We’re All Gonna Die!

As you know, the Earth will burn to a cinder in something on the order of four more years because of global warming and racism. So eat a steak and celebrate. Nobody really wants to live forever do they?

I view Earth Day as a leftist scam.

Curtailing pollution is always important, but somehow that message is lost during Earth Day because of all of the causes and grievances that attach themselves to the “fake day”.

Our friend, Ed B, posted this on his FB Page.

We haven’t finished with the coroandoom panic, not yet. The leeches (“reporters”) are still running around screaming about “raging surges”, “surging rages”, “variants”, “breaking points”, and so on and so forth.

Ontario turned itself into a police state. Woke American governors, looking on with approval, desire to do the same to their States.

As we saw yesterday, lunatic coronadoom devotees are posting tweets boasting of their vaccines but promising to continue to wear masks forever and ever, because masks show you care. Showing that you care, even if your caring kills people, is the deathblood of progressivism.

The author discusses the next prog mantra: Climate Emergency.


Making it Work

In the early 2010s, instead of simply decommissioning their surplus WWII-vintage M101 howitzers, the ROK gave them a new lease on life as part of the K105HT self-propelled gun system, based off of a 5-ton truck chassis.

It is however no mere gun-truck, as an automatic fire control computer in the cab aids in range-finding/firing solutions.

It’s very important to shoot and scoot with time-on-target capability, primarily because counter-battery fire these days is deadly.



Your welfare dollars at work.


It’s all Greek to Me

Map of the Greek population worldwide. I am a big fan of Greek cooking styles (Greek Food) but it’s very hard to find a really good and authentic (just like in Greece) restaurant.  There was one in Long Beach, CA – a hole-in-the-wall joint but they moved back to Ledra (near Athens). I’ve been to some great places in England, but they’ve been closed because of the plague – as has been the UK – for the last year and I doubt that they survived.


Tacos – I like them. I just do

It’s a toss up for me between tacos dorados (crunchy tacos – can also be rolled as taquitos) and tacos de langosta (lobster).


Military Humor


  1. “I view Earth Day as a leftist scam.”

    Me as well. This garbage started when I was in Junior High…saw it for what it was, pure indoctrination propaganda. Couple that to the overpopulation false prophets of the time like Paul Ehrlich, who rode that wave with his version of snake-oil. And now, according to the grifters who took up the baton, man is able to control climate. In my day the school districts had kids fearing their very future. Now look what they are doing to kids on top of everything else. Special bunkhouse in Hell for these people…no need for a heater.

    Tacos dorados – Now you mention it, might need to put that on tomorrow’s dinner menu.

    • After today’s fully asinine and pointless Crappy Puke Green Deal meeting – with China no less – I’m anticipating AOC furiously Tweeters that Biden needs to bring the “national net zero energy” timeframe in a few years to coincide with her end of the world prediction.

  2. That’s a bit of a step up from the gun trucks we used to use for convoy escort. Those generally had nothing heavier than Ma Deuce.
    There used to be a pretty decent Greek restaurant in south Kansas City. The food was excellent and the feisty Greek couple, John and Georgia, who owned it were very entertaining. About 25 years ago they retired and sold the restaurant. John stayed with the new owners for about a month to make certain the food was done right, however I ran into him a few months later and he told me it was no good anymore. A real shame.

  3. I am going to try and recall this story as best I can. The title is “The (blank) shot”, blank being the name of an obscure island in the Pacific during WWII that totally escapes me now. I recall that Jeff Cooper wrote about it in his commentaries.

    Seems that we held a small island, and had plans to take the neighboring island. The two islands were so close that we set up our artillery on our island to pound the neighbor. Mortars were down front, bigger guns behind them, and still bigger farther back. The mortars were to fire first, and fired their first volley on command. Apparently, one of their rounds found the air shaft of an underground Japanese ammo dump, and half the island went up in a huge explosion and mushroom cloud. Afterwards, the mortar crews were most pleased with themselves, sending messages to the big guns like “Gee, hope you guys find work”.

    • Sounds like the invasion of Roi-Namur. Same thing. The policy of taking lightly held islands within gun range was a lesson learned from Tarawa, Bloody Tarawa. (Love to not see a movie based on that cruster fruck.)

      Take the surrounding islands, turn them into gun batteries and spotting towers, then pummel the main target island, while the Navy rolls as close as they can on both the reef side and lagoon side (if possible) and fire point-blank until they start hitting their fellow ships on the other side of the island. (Not really kidding. The goal was to flatten everything, and it pretty much worked.)

      Well, on Roi-Namur, on the north side of Kwajalein Atoll, there was a blockhouse. Which at one time went cataclysically semi-nuclear, with mushroom cloud and chunks of said blockhouse being tossed over a mile into the lagoon and over the island into the ocean. Shore-based artillery and Naval artillery took credit for it.

      Turns out, though, that the truth about Marines being able to break anything is basically true. Some enterprising young marine tossed a double satchel-charge into a Jap bunker, thinking there’d be, well, japs in there. Turns out it was a torpedo magazine full of Long Lance torpedoes. Ooooops.

      The explosion did kind of take the teeth out of Japanese resistance. And kind of took the teeth out of Marine aggression, for a little bit, on both sides, for a while.

      Earth shattering kaboom. There was definitely an Earth Shattering KABOOOM!

  4. We used to go to George’s in Long Beach, along with the Cafe Ambrosia on Broadway and Cherry. Great food, and George’s had several locations.

    From what I’ve heard, when the ground troops went to investigate the site of the shore battery, the entire area was obliterated….

  5. That RoK arty truck sure would make a nice commuter! Room for a .50 or Mk. 19 on the ring mount, too! Do you suppose you could fire the howitzer on the move as long as you did so axially, or are the jacks necessary for the suspensions’s survival? I’m thinking tailgaters, here…

    It’s a clear sign of what Cali has turned into, when Greeks abandon the place for Greece…

    The owner of the meme-of-the-day vehicle is unusual. Seems like the sticker would generally be on a Lexus…

    Well done, Badger State (and little friend) !


  6. “I view Earth Day as a leftist scam.” Yes.

    And that last photo was inspiring. Fast forward to today, “temper, temper” takes on a whole new meaning when the LCS unleashes the might of her 50s.

    • They may have that AND harsh language to use against the enemy. Don’t forget the possible moralistic polemics of the same sort that you get at major universities in the US. Will quoting a something-something from Satan’s Vatican save you?

  7. Just had shrimp tacos the other night. Back about 20 years ago driving through Mexico , we were invited to a wedding in a little town called Pesca on the gulf coast, southern Tamaulipas. My wife “ Argentine born native speaker” was bragging on the food and the mamasita took her to the kitchen and showed her the secret.
    Ahhh ,the good old days. Take back 3 empty quart bottles, and get a quart of beer.
    Damn the narcos to hell.

  8. I’ve been to Pesca, but it was around 25 years ago. Great memories. Of course, as you point out, you can’t go there now. Narcos

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