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On the Run

SAN DIEGO — The U.S. government posted a $40,000 reward Friday for information leading to the arrest of the Malaysian defense contractor nicknamed “Fat Leonard,” who disappeared weeks before he was set to be sentenced for one of the largest bribery scandals in the nation’s military history.

Leonard Glenn Francis cut off his ankle monitoring bracelet around 7:35 a.m. Sept. 4, 2022, at a San Diego home where he was being held, according to the U.S. Marshals Service. Neighbors reported seeing U-Haul trucks coming and going from the home days before he disappeared.


The Faith of Woke (what are YOUR pronouns?)

The vile, odious cult will not die. It is self-sustaining because it appeals to the most base instincts of the human soul: (1) the desire for results without work, which is greed (2) the desire to see the accomplishments of one’s betters denigrated and destroyed, which is envy (3) the desire for unearned praise, to have your sins called saintly, to have your cowardice called heroism, and to be as a god who decrees reality out of unreality, which is pride (4) retaliation against the happy by the unhappy, which is wrath.

All these evils are called good in the gnostic death cult known as political correctness, or communism, socialism, progressivism, or “wokeness” — so this monstrous cult grants the evil to which all men are prone to free license to do — evil in the name of good.


It’s a Law


Plea Deals?

Why haven’t they been tried and executed? It has been twenty-one years…

U.S. military prosecutors are reportedly negotiating potential plea deals with 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other conspirators imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay.

The plea deals may allow the five dependents to escape a potential death penalty, according to CBS. Mohammed is widely credited with being the architect of the 9/11 terror attacks. The other four defendants are Ramzi Binalshibh, Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi, Walid bin Attash and Ammar al-Baluchi.


At the White Wolf Mine

A visitor to the WWM asked if there were any “hiking trails in the area”. I replied that the WWM is surrounded by national forest land and there are a lot of game trails if that’s what you’re after.  No, trophy wife of the old SEAL asks, established hiking trails

“Do you mean tourist trails?”

She referred to what I call “dude trails”, where rocks and roots are scoured from a trail by lesser beings to make a firm and established pathway.

“Some safe trails,” she explained.

I shared that there were a lot of lions out and bow-elk season is underway. Please don’t spoil a hunter’s shot by spooking the game. She wanted to go alone while the old veterans sat on the deck overlooking the valley and swapped war stories.

The reality is that if a mountain lion is going to take you (they’re ambush predators) you’re unlikely to see it before it is on you. Bears generally give you some warning and are not typically aggressive unless you place yourself between a sow and cubs.

The visiting spouse didn’t like the idea of venturing out on game trails (oh, and pack a handgun). Then I got the, “there are lots of hiking trails at Jackson Hole (WY).” There is an army of trust fund baby dude tourists at Jackson Hole…and an army of government employees traipsing around telling you what you can and can not do there too.

“No, we don’t have any of those trails here.”

“Why don’t you pave the road? (to the WWM)”

“Why would I want a paved road?” (moreover why would I want to PAY to pave the road)

“They’re nicer.”

Q- “While you guys are talking, is there someplace that I can get my nails done?” (The hiking trail idea has come and gone.)

A- “There’s an Indian Rez joint about an hour and a half east that advertises for hair and nails.”

Q- “Do you have any chablis?”

A- “What about a cold glass of well water?”


Meme of the Day


The Story may be Apocryphal

32 thoughts on “Happy Trails…

  1. I will have to remember the comment the gentleman said into Sue’s cell phone. I bet it would work in restaurants too. Don’t eat out much but the last two times the experience was lessened, and aggravation raised by people loudly talking on their phones.

    Fat Leonard. He got a pretty sweet deal just with the home monitoring. I would bet that there was some inside “help” with no appreciable supervision.

    I’d be pretty happy with the game trails though I try to stay out of areas where hunting is allowed during the hunting season. “Tourist Trails” attract too many people.

  2. re: trails- I hiked much of the Muir Trail in segments when I was (much) younger and spryer. Climbed Mt. Whitney twice. I loved the high mountains and forests, and fishing trout in the alpine lakes.
    I also love the Southwest deserts: wide vistas, subtle colors, solitude and, on occasion, the unexpected desert Spring bloom.

    Your conversation reminded me of those in Edward Abbey’s “Desert Solitaire.”
    A tattered copy of this book reinforces my appreciation for those desert spaces.

      1. Once upon a time PW (prisoner of war) had another definition assigned to it. I’m guessing it still has it, but haven’t been paying attention. A certain British prince seems to be a walking example of that one.

        1. OK, then. I was replying to the entry below (at least I thought I was??).
          Apologies for any confusion.

  3. Fat Leonard. Thanks for the laugh. So many questions. Who did he bribe, the judge? Is four years the normal length of time to obtain fake passports out that way? Which country did he flee to? Or is he going to risk it and go to Chicago or NYC, I hear their sanctuary cities? Maybe D.C., he could set up shop again.

