I hope that the Holiday Season is working out for you.

Be careful, she isn’t wearing a mask!



Holiday Thoughts

I saw a commercial for an elderly assistance program. It showed Grandma at home with a meal in front of her, flanked by a healthcare worker wearing a mask, doing a facetime or zoom meeting with her family at Christmas. (slowing the spread perhaps – extreme social distancing) Christmas is a time for families and yes, if you’re sick, you shouldn’t make a point of killing grandma, but if you’re not, leaving people alone when there is an alternative, is cruel. It may be progressive, but it’s cruel.

I realize that Camela Harris is technically opposed to Christmas as a democrat, as was Barack and Joe, but every time I see her, I say Ho-Ho-Ho, reflexively. I don’t know what comes over me.



Browsing 2020 Movies

It’s December 2020 and the movies for the year are in the can, some have gone direct to video. In a moment of wanting to see something new I scrolled over the Rotten Tomatoes picks for the admittedly weird plague year. I didn’t find anything at all interesting.  What I did find was typified by tag lines:

  • Middle-age masculinity gone wrong.
  • A lot of LGBTQ+ themes, none of which hold the slightest interest.
  • Film about intrepid journalists. That sort of fantasy is too far out there to be accepted even if I completely suspend disbelief.
  • Film by Liam Neeson, the Irish actor who makes films with gun violence and crusades against the private ownership of firearms. Sorry Liam. Good actor but on the shit list. Same with the kiddy banger, Tom Hanks – frequent guest of the now dead Epstein.
  • Film about the current plague. I’m living through it. I don’t need to see a film about one actor’s journey.
  • Films (lots) about “the black experience.” May be fun for some but not for me. Spike Lee, productions.
  • Down-on-their-luck playwrite in New York City. Uh-no.
  • Foreign film on a point that can’t be fathomed.
  • Liberal person interest film about liberal people doing liberal things and exploring homosexuality.
  • Slasher film
  • Karate film
  • Indian Bollywood production
  • Film about supernatural Mayans doing exotic stuff in a dream context. You’d need to chew peyote to enjoy it.
  • Dope Film, about how cool it is to be peddling drugs.

There were movies made. Just none that appeal to me.




Alien Invasion Corner


Wearing a mask by yourself in a car is like putting on a condom and going to bed alone.


    • The new progressive films are made for a narrow niche of progs. Nobody else would waste their money. One day, somebody will wake up and will make a movie designed to entertain without raw sex with any gender, no karate scenes and no slasher sequences, without a liberal lesson baked into the plot – and they’ll make serious money.

  1. Those wearing a mask by themselves in the car don’t have to tell us who they voted for, we already know.

    I might maybe have stolen that from you, LL, but at least I’ll ‘fess up to it.

  2. All I want for Christmas is for our governor – and his aunt – to be recalled in shame from office for incompetence and hostility to the common man. Then they’ll have plenty of time for nights out to dinner at the French Laundry.

    • They would never be recalled in shame in your state (my former state) where they are held out as icons of progressiveness. Recalling in shame just doesn’t see like it’s being taken far enough. Alcatraz is still an island and there is still a prison there. Lock them inside and allow tourists to look at them….sort of a zoo with no petting allowed. Add Swalwell and bring Fang-Fang back from China. You know they’d end up like the Chimpanzee encounter – throwing poo at visitors.

  3. Robert Anton Wilson wrote something along the lines of (describing a novelist) “He wrote depressing books about pathetic, deviant, immoral losers. Because most critics are losers who lead pathetic, deviant, immoral lives, his books were acclaimed as genius.”

    RAW told many truths under the guise of humorous fiction. Many movie people come from a background of resentment, paranoid aggression, and the conviction that the world is rigged against them because of who they are. Some have indeed been treated badly, but they refuse to acknowledge that the ill treatment is because of their personal behavior, not their heritage. I was childhood friends with a guy now doing well in action movies (writer). Sometime around junior high school he morphed from a smart, nerdy and somewhat mouthy (which got him beat up) kid into a devious and untrustworthy person whose guiding principles were malice and expedience, over a background of resentment. His on-line bio says that he was mistreated as a child because of his heritage. Maybe so, but I never saw/heard that in any of his frequent lunchroom and gym and playground altercations. I strongly suspect he is quite typical for the world he now inhabits.

    • rawilson.com still exists! I used to visit his site regularly way back when (the 90s) for his joke of the week and any recent vids before youtube even existed.

    • I did write and get paid for two screenplays. One Madonna/Maverick Films was never made, and the other was made but the producer director turned it from an edgy, scary movie into a “Jesus karate film”. No lie.

      They were looking for a location to film and asked me. I said that Saudi King Abdullah (through his one of his princeling grandsons who I know) had a really interesting ranch in Del Mar, CA. I told them that I’d put in a kind word. The ranch wasn’t being used, but it was professionally maintained. Cutting to the chase, there were former SAVAK people (who I had known for years) handling security – and hiding out from Iranian ire at the location. The Hollywood mutants were terrified. They thought that I was full of crap. They learned that I spoke the truth and fled in fear. Hollywood people are — barely human, and generally devoid of ethics.

  4. Regarding that first GIF, if I was 40 years younger, or even 30, and single, I’d take my chances.
    I’m with Ed. My go to is also TCM. While some crap is shown, there’s a lot of worthwhile things there to see.

  5. Al I want for Christmas – besides the “tag” sentiment, is for gov’t officials to get half a ton of coal, on fire, in their front yards.

    Regardless of Tom Cruise being a nudge (at least as much as this latest ranting over Covid restrictions, which in some ways can’t fault the guy as he is Executive Producer and under scrutiny in England, heck, some GC’s do the same or worse on the jobsite), I do want to see Maverick. Just hafta. Usually I don’t equate on-screen with public persona as I’ve seen actors instantly switch from being normal to character. It’s weird to watch. Agree though, Hollywood is off the rails with everything oddball being presented as common and normal.

    • I’m all over, “my dirt, my rules”. Cruise (Thomas Cruise Mapother IV) was paying and he got to set the rules. He can blaggard his people and fire them if he wants to. The people in question HAD PLAGUE AND RECOVERED and didn’t think that they needed masks. But it’s like being a waitress at hooters – you need hooters or you don’t get the job. Their dirt, their rules.

  6. I hate wearing made in China rabbitsfoot masks, so I don’t. Feels good, man. Unlike the prospect of a fraudulent, ChiCom Biden presidency, which doesn’t.

  7. “Wearing a mask by yourself in a car is like putting on a condom and going to bed alone.” That has to be the most concise and truthful quote of at least this generation! It should be put up and revered as anything George Washington and Thomas Jefferson has spouted!

  8. I forget the last movie we went out to see. We’ve gone to more local plays and musicals than the movies this year.

    We watched the first Cars movie the other night, and I was quite impressed with it. The CGI rendering was stunning, the soundtrack was good, and it had an actual plot line. Young arrogant race driver learns important life lessons, and grows up a whole lot. Yeah, it’s been done before, but sometimes how you tell the story makes it special.

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