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Let’s Face It

You can’t get a bigger chucklehead than Camela Harris. She’s dumb as a post. But in a world where the President’s advisors make all the decisions and set policy, what difference would it make if she ascended and broke the glass ceiling. The first female Indian-American president would be something – don’t ask me what but – something.

They’ve had Joe teetering around reminding the nation that he has Covid but may not die (of that) (soon). See the first paragraph in that nobody cares about creepy, corrupt old Joe Brandon.


A Few Things to Ponder

Hotshots -It’s the season…



The inflation is well more than double 7%.  This is an optimistic meme…



D.C. power couple


Bullet Points

* Elena Kagan – SCOTUS Justice and Prog

* Fauci’s Plan –  (Zerohedge) Today, Fauci earns a federal salary of $480,654 per year. However, by 2024, Fauci will likely be making $530,000 in salary – an increase of nearly $200,000 since 2014. Therefore, we estimate that Fauci’s first-year pension payout will exceed $414,000 – more than the salary for the President of the United States ($400,000). Then there is the graft he’s amassed on top of that. But he also regards himself as a saint, so maybe he figures he earned it.

* Focusing on eggs, once considered the cheapest source of protein, has seen wholesale prices for a dozen large eggs more than triple in one year, whereas most food items just doubled.

* The Athabasca Oil Sands in Alberta, Canada now cover roughly 100 square miles (258 square kilometers). The facility has expanded as its production of oil increased since the 1990s – an average of 3.1 million barrels were extracted each day in 2018, which is four times as much as in 2005. Athabasca contains Earth’s largest known deposit of bitumen, a semi-solid form of crude oil that occurs as a mixture of sand, clay, and water.  The entire Athabasca area contains enough oil to produce 2.5 million barrels per day for the next 185 years. 57.020000°, -111.650000°

* I had the Weather Chanel on, mostly for background noise. The noontime show deals with the climate “crisis” and the programming is a real laugh riot. It’s funny to see people taking this so seriously. My favorite segment was with a clinical psychologist talking about how to deal with depression and anxiety caused by the fear of climate change. Apparently, some people are in such despair they’re actually having mental breakdowns. We’ll all be dead in ten years, etc.

* Masks are coming back… Progs should also eat through their masks. Let the fabric strain their soup. Or maybe a small hole for a straw. The mask is said to be a talisman to ward off the next plague.

* San Francisco’s small businesses are closing in waves as just 24% of office workers return, big tech workers like Google are slow hiring, and the city center devolves into an open-air drug market. I could care less.  It is a dystopian wasteland now that reminds me of a bad science fiction film.

* Brandon – the-Superspreader President Brandon flew on Air Force One with several Democratic lawmakers and met with Ukraine First Lady Olena Zelenska this week while potentially contagious with COVID-19.


Homemade Garlic Cheese Bread

It’s easier to buy the bread in the store and then juice it up with garlic, low-cal butter and low-cal cheese. I define low-cal as a term intended to lull the reading public into a false sense of “good for you”. A combination of cheddar and fontina seems to work well. It accompanies spaghetti with sweet Italian sausage well.


More Nautical Supersitions

A sick man does not die at low tide A superstition that persisted on Cape Cod and other regions of New England was that a sick man does not die at low tide. Therefore, the surgeons always kept an eye on the tides, because if their patient managed to survive at the onset of the tide, then he might make it further because at low tide he would not die.

Hex Marks These geometric patterns were painted or carved on guns to prevent witches hired by the enemy from bewitching them.

Just no two-tone eyes It could well be that a pressed man had to face a somewhat strange question during the health check. Namely, look me in the eyes – this is not a romantic attempt by a surgeon to get closer to him, but to check whether he has two different colored eyes. Because that brought the greatest misfortune on board and the man’s luck because he had to leave the boat immediately.

May it be a few flowers? No, flowers were given at funerals and meant bad luck and the death of many on board. And it was probably about cut flowers, because there were some captains or admirals, especially on blockade duty, who kept half a garden in their great cabin because it reminded them of home and meant a bit of work against boredom.

May I ask for the right foot? Come aboard yes, but please with your right foot. Left is bad and brings bad luck. This was due to the general view that the left was the evil, unclean side.

Umbrellas are for foul weather use and bringing one on board was thought to tempt fate.

Stones Throwing stones into the sea was disrespectful to the gods and also caused storms and huge swells.

The color black Although sailors have traditionally associated the color black with bad luck, one notable exception has been (and remains) the ship’s cat.

Birds Sighting a curlew at sea, however, is considered bad luck. The feather of a wren slain on New Year’s Day was believed to protect a sailor from dying by shipwreck — he may of course die by some other sea-related cause but at least he’d have narrowed the Grim Reaper’s options.

Renaming a ship It is absolutely frowned upon and considered unlucky to give a ship a new name. If a ship absolutely must be renamed, tradition demands that this be done after a proper ritual and ceremony. First, all traces of the previous ship’s name must be removed, not only from the ship itself but also from documents, log books, and memorabilia. The name is then written on a piece of paper and placed in a wooden box, which is then burned. The ashes are then scattered into the sea at low tide. In a second ceremony, the boat is then renamed to its new name – although superstition no longer requires that the boat be launched over the bodies of the slaves on a slipway.





