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December 15, 533 AD – Belisarius defeated the Vandals at Tricamarum

Belisarius defeated the Vandal King Gelimer in battle, effectively ending the Vandal rule of North Africa; and ending the Vandals as a people.

After the battle, the Vandal warriors were incorporated into the Eastern Roman army and scattered throughout the Eastern frontier. A select few were enlisted in Belisarius’ “Bucellarii”, or Household Regiment the core of all of his armies.

The Vandal women married their East Roman conquerors, in order to hold onto their property under the new administration.


Wikileaks Dump

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Venezuela Burned its Voting Machines

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They were a step ahead of us.


Keep the Spirit of Christmas with you…

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China and Iran don’t Celebrate Christmas

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Then comes the Lunar New Year. 

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2021 will be the Year of the Ox.




  1. wow, the wiki dump could keep one busy for years. …i thought fbi couldn’t find clintons emails?….btw the security pin to make a secure call thru state is 1234567. i kid you not, its in there, lol.

  2. Have you read the account of Belisarius’ Triumph in Constantinople after the Vandal victory? As I understand it, the Adrianople Standards were paraded before Justinian, recaptured. The last classical Triumph.

    Sic transit.

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