The New Reality

The Chinese Plague, the Green New Deal, the Communist Agenda for control of the USA. Defunding local police and replacing them with national ‘Brown Shirts’ who have a different master is part of the scheme. The FBI is part of the conspiracy – some might say that they are an integral part. There is no honest broker to investigate massive voting fraud and rigged voting machines. There’s no honest broker to investigate the Biden Crime Family. No government agency, no news media, nobody. If you undertake the investigation, they’ll manufacture a crime and lock you up. Or maybe you’ll have a heart attack? Epstein… The guards leave, the surveillance cameras are turned off, and the government discusses your tragic suicide (or Arkancide if you will).

The First and Second Amendments will need to go. You can’t oppress an armed society for long. There is a functional limit to the number of people who will volunteer to be a zampolit, if their ranks are constantly thinned.

Travel will be restricted to “slow the spread”. If you want to travel interstate, you’ll need papers authorizing it. The plague will justify almost any excess by government and people will rush to obey. We’ve seen very few disinclined to buck the system. If they do, they’re labeled, “superspreaders”. Maybe they need to go to the camps to become readjusted if they’re young enough to work. Too old to be useful – Soylent Green.

Blacklisting will happen with anyone who backed Trump. That’s already started. Soon people will be terrified to resist. It will hurt their bottom line.

Corrupt, creepy, senile Joe is the perfect vessel to pull it off because he only says what he’s told to say with the odd incident when he goes off teleprompter. The corruption means that a LOT more money will flow through government and that means higher taxes – more regulations – excise tax increases – the full spectrum. Lots of millionaires are made. Corporate America can buy government contracts (look at Solyndra as the classic example during the Obamanation). Big government green grants, kickbacks in the form of massive campaign contributions, then the company BK’s. And everyone laughs all the way to the bank.

Contributions to the United Nations, World Health Organization, etc. end up being part of a kickback scheme, familiar to the Biden Family. Want something from the US government, it’s pay to play.

Military General Officers who are patriots will be retired with a pension. Those who want to survive and get lucrative retirement jobs from the Military Industrial Complex will fall in line. Subordinate officers will follow orders or they’ll be removed, if they’re loud enough, they’ll be accused of dishonorable conduct.

Expect a foreign war this spring. Not something that will threaten the US. Just something to spend trillions on. The media will cheer the government on, and justify any excess. I don’t know where. Maybe Syria, because Assad is killing his own people? They Syrians can’t do much to fight back.

Harris will embed as many people from the uber corrupt California government as she can seat because they know how to arrange pay-to-play. They’ll make a lot more from graft in DC than they can make in Sacramento – the big show. You think that DC is californicated now? Stand by.

The myth of democracy and republic will be peddled by way of propaganda to the masses. Even Fox has bent a knee.  Education will be funded to support the new reality so that the rising generation has no concept of true history or of their place in it. Expect to see charter schools eliminated. Same with home schooling. Having children bussed to state schools where they are boarded is more the North Korean model. When they come home on break, they spy on their parents. It will take some time to organize all this, of course.

Trump got in the way. They’re back on track. The agenda isn’t secret. We’ve heard it from them. They’re not being shy about telling you what they have in mind. 1984 was a playbook.

You are here.

So am I.


    • No, it’s not over yet. In every critical state, there are SERIOUS allegations of voter fraud, backed up by evidence.

  1. How depressing, LL. All that is true if Trump and the truth do not prevail.

    I’m sort of on the same page dc is on. The commie/libtards can give it their best shot, but I will go down (if I have to) fighting.

    • The scenario that I presented was a pathway that the pig donkeys have laid out – blatantly, without couching it in any other terms. Their arrogance knows no bounds.

  2. well, what now? how do we fight this leviathan? give me somebody to shoot, or something. or do we just did a hole and crawl into it? egad!

    • The courts may find that the unabashed fraud has to be rolled back in critical states, giving President Trump the presidency again (in which case, that’s where the fun begins). If not, there will be opportunities that present themselves to reclaim the republic and re-establish democracy. As Sun Tzu pointed out, you don’t have to take every bridge, seize every crossroads to win.

  3. Corruption, fraud and tyranny on a massive scale. The fix is most certainly in but there’s a lot of patriots who aren’t fooled and election steal was blatant. Let’s see how the challenge goes.

    Evil has a curious knack of backfiring on itself.

  4. Well, if it wasn’t Monday enough…yet…”Game On” starts today, need to let it play out as fraud leaves tracks through the tall grass.

    Funny how the MSM believes it can call the President, obviously they went to public schools and didn’t learn the Electoral College makes the call, not them. Watched Scott Adams latest podcast (#1181)…he lays it out very nicely. If the data/computer experts (who have been all over this for five days and finding every anomaly on the planet), and POTUS’ team along with certain officials NOT on the take, can rally the right ‘case’ in affected states, Trump remains President.

    Patience is our toughest virtue right now. This Constitutional theft is far from resolved, give it time.

    • Yes. Now is a time to be patient and wait.

      But a lot has been unmasked during this process. We know how the pig donkeys planned to steal things. We know that Fox is completely in the pocket of the Deep State, and we know BLM and AntiFA for what they are.

      • I went from being royally peeved Thursday, to being generally calm the Trump team can prove their cases. 70 million-thousand (per Gaffe’s-a-Lot Biden Saturday) people can’t be wrong. Plus it’s highly suspect the other “team” got the most votes ever in an election despite having next to no one at their pathetic “rally’s”.

        As Rod Serling would say: “Imagine a world…” where the Dead Fish Harris speaks from the Oval Office. Just shoot me now.

  5. Seems like that New American Flag should have some corn on it, instead of just wheat, rye(?) and whatever the stuff that looks like a pine tree is.

    Otherwise good though.

    Forget about the 1st and 2nd Amendments, the whole Constitution needs to go… as it already has in most places, or at least for most people, for 8 months under the “emergency”.

    Nothing to do but to keep doing what we can.

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