    • Left vs right…
      You shake hands with the right hand to show you do not have a weapon in that hand, but it you were treacherous your left hand would be holding a blade.

  1. So a clinical psychologist was brought out to talk about dealing with depression and anxiety caused by the fear of climate change, caused by the fear mongering of the media. I bet the segment lasted 10 minutes, when all he had to say was ‘turn off your TV’.

      • Larry, you don’t know the half of it… There were psychologists on the psych unit I was charge nurse and head shaking was prevalent. The joke was the staff was crazier then the patients. How and why I got into psych I am still trying to figure out after being retired after 26 years of nursing. I lasted only seven years in psych, it was suggested I find another career specialty after I told the doctor who was the psychiatric department head he was loonier as hell and was an idiot too. I went into Med/Surg, neonatal and L&D and thrived. I would say close to 90% of the patients were of the left liberal persuasion and could set your monthly calendar to them voluntary admits.

  2. i saw a neighbor lady walking her dog while smoking THRU her mask outside, alone. i just can’t fathom it….a canadian judge released that polish preacher that defied the lock down and ordered he be repaid all fines and court costs, citing the arrest was illegal. small victory, but could be important next time around….i say let brandon slip into that night and get it over with. deal w/ camelface as it comes. i don’t think anything she could do would make the dims chances any better. germany is already gearing up for covidiocy, announcing a lock down in september ahead of time. guess we’ll be mailing it in then. the police think they are getting hammered now, wait til they try to lock us down again.

  3. “…but if over time the court loses all connection with the public and with public sentiment, that’s a dangerous thing for a democracy.”

    This one apparently didn’t attend High School Social Studies. A) Last I checked we are a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy as the Dem’s are now so fond of constantly stating (to make it mainstream, like LGBTQRXYZ+/-). For a SCJ to use Democracy proves she’s either; stupid, a political operative, or both. b) The point of SCOTUS, as anyone with a 10th grade education knows, is explicitly NOT to be swayed by public opinion. The Left sure does churn out a lot of dangerous morons.

    I always wondered how certain people ended up so wealthy, they often weren’t particularly bright or smart. Sure, some got lucky. But mostly I’ve concluded for many of them playing in the political arena was their ticket. There is little doubt when so many in Big Pharma are now living like Kings of the past for doing next to nothing.

    Pelosi Crime Wave- They are only the tip of the iceberg and America is the Titanic. The Covid Not-A-Vax Grift is proving out to be true, Big Pharma insiders all got massive payouts/offs of printed cashola from The Federal Ponzy Scheme to produce the Culling Juice. Top Moderna exec’s, including their Chief Medical Grifter, are now living in multi-million dollar homes in Boston’s posh neighborhoods. Never envy the wealthy…God sees their ill-gotten.

    That’s good looking bread. (John Pinette, RIP, “People in Russia stand in line all day for bread, THAT must be some GOOD BREAD!”)

    • Kagan was not appointed to the Supreme Court from the bench. She was a government lawyer who worked for the Obama Regime. Thus her ignorance of the law, while no excuse, can be understood. The Half Blood Prince liked her and she liked him, so she got the robe,

    • Paul M, look up Hillary Clinton, cattle futures, and $100K profit, if I recall correctly. I remember that making the news for a short period when she was either running for Senate or nominated for Secretary of State. Many questions about whether it was insider trading were not answered then.

      • I remember that, obvious they’d been playing the insider trader game for a long time. But magically the evidence disappeared with the hammered and bleached private bathroom server drives. Seems no one was compelled to look into in it, other than to look away. Prison would be too good for that thing.

  4. Love the retro pic. Made with nothing but what you were issued with the exception of shoegue of course. Burlap sacks which you had to peel apart thread by thread. Seabag for a snake belly hammock netting used for stitching and of course laundry bags for the entire back and head for desperately needed ventilation. I don’t remember any of my ssbc instructors shutting down stalk ranges due to a heatwave. I find Guille maintenance to be a therapeutic thing to this day.

  5. Regarding butter, go with unsalted Plugra. Safeway or Fry’s (can’t remember which it is) has it. Kerrygold is almost as good.

    Stop picking on Nancy. She answered very directly when asked if here husband trades on inside information. If she says no that’s good enough for me. 😒

    • Right. They just chat over dinner. She tells him all about her stressful days dealing with legislation and his secretary takes notes on the conversation, just so he can refer to it later in case Nan asks if he was listening.

  6. Like the post and comments but I’m taking a mental health break today on commenting.

  7. Read elsewhere that, now that Ukraine & Russia signed an agreement to allow grain shipments out of Odessa, there has been a mysterious cruise missile attack on the port from a mysterious location by mysterious forces. As this apparently was a good deal for both Ukraine & Russia neither of them would be doing this.
    It’s a mystery.

    • It was a hard-fought and bitter compromise between Ukraine and Russia, good for both of them, good for the world, but not for the globalists. If they can agree on a grain deal, what’s to stop them from ending the war through compromise?

    • Not to worry. I’m sure the cruise missile attack was a perfectly legitimate act of pre-emptive revenge.

      • With the great powers all committed to ongoing war (now that Afghanistan ended), coming to an agreement to act in their own best interest and that of the world is nothing short of treachery.

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