching on.

  3. Seems like “Spooky” would have been a Halloween pic?

    Still there’s always room for miniguns !

    It’s always nice to see the days start getting longer.


  4. LL is nothing if not inclusive, that is why there is always room for mini-guns as KLE says.

    You can keep the WP, a little too dicey to work on. WP and thermite were always nervous making when the rounds needed inspection or maintenance. Well them and Durandal bombs.

  5. I well remember the AC-47s. This started back in the days before they became “Spooky”, when they were called “Puff the Magic Dragon”. Other than the Air Commandos, and the people doing night interdiction on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, they were the only people from Big Air Force who would fly at night. They were the only part of Big Air Force we would call upon in a pinch, if we needed something heavy at night, we much preferring the Air Commandos, day or night, both for their accuracy, their preparedness to come in low and slow, and their willingness to go that extra mile.

  6. Yep, 7.62 GE miniguns. One of my cousins was on the USAF development team at England AFB in Louisiana.

    Good luck with the reindeer, since they are all females! Getting them to all agree on anything would be epic! 😉

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