  4. Paving the road – I have a calendar from Despair-dot-com. Last month had the title “The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions, And Now They’re Bringing It Right To My Driveway And Taxing Me For It.”
    Seems like a good summary of what’s going on today.
    Trophy wives: I worked as a contractor at the IT shop for Lowe’s back when it was headquartered in Wilkesboro, NC. Small town, but lots of decent, hardworking people who helped make Lowe’s a success. Then the sons, now part of a rich family, married trophy wives who were complaining that Wilkesboro didn’t have enough ‘culture’, so the headquarters got moved to a larger city in NC.

      1. Trophy wives control the phone that has insta-dial to a really good divorce attorney. Sometimes the wives also control the pink part.

        Pink is how they get the marriage. Attorney is how they keep it or ruin the guy.

  5. Not much in the mood to comment today, but I will say this as I sit here somewhat numb but just read your hiker accounting: The “hiker” is better to get her nails done than walking unprepared in lion country when Fall is around the corner. You did her a favor (as you know). Early morning or evening strolls require protection and alertness. It can happen that quick.

    Such as…

    This morning a lion killed our little ‘Mr. Big Personality” dog, out for his morning ablutions. He was always on alert, being a little guy. The lion took him right near the front of the house, just before daybreak. Quietly. We didn’t know. Zero sound. Thankfully (??) we found him before he fully expired, our other dog had chased off the predator and it dropped him. Nothing we could do.

    Even though small, “Earl” was tough as nails and hilarious. Our best cattle dog, a rescued Chihuahua from that southern Cali town. MrsPaulM did about 200 snip and vax’s for the rescue…we kept him, along with our Border Collie mix from off the Chinle, AZ Rez.

    When stuff like this happens we males get sullen, do the necessary ugly tasks…then we break. But then we get pissed. Then we want retribution. If the lion comes back thinking this is easy pickings I will let the air out of it then bury it in the manure pile.

    Now…imagine that was a little kid, or your wife, or guest. The heartbreak would be exponentially devastating, it would rip your heart out and wreck you for a long time. In the wilds one must take precaution, otherwise you just become part of the natural selection stats.

    Earl didn’t deserve to go out this way, but it can happen — that quick. He will be missed (RIP Little Buddy…make God laugh while your up there). My only “comfort” is knowing it could have been MrsPaulM heading to the barn to check on the horses and throw hay.

    1. Condolences to you and Mrs Paul M, it always hurts to lose a pet, especially so in circumstances like what happened. If the cat does not move on I am sure you will take the appropriate action and your part of the world will be better for it.

  6. Sorry about Earl. The lion needs to leave the gene pool. It poses an ongoing threat (clear and present danger). Take it out with extreme prejudice. Don’t report here when the deed is done and Earl is avenged.

    1. People on this blog advised me to buy a dog. That’s why I didn’t. A lion is a match for almost every dog because they’ll ambush them. Oh, I know there are some dogs the size of bears but that’s really not what I want in the house.

      1. Yup. Even when vigilant or having a large dog won’t always protect when a predator makes up its mind. We’ve been here 22 years and know the risks (barn cats go in at night), even had a lion filet open the hind quarter of one of the horses, who was protecting the mare. But this was too close for comfort.

        Not to be glib…decided this is my excuse to eat the entire carton of Schwan’s southern pecan ice cream, without guilt.

  7. Yes, greasy hands, itching nose, and a bursting bladder! Sounds like much of yesterday helping on the son’s truck. Much levity ensued, to the point where SLW stuck her heand in the garage, shook it, and went back in….

    Fat Leonard, eh? Never examined an ankle bracelet before. How hard are they to cut off? But my angle grinder could do it….

    We have both types of trails here. I’m armed when on either.

  8. Had me one of those trophy GFs once and while the benefits were beneficial, I eventually realized keeping one’s sanity is ultimately the preferred benefit.

    1. Sooner or later, like everyone before you has already, you get sick of her….well, you know the rest of it.

  9. Sigh… Who DIDN’T think Fat Leonard wouldn’t be in the wind if he had a chance??? He’s got a LOT of $$$ millions squirreled away overseas. Re grease, sigh… Yes!!! Trophies aren’t worth either the effort or the pain, depending on your perspective!

  10. There is always an exception. A successful car dealer has a “Trophy” wife. When you get to know her, you find she is super intelligent, has a work ethic second to none, and brings in more money than him. She truly has all her s**t in one duffel bag. My envy is boundless. I think in her case she wanted a trophy husband. What a couple!

  11. IDK why we bother with the stupid tracker bracelets. Seems like they’d work better if they had a bomb in them, to detonate if tampered with.

    The justice system in this country is FUBAR.